Is I Need Romance Season 2 Release Date Never Arriving?

There is no need of discussing why Korean dramas are so popular among the youth and especially when it comes to romantic series. Globally people are aware of South Korean dramas and their fascination. Sweet love stories with cute romantic moments are unbeatable when it comes to k-dramas. Even though we have many romantic films and shows but one cannot ignore the huge fan base of these genres.

In recent years, we have seen a drastic growth in the popularity of South Korean shows and that’s why the series that was released 10 years are even popular at the present time. One such series is ‘I Need Romance’. It was a romantic comedy Korean drama series that bagged an IMDb rating of 7.1 out of 10. It was loved by the audience and the story was even more sweet and interesting. After the first season, there was a huge buzz about season 2 and it was highly expected by the fans. We are already in 2021 and that means the status of I Need Romance season 2 has changed so far. If you want to know the same, don’t skip this post, or else you will miss important updates regarding the next part and its release date.

I Need Romance Season 2 Release Date

I Need Romance Season 2

It is almost unpredictable and it’s been a very long since the release of the first season and even though we don’t have a piece of suitable information pertaining to its future editions. I Need Romance season 1 had its first episode on 13th June 2011 while the final episode was released on 2nd August 2011. This series was available on tvN. With a total of 16 episodes, it was popular among women, especially.

Although a decade passed and no official confirmation about the renewal or cancellation arrived. For a few years after the release, it was expected that I Need Romance season 2 would be released soon but it remained as a wish and it seems like it is not going to be fulfilled in the near future. This long gap indicates that the second season of this drama is almost canceled. There is scarcely a probability of it’s happening and hence, fans should not keep a false hope. There is no statement about repealing the show but the time duration of 10 years somehow, is clearing this fact. Keeping all these aside, miraculously if the makers decide for the future installment we expect it to drop sometime in 2022. That’s all for the I Need Romance season 2 release date and we will let you know the updates in the future too.

Name Of The ShowI Need Romance
Season NumberSeason 2
I Need Romance Season 1 Release Date20 June 2012
I Need Romance Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

I Need Romance Season 2 Trailer

As already discussed, this season is almost on the verge of cancellation and so expecting a trailer is pointless. Therefore, for the time being, you can enjoy watching the past episodes and refresh yourselves with a simple and sweet story.

I Need Romance Season 2 Episodes

If it was to happen, it would have included the same number of episodes just as in the case of season 1. The running time could have changed but that would count as a minor variation too.

I Need Romance Season 2 Cast

The series didn’t support a long list of cast members instead it focused on bringing up some cameo roles. Firstly, the star cast included Choi Yeo-jin, Kim Jeong-hoon, Jo Yeo-Jeong, and Choi Sung-Hyun in the main roles of Park Seo-Yeon, Kim Sung-soo, Sunwoo In-young, and Kang Hyun-Joo, respectively. The other actors who did their part extremely well were Kim Hyung-min as Kim Deok-soo, Ricky Kim as Alex, Lee Kwan-hoon as Seo Joon-Yi, Choi Jin-hyuk as Bae Sung-Hyun, and Heo Tae-hee as Kim Tae-woo. One cannot forget about Ha Yeon-Joo who played the role of Yoon Kang-hee.

Further, there were four prominent cameo roles in I Need Romance Season 1. The first individual to appear in the cameo role was Jung Yoo-chan. Next we had Lee Da-hee as Lee Min-jung, and Park Woo-Chun as Jung Hae-woon. Both of them appeared in the last episode. Lastly, Kim So-Yeon appeared as young Sung-soo’s girlfriend and fans spotted her in the last episode as well.
Our best guess about I Need Romance Season 2 cast has all the previous actors from season 1 but it is just speculation.

I Need Romance Season 2 Story

The story is about three women who are single and are in their 30s. They are seeking love and meanwhile, this series focuses on the complexities in their relationships. The story isn’t very complicated and it was quite good. I need romance season 2 could have brought up a new plot with the same rom-com feel.

Where To Watch I Need Romance Online?

Who can forget the name of the streaming giant, Netflix when it comes to the online streaming of a particular show? This show is available to watch on Netflix and is accessible to paid viewers. Apart from this platform, I Need Romance is available online on Rakuten Viki and Just Watch. Rakuten Viki is known for its library of Asian dramas especially Korean and Chinese shows.

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