Green Lantern Season 2 Release Date Is Cancelled!

Green Lantern is a computerized superhero television series. The story of the series is based on DC comics. The platform which aired the series is Cartoon Network as part of the television block. One hours episode was released in November 2011. At New York Comic-con the first season was shown on 15 October 2011. The Directors of the series are Sam Liu and Rick Morales. This was developed by Bruce Timm, Kevin Michael, and Jason Spisak. The composer of this series is Frederick Wiedmann.

There is one season and 26 episodes in this series. Producers of the series are Jim Krieg and Giancarlo Volpe. The first time this was originally released by the cartoon network. The complete series revolves around Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, and Green’s partner, Kilowog. Green lanterns were killed by Red lanterns, they wanted revenge for the destruction of their world by the Manhunters.

Green Lantern Season 2 Release Date

Green Lantern Season 2

The first season of the series Green Lantern was released on 3 March 2012. It was loved by the audience. The second season of this series was released on 13 July 2012. But after the 20th episode, the audience didn’t respond in a good manner. Due to poor response, the producers decided not to renew the series anymore and it was canceled by them. But again everyone was demanded to renew the show and now the show will be renewed, the production might start in April 2022. The rating of the series is 6 out of 10.

Green Lantern Season 1 Recap

Jordan gets to know that Aya is born a non-human being. He tries to make her accept to end her universal genocide but she didn’t listen to him. Razer tries to kill Aya but she is saved by a laser beam and Razer is injured. Hal convinces Aya to heal Razer because it could harm their lives and the universe. But Aya in her anger formed an army of Manhunters and moreover she copied herself in every manhunter. No one was able to defeat them except a virus but if Aya launched the virus it would also destroy her.

But she can’t let the whole universe lose her life because of her. So she launched the virus and destroyed herself and said goodbye to Razer. Razer couldn’t believe that Aya lost her life because he knows that she was not completely a computer but also a living being and computer viruses can’t destroy a living being. And he started to search for her in the universe.

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Green Lantern Season 2 Story

As it’s not sure that the series will definitely come. But producers are saying to renew the series, if it will come, it will be completely different because the former season didn’t get a good response. So it’s hard to predict the writer’s and producer’s minds. However, casting will be done by the same people. If it will come, the story and actions will definitely be different.

Green Lantern Season 2

Green Lantern Season 2 Cast

Josh Keaton worked as Hal Jordan, a Manhunter. Grey Delise played the role of Aya, queen robot. Kevin Michael Richardson worked as Kilowog. He is part of the Red Lantern team. Jason Spisak played the role of Razer Veon. Jonathan Adams worked as Atrocitus. Ian Abercrombie worked as Ganthet. Voice of Guy Gardner is the voice of Diedrich Bader. Dee Bradley Baker worked as Larfleeze. The role of Tomar Re was played by Jeff Bennett. Susanne Blakeskee worked as Sayd. The role of General Zartok was played by Clancy Brown.

Corey Burton played the role of Cleric Loran. John DiMaggio worked as Kothak. Sarah Douglas played the role of Science Director Scar. Ronin Atkin played the role of Steam Lantern. Robert Englund worked at Myglom. Will Friedle worked as Ragnar. Brian George worked as Appa Ali Apsa. Jennifer Hale played the role of Carol Ferris. Tom Kenny worked as Zilius Zox. Wayne Knight worked as Captain Goray. Juliet Landau played the role of Drusa.

Green Lantern Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer for season 1 was released on 28 June, 2011Second trailer for the first was released on 4th May 2011. The trailer for season 2 hasn’t been released. After the demand of the audience, producers decided to renew it, and production of the series will start in April 2022. This animated American series is going to be a memorable part of the days in the audience’s life.

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