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Whenever we start talking about James Bond, a couple of ears turn towards us, what a marvelous storyline with well-directed movies, the fictional series has. The two most common faces that most people remember whenever we speak of James bond are Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan, though we have got some bad news for all the James bond fanatics, James bond in his new movie “No Time To Die” which was released on 30th September 2021, sacrificed himself and the lead character of James Bond came to an end, we also need to focus on the fact that Daniel Craig has been playing the role of Bond for the last 15 years starting from 2006  and now his tenure as James Bond has come to end after such a glorified phase of profound acting skills and great character development, it’s time for us, fans to bid the legend a farewell for all his efforts, injuries and whatever he has gone through to get to this level and make the character of James Bond a perfect legend in its genre.

But this also leaves us, fans with a big fat question of all time, who is going to take up the character and do justice to it, who is Going to Be the Next James Bond? There are a lot of options and favorites in the list and we can ensure that there will be no shortfall of actors willing to take up the role and do justice to the character. What Daniel Craig had done for the role is indeed irreplaceable but we can also state that there are a lot of new artists who are craving for this role and we shouldn’t expect less from the new generation.

Next James Bond Movie Release Date

Who Will Be The Next James Bond?

We can confidently be confirming that James bond will return with a new set of movies following the events that took place in the recent “No Time To Die”, the movie ended with the message “James bond will return”, though it may be too early to say when the next bond movie will hit the theatres we can say that it won’t take as much time as it took between Spectre and “No Time To Die”, this is because even before the pandemic the new movie was hit by other circumstances which delayed the release of the movie, this time it will take averagely 3-4 years as most of the 007 movies and by the earliest we can expect the new movie to hit the theatres by 2024 even considering that the search for a new lead is going on for the character.

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Expected Actors Who Can Be The Next James Bond

For the last few years, as the news has gone out that Daniel Craig will be leaving the role of James bond, there has been continuous conversations regarding who is going to replace the old 007 with the new one, some of the favorites from the peoples and makers list include the tall, masculine Tom Hardy whose powerful British accent often makes us fall in love with him, who can be better than a superstar who is so well renowned and fits the character perfectly though age is a big factor for him as the actor is already in his forties, following in the list is also Idris Alba who was the favorite to take over the role for nearly a decade but now at 49 it’s a big question for him too, now the most perfectly acceptable and a new generation actor who fits perfectly into the role while he dashes around with style in his tux is Rege-Jean Page with a perfect age of 33. Though beyond all of the confusion another big name that adds to the list is Henry Cavil, who is widely assumed to be the next 007 after Craig because back in time he was only in his early 20s, too early for the role but maybe now he is all ready for it. The confusion goes on but these are some of the main contenders for the role.

No Time To Die Trailer

Who Will Be The Next James Bond?

With a continuous suspense building around regarding the next 007, we can’t miss the chance to enjoy Craig’s last play in the loved character of bond and so if you still haven’t seen the new movie, go check out the trailer now.

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