Where Is Tall Girl 2 Filmed?

Tall girl 2 is an American rom-com movie that made its release in 2022 only. The director of the show is Emily ting and the show is actually a prequel to tall girl season 1. The movie wasn’t much appreciated by the critics though there weren’t many negative remarks, the movie received a 4.8 IMDb rating which is not very motivating for sure but the extraordinary fact is that the show has gathered a huge fan base, we received quite a same response regarding the season 1 of the movie. Tall girl 2 is considered the finale of the movie series. The movie is extremely humorous and packed with drama.

The story revolves around the tall girl who was outcasted and lost her confidence because of her abnormal height spurt but in season 2 we see Jodi returning back as the popular girl of the school with a boyfriend, a lot of relationship drama, and a great career opportunity. Both the seasons of the show are filmed completely in New Orleans, Louisiana. After the announcement of the second season of the show, we saw received an Instagram post from the account of the ava of the city being shot in and how excited she was feeling. We also see a director change between the two movies.

Tall Girl 2 Release Date

Where Is Tall Girl 2 Filmed?

 The first movie of the movie’s series tall girl was released in the year 2019 and after a two-year break and a change in the director, we received tall girl on February 12th, 2022. The making of the second season of the movie began in April 2021 and finished in May 2021. We received a trailer for season 2 of the show on January 19th, 2022. Both the movies have an average runtime of nearly 1 hour 30 minutes.

The movies are Netflix exclusive and the second season is predicted to be the finale season and thus we haven’t heard about the date of release for the third season of the movie. Season 1 of the movie must be seen to understand the setting of season 2 of the movie and probably none of the audience will be disappointed with it.


Tall Girl 2 Story

As we have already seen in the first season of the movie that Jodi ends up in a relationship with jack and moves on from his annoying crush. The first movie ends with an energetic speech on part of Jodi which blows the minds of many viewers till now. At last, Jodi got her lost confidence back and the second movie of the series begins with Jodi being super energetic and enjoying school to the fullest. She has now become the popular girl of the school and doesn’t care about what people think about her.

Her relationship with Jack is also going pretty well and harper is being again the loveliest sister that anyone could ever get. We find a lot of Jodi’s family humor scenes. We soon hear about Jodi’s selection as the lead in the school musical and her family goes completely crazy about the fact. Just as Jodi is on her way climbing stairs of popularity and success, we see a certain return of her lack of confidence and self-doubting, she starts hearing a voice that reminds her of all the negativity she has faced and how she is not normal with such a height.

Harper comes into the scene at this point and ends up supporting Jodi and pulling her out of the den. We also see the introduction of a new charming guy protagonist into the scene who is Jodi’s co-star. The guy seems quite perfect and soon we see Jodi slowly bonding with her new friend and with this ends up making jack a lot possessive about her girlfriend and a lot of drama. Though the musical goes extremely well, we still need to find out whether Jodi is able to fix her life again.

Tall Girl 2 Trailer

Where Is Tall Girl 2 Filmed?

We received an announcement regarding the release of tall girl 2 in 2021 only. The trailer of the movie came out in the month of January 2022. The movie is currently available on Netflix and the trailer on YouTube. The same goes for the previous season of the movie series. The movie at this point is surely worth a watch for all.