Is Netflix’s CAT Based On A True Story?

Another intriguing story is up on Netflix. Yes, you have read the title right, CAT is finally on our radar and we can’t wait to dig deep into this highly interesting thriller drama series. Randeep Hooda has once again proved that he can nail any role out there. His upscale performance in CAT has impressed us a lot. This is not an ordinary drama series but a crime drama series that revolves around addiction, corruption, politics, and everything which lies between these deep issues prevalent in society.

The latest rumors prevailing around CAT have caught our attention. Some sources are claiming the show is not a scripted tale! We know you all are extremely curious to know all about the gossip around CAT. So let’s not delay any further and quickly begin our discussion on Randeep Hooda’s latest drama series out there. A former police inspector from the Punjab Police Department is ready to report again!

Is Netflix’s CAT Based On A True Story?

Is Netflix's CAT Based On A True Story?

The concept held up by the drama series is accurate to some extent but the story depicted in CAT is not based on a true story. The Thriller drama series is currently streaming on Netflix and we are moved by the complicated plotline of the show. Gurnaam Singh, a police officer who is currently off-duty will step up as an undercover agent. For the past few years, the rate of drug dealers present in Punjab has increased immensely. Not only the dealers but the immense sale of drugs has become an alarming situation for the state’s Police Department. 

The intensity of the drug business is a worrying sign for the people inhabited in Punjab. Drugs have already taken so many young lives out there. Young teenagers are often tempted into doing drugs and before they could even realize they transform themselves into regular drug addicts. The show is based upon all these things which tell us how a former cop will be forced back to come into the field. Before his brother becomes a full-time addict, he must help out his Little brother.

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CAT Story: Randeep Hooda Is Back In Action 

Is Netflix's CAT Based On A True Story?

Do you know Randeep Hooda has starred alongside Chris Hemsworth? If you have watched “Extraction”, then we are pretty sure his performance in the movie must have impressed you a lot. But this movie levels up his intense acting skills. The story starts with Gurnaam Singh’s brother who is exploring the high of life! Being a teenager he is bound to do crazy things. Teenage is a very sensitive phase of our life. New things excite us but they also come with equal amounts of consequences. Sometimes our decisions might change our life upside down. The same will happen with Gurnaam Singh’s brother.

We will see how he goes into this trap of addiction and wrong habits. Randeep Hooda is portraying the role of Gurnaam Singh who loves his brother a lot and he is deliberately trying to help him. We will see how he becomes an undercover agent, he has only one goal in mind, he wants to hunt down the main head who operates these nasty drug deals in Punjab.

CAT tells us the story of Gurnaam Singh and his brother, a story based on brotherhood. As we dig deep into the further episodes of the series, we will see how Gurnaam Singh manages to see the corruption prevalent in the system. The one who promises to serve us might not be our savior, but our enemy within covers. The story shows us how some of the known political personalities of Punjab are directly responsible for the increasing growth of the drug business in Punjab. The power of money plays a crucial role here. Gurnaam will try his level best to dig deep into this huge world of drug smugglers! 

It is not going to be an easy search for him. He is undoubtedly calling trouble for himself. But never forget the fact that he was an ex-police officer! He was always seen as a faithful and bold police officer. Something drastic happened and that’s why he was expelled from the department.

Now that he is back in his regular job, his enemies are ready to tear him apart. His past is ready to haunt him again. The show also shows us how some of the cops from the Punjab Police Department are working daily to wipe off the smuggling business from Punjab. To watch the whole series, stream CAT, exclusively just on Netflix.

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