What Are The Updates Of One Punch Man Chapter 151?

What if you were a hero with unrivaled powers and no one could stand their ground against you as you could easily defeat them with just one punch. Sounds cool right?

This is the premise and ability of the lead character of one Punch man. The manga doesn’t require any further introduction as action-comedy penchant fans already know it. The manga which everyone is familiar with is a successor to the webcomic published back in 2009 with ONE as its writer. The remake which debuted on June 14, 2012, was also written by ONE with Yusuke Murata as its illustrator. The manga to date has been collected into 24 volumes, which was earlier supposed to be a monthly enterprise. But, in the past couple of months, it has shown disposition of being bi-monthly, releasing two chapters each month. However, this is subject to variation as release dates in the manga industry are not inscribed in stones.

When Will One Punch Man Be Released?

The original chapter 150 of the manga was supposed to come out in July this year. However, due to some indiscreet circumstances, it was delayed till an unknown further date, without making any announcement for such.

This week, however, a glimmer of hope came in the form of Yusuke Murata taking it up to Twitter and issuing an apology for the delays. He also expressed his gratitude towards the fans who have been patiently waiting for the release of the next chapter. She also goes on to mention that the chapter was delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances that she didn’t divulge, and is very much understandable because it is a best practice to avoid any indiscreet behavior regarding inside news.

So chapter 150 of One Punch Man will be released this month on October 8, 2021. So folks, mark your calendars and set up your alarms because the next chapter is going to tumble down the slope of action-packed with several interesting revelations.

What Will Be In One Punch Man Episode 150?

One Punch Man Chapter 150

In the previous episodes, we saw the brutal confrontation between Ugly Fuhrer and Garou. However this time the fight may take an unexpected turn because Saitama will not be there to aid Garou in his fight.  We may also get to witness a new reformed and refurbished king. Read the whole article to know more.

In chapter 150 Genos is most likely to continue suffering owing to the damages inflicted on him by the sperms. In the last fight, he has ripped off his healing mechanism by receiving heavy blows from them. The next chapter should also include his strategy to navigate a way through his dire state. But he would definitely refrain from acting cowardly given the appellation hero attached before his name and his own personal nature to not give up. The other character, standing his ground would be King who would also indulge in fighting one of the minions.

Despite having overshadowed the minion in the previous fight, he would continue dealing impactful blows and fighting unbridled. However, we can’t underestimate the monster association, they may through tactful yet deceptive means may try to take him down.

The next chapter will be the continuation of the monster association arc and besides the Garou sequences, we may get to witness some more other interesting fights and it is highly likely that he maneuvers his way into getting into some more sensational fights. In the last chapters, we also saw how much of a dimwit and coward Darkshine is. Despite having the rank of an S-class hero he is good for nothing and is far worse off than the king of before. He is going to be pointed out for such propensity in the later chapter.

The Overall Plot of the Series

The protagonist or rather the hero of the story is Saitama, a man with a bald head who is also a hero for fun. His powers are exceptional and how he acquired them remains obscure even to him. The world consists of duality, where there are heroes there are villains. Both can’t exist independent of each other. Saitama possesses the ability to finish off any adversaries with just a mere punch, which also serves to explain the origin of the title of the manga.

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