Gangland Season 2 Release Date Renewed Or Canceled ?

GANGLANDS is a french television series. it is directed by Julien Leclercq and Hamid Hlioua . released on September 24, 2021. it is an original Netflix series. it is originally made in French but many dubbed versions along with subtitles are also available on Netflix itself. there are 6 episodes of around 50 minutes each. the series is age censored and recommends only 16+ to watch the series. gangland is a god select for action and thrill lovers. the story is about mehndi a professional thief and his expert team who to protects his family from a drug lord get pulled into a turf war, which turns out to be very destructive and bloody. Let’s know the Gangland Season 2 Release Date and what else might be possible in the upcoming show.


Gangland Season 2 Cast. Who Is In It??

GANGLANDS stars many french actors including :

  • Sami Bouajila as Mehdi, a proffesional theif wo is expert in robbery. he is on a mission to fight his pponent who is a drug lord and he has the responsibility to protect his family. sami is a french actor and has worked in few movies like Abdelkader in Days of Glory (2006), Belgarde in Remember (2017-18), Fares Ben Youssef in A Son (2019)
  • Tracy Gotoas as Liana who is also the a expert thief and her girlfriend runs a escort servise and unkowingly steals a huge amount of drugs. tracy is a french actress and has played roles in many films like The Troubleshooter (2018), Amaya in Neuilly Yo Mama II (2018), 17-Year-Old Marion
  • Sofia Lesaffre as Shainez, she is tracys girlfeiend and mehdi’s niece, she is the one who runs escort company and steals drugs by mistake. she has perfomed in many movies like ycéenne in Les Misérables (2019), Sarah in Earth and Blood (2020), Malika in A Tale of Love and Desire (2021)
  • Nabiha Akkari as Sofia playes the role of high class member of brussel crime family and informs his cousins irresponsible behaviour to his uncle hassan. and plots revege against her family after knwing the truth behind her oarents death.
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Gangland Season 2 Plot, Recap, And Summary

MEHDI is leading an elite robbery gang that steals gold bricks from some anonymous group. n the other hand Mehdi’s niece and her girlfriend sneak into a hotel where they plan to steal money from guests but instead, by mistake shainez steals a bag full of cocaine. this bag of coke directly pulls them into problems, although liana promises shainez to convert the drug into hard cash without getting into any trouble. liana takes the drug to his neighbor who is also a drug dealer and he contacts MODI to sell drugs.

meanwhile, the man from the hotel contacts Morrocan drug dealer SABER about 2 girls looting his drugs. saber threatens the dealer to catch hold of that girl. later few masked guys kidnap shainez. knowing this shainez mother blames Mehdi for this and orders him to brings her daughter back. with this, the adventure starts also liana joins Mehdi’s group to save her girlfriend. this mission leads to a big turf war and a lot of bloodsheds.

Gangland Season 2 Release Date


there is no update or any official announcement by Netflix or the show makers about the preceding season, but there is a big hope that season 2 will be coming soon. this is because the show makers left the last episode in a hook. at the ending of the last episode, a scene was shown where liana wearing a mask is entering a hospital with a gun and is terrorizing the people. later she rescues Mehdi from the hospital and handcuffs him, she probably wanted his help to rule over the leftover territory of Chris. while saber and Sofia also are coming to conquer the same location therefore both the rivals have a common aim which may lead to conflicts once again. will this lead to another deadly war? will Mehdi help liala ?

Ganglands Season 2 Official Trailer Released?

there is no official trailer yet released for gangland season 2. The series will probably bring a second season to continue from where the suspense was left. ganglands is a Netflix original series hence it can only be streamed through Netflix. you can also watch the trailer for GANGLAND SEASON 1 RELEASED 2 WEEKS on youtube. CLICK BELOW TO WATCH.


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