Taxi Driver Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

Taxi Driver is a South Korean drama starring Esom, Lee Je-hoon, and Kim Eui-sung. Based on Carlos and Lee Jae-webtoon jin’s The Deluxe Taxi, it premiered on April 9, 2021, on SBS. It aired every Friday and Saturday at 22:00 KST. Various episodes create a general agreement among viewers. The actors’ sturdy acting skills and execution of subjective satisfaction justice gained popularity. The drama’s crime phenomenon is based on actual disturbing crimes committed in Korea.

All the viewers are excited to know about the release date of the 2nd season. Good news for all the crime genre lovers SBS did renew the series for another season. The only discussion that has been going around is the premiere date and the time slot in which the show will air.

On July 6, industry sources confirmed that the drama’s production company. Studio S had acknowledged the production of a new season for the next year. As per the report, the drama is in an attempt to reach out to the cast and put together a production staff.

Lee Je Hoon was featured in a variety of interviews. He tried to give hints about the upcoming season of the television series. He was seen conveying his hopes and discussing the storyline that he would want to see in the next installment.

Hoon is eager to reevaluate the persona of Kim Do Gi in response to fan feedback. The actor has indeed mentioned that 16 episodes are insufficient for a riveting tv series such as ‘Taxi Driver.’

Taxi Driver Season 1 Recap

Taxi Driver season 2

After his birth mother is murdered, Kim Do-life ki’s is filled with unrelenting rage and a strong desire for vengeance. Shortly after, Jang Sung-Chun invites him to join the Rainbow Deluxe Taxi Company. However, there is a twist: it’s an organization that aims justice for the victims who have been wronged by the law.

Rainbow Taxi service is just not your typical taxi company; rather, it assists victims and witnesses in exacting their vengeance on the perpetrators. Rainbow Taxi members work in a different manner than police officers and bring justice to all of their customers.

Nevertheless, a prosecuting attorney named Kang Ha-na cannot acknowledge the taxi company’s activities. Kang Ha-na makes an attempt to unveil the organization’s hidden truth. She is initially perplexed when she discovers that Rainbow Deluxe Taxi Company is not as threatening as she had assumed.


Taxi Driver Season 2 Cast

The official cast for the new season has not really been announced. However, the major cast, which includes Lee Je-hoon (as Kim Do-gi), Esom (as Kang Ha-na). Pyo Ye-jin and Kim Eui-sung (as Jang Sung-Chul) are expected to return (as Ahn Go-eun).

The plot has still not been disclosed, but the central character, Lee Je-hoon, has stated that season 2 will most probably focus on more bizarre criminal offense sights. With that being said, we can’t wait to see what the new season has in store for us. Rainbow Deluxe Taxi Company will return once again to reveal more hidden secrets!

Taxi Driver Season 2 Release Date

Taxi Drivers depicted numerous types of crime. Such as illicitly filmed videos, violence in schools, homicides, and much more, that drew attention to what was happening in the show.

Season Release Date
Taxi Driver Season 1 Release date9 April 2021
Taxi Driver Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Taxi Driver Season 2 Release Date

The precise launch date of season 2 has not yet been declared, but it is set to arrive in 2022. As per a report, an SBS source stated about season 2 of Taxi Driver, “It is currently under discussion with the scheduling and timetables being arranged.” It has not been clarified.”

On July 6, 2021, industry sources reported that the tv drama production company Studio S had fully announced the production for season 2. Which is set to begin the year after. According to the report, the drama is actively working on reaching out to stars and putting together a film crew. Thus it might take time for the makers to renew and tell us an exact date for the Taxi Driver Season 2 Release Date to be announced.

Lee Je Hoon, Pyo Ye Jin, Kim Eui Sung, and Esom, are all preoccupied with various projects. As a consequence, their timetables are critical in determining season 2 production. However, no need to be concerned as they will almost certainly return to the show.

Viewers and fans look forward to watching Rainbow Taxi and police officers working with each other in season 2. It’ll be thrilling to see Kim Do Gi abiding by the laws and delivering justice.