Did The Makers Confirm The Happening Of Foundation Season 2?

Foundation is an American television streaming series show. The show is a Science friction Drama series. It is David S. Goyer, and Josh Friedman, a well-known film writer, producer, and filmmaker. The show is based on a very famous science fiction novel Foundation written by a very famous philosopher, professor, and writer Issac Friedman. Isacc is considered one of the three most profound science fiction writers of all time. The series is musically composed by the very famous McCreary. The show originated in the United States Of America.

Foundation is produced by a group of newcomer producers like David S. Goyer, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Bill Bost, Robyn Asimov, Marcy Ross, Josh Friedman, and Cameron Welsh. Phantom Four and Skydance Television is the production company behind the production of Foundation. While Apple is the one and only official distributor of the show. The series has only one season and 9 episodes till now. Each episode is of approximately 45 to 50 minutes long. Foundation was officially aired on September 24, 2021. Till now only 9 episodes are released by Apple, while the last episode which is the 10th one is yet to be released. Hence the series is still running and has not finished yet. Apple released the series in 4k Ultra Hd, Dolby Vision plus Dolby Atmos Audio version. Foundation was exclusively made for the Apple TV+ platform, which makes it available only for IOS users. Foundation has a total rating of 7.3 stars out of 10 from IMDb.

Foundation Season 2 Story

Foundation is the launch of a series of tales set so far in the future that Earth is all but forgotten by humans who live throughout the world in the Galactic Empire. Yet effects are going awry. Its vast size is crippling to it. In particular, the executive earth, honeycombed and tunneled with services and staff, is vulnerable to attack or breakdown. The only person willing to defy this imminent catastrophe is Dr. Hari Seldon, a psychohistorian and mathematician. Seldon can scientifically prognosticate the future, and it does not look great. He foresees a new Dark Age which is listed to shoot humanity into barbarism 500 times. Hence he decides to invent an Encyclopedia that would include all the information from tip to toe related to the earth and the generation that lived here and much more. But its design will take more than 10 generations to complete, hence the doctor worries about who will stake this great step to start this invention and who will take up the arsonist after him?

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Foundation Season 2 Release Date

Foundation Season 2

The good news for all the Foundation series fans and other SciFi lovers is that the series is going to get a renewal. A month ago in October 2021, the show makers in an interview revealed that the Foundation will be coming back for another season, which is season 2. As the announcement was made last month, probably the shooting will take place soon within 2 or 3 months. And under 2 or 3 years the series will be fully prepared to be released on Apple TV+ as these types of series usually take a longer time than usual to get completed due to loads of editing and other SFX works. Therefore the wait is not so long. We will surely inform you of any minute details related to the show release date as soon we get updated with one. Till then let’s wait patiently.

Foundation Season 2 Trailer

As mentioned above we are not sure about the release date of the show hence it is hard to say anything about the trailer release date. Although the show’s renewal is confirmed by the show makers last month, which means the show is definitely going to release. The release date for the trailer can only be told after the Real release because the trailer usually gets released two or three months before the actual premiere. Till then you can watch the trailer for Foundation Season 1 on Youtube. To watch the whole series you can subscribe to Apple TV+ if you are an IOS user. And for Android users, it’s quite difficult to watch Foundation, as it is not available on other platforms.

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