Maradona: Blessed Dream Season 2: Will The Show Return?

The name everyone in the sports community know, respect, and every kid want to become, the hand of God, Diego Maradona, the Argentine footballer regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of the game, A series amazon has developed on him as to how a boy from Argentina became one of the greatest in the history and how involved into the controversial side of his life revolves around sex, drugs and public scrutiny. The king of hearts of a million fans, Argentinian crowd-puller, the vision he had, his game, and how his life went are Season 1 of which is airing which some episodes left to air but people want to know what is about season 2 of the series, will it be any let’s hope you find the answer in the article.

Maradona: Blessed Dream Season 2 Release Date

Maradona: Blessed Dream Season 2

First, it was reported in 2018 that Amazon want to develop a life series on the legend Diego Maradona, the writers onboard were Silvina Olshansky and Guillermo Salmeron so in 2019 they started filming it and the first season started airing on Oct 29, 2021, on Amazon Prime Video with five episodes released on that day and the series is stated to have about 10 episodes which are going to released weekly from here.

Regarding season 2, so season 1 is not released fully till now so we don’t know where and how the story continues right now so let’s wait for season 1 to end, and then we can assume according to the story, but as we know it’s a biographical series we can’t expect to add storyline from anywhere it just depends how the season 1 ends. For every detail and update keep visiting the site.

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Maradona: Blessed Dream Season 2 Cast

The legend is played by different people in different aspect in life Nicolas Goldschmidt plays Diego Maradona as a child, Nazareno Casero plays as a young version of Diego Maradona and Juan Palomino portrays the main Diego Maradona, Julieta Cardinali as Claudia Villafane and Laura Esquivel as a younger Claudia Villafane, Mercedes Moran as Dalma Salvadora Franco “Dona Tota” and Rita Corteses as the older Dalma Salvadora Franco “Dona Tota” Pepe Monje as Don Diego, father of Diego Maradona , Claudio Rissi as the older Don Diego, father of Diego Maradona , Leonardo Sbaraglia as Guillermo Coppola, Jean Noher as older Guillermo Coppola.

Further, Peter Lanzani as Jorge Cyterszpiler, às Nicolas Furtado às Daniel as Passarella, Marcelo as Mazzarello as Carlos Bilardo, Dario Grandinetti as Cesar Menotti, Esteban Recagno as Jorge Carrascosa, Gerardo Romano as Carlos Ferro Viera, Gavriel Schultz as Yayo Trotta, Fernan Miras as Francis Conejo, Mauricio Dayub as Roque Villafane, Eva De Dominici as Lucia Galan, Natalia Dal Molin as Maria Roda Maradona/Mary,Federico D’Elia as Feranando Signorini appeared. The others were Diego Alonso, Giovanni Esposito, Aaron Balderi, Romina Ricci, Stefania Roitman, Osqui Guzman , Daniel Leonardo Quinteros, Maximiliano Ghione and Martin Piroyansky.

For the season 2 cast, we have first to wait to see how season 1 goes. 

Maradona: Blessed Dream Season 2 Plot

Maradona: Blessed Dream Season 2

For telling the story of a legend you have to be very careful from the start to the end as people emotions are attached to it, the series shows how Maradona, overdoes the drugs then how he came from the small city and made a big name in the football field, then the story proceeds as he debuts in the national team and then some instances occur. Then the controversial life begins and how Boca Juniors came to know about Diego and recruits him, then to Barcelona but didn’t start well and then the story continues.

This is all we know of the 6.7 IMDb series right now, but before and before judging and rating the series let all the episodes premiere, and then we can see where the story goes and will there be another season.

Maradona: Blessed Dream Season 2 Trailer

Season 1 hasn’t ended so no hope for the season 2 trailer, for to know about season 2 watch the starting episodes on Amazon Prime Video and wait for the next to come and see the legends story.

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