How To Watch Dragon Ball In Order? Here’s The Answer!

We all have seen Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and many more from the Dragon Ball series. Akira Toriyama just made the fans crazy about the show. Even after the super saga has ended fans are waiting for another saga. I think when you read this article, you would be remembering those orange pants of Goku covered with mud and traditional Japanese shoes hitting each other following the classic fighting moves.

Goku and Vegeta bring us back to the past and give us the nostalgia of our childhood. Dragon ball has an astonishing number of 807 episodes which have been covered under five seasons. This massive number covers everything from Goku’s Childhood to becoming a full-fledged strong fighter who is on his quest to get his wish fulfilled by obtaining the seven dragon balls and……….. Don’t be so quick!! We will be discussing all of it but down in the article and the way to watch Dragon Ball super in order. So read the article till the end to make your time investment productive.

Dragon Ball Plot

Dragon Ball’s super plot is all about Goku’s quest to become a better fighter by fighting with the best fighters. Notice these former words because Vegeta wants to be the best by fighting with the best fighters. That is the difference between Vegeta and Goku and that is the thing that always puts Goku one step ahead of Vegeta. Goku is a Saiyan, a powerful warrior race, who is from Planet Vegeta where all the Saiyans live. Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza, the antagonist of the anime series. Goku and Vegeta were somehow saved from that destruction and they moved to earth for shelter.

Goku trained under Master Rishi for martial arts while Vegeta kept on training on his own and got stronger. When they grew up, they met in the fighting arena that converted into a fierce battle between them. It proved that both of them were extraordinary and had invincible strength, energy shooting powers, and much more. Fancy moves and dresses also were also reasons for attention from the child audience.

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Dragon Ball Characters

The characters from the Dragon ball anime that appeared in the series were all named after vegetables and fruits to attract the attention of children towards these nutritious eatables and to make them learn their names. Some of the names of the primary characters of the show are as follows-

  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Bulma- vegeta’s wife
  • Chi- chi – Goku’s wife
  • Gohan – Goku’s elder son
  • Goten – Goku’s younger son
  • Trunks – Vegeta’s son
  • Tien
  • Piccolo
  • Killing
  • Android no 17
  • Android no 18

These were some of the main characters of dragon ball.

How To Watch Dragon Ball In Order?

how to watch dragon ball in order?

Though there is much uneven distribution of episodes in Dragon ball. But the best way to watch Dragon ball in order is to watch it in chronological order. The chronological arrangement of Dragon ball episodes is as follows-

  • Dragon Ball
  • Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies (1986)
  • Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 1- 86)
  • Dragon Ball Z Special 1: The Father of Goku, Bardock
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 87-107)
  • Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock
  • Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might
  • Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug
  • Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 108-123)
  • Dragon Ball Z Special 2: Trunks’ History
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 124-125)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 126-146)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 146-173)
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler
  • Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Super Saiyan: The legendary
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 173-194)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 194-207)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 207-250)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 250-253)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 253-288)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 288-291)
  • Dragon Ball GT
  • Dragon Ball: The Path to Power
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai
  • Dragon Ball Z: Plan to Destroy the Saiyajin
  • Dragon Ball Super (Episodes 1-3)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
  • Dragon Ball Super (Episodes 4-18)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’
  • Dragon Ball Super (Episodes 19-131)
  • Dragon Ball Super: Broly – Skytree Super
  • Dragon Ball Super Movie: Broly

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