Spinning Out Season 2 Release Date Confirmed or Canceled?

spinning out season 2
spinning out season 2

Another American drama, Spinning Out, is not so popular but still has enough fan following. Fans are now waiting for the Spinning Out season 2 release date. They want to know, what is the status of the renewal? Will it be renewed or not? These are some questions that the audience wants to be answered. It is an American television series that was originally produced for Netflix only. Created by Samantha Stratton the series was released 1 January 2020 with ten episodes in total of 44-56 minutes.

The show has only one season till now. And fans are desperately waiting for the second season. So, today in this article, we are going to share something latest about Spinning Out season 2. This series is about a young ice skater and her struggles in life. Looks interesting, but it has only 7.6 stars on IMDb out of 10. So, it is not that popular and successful, it has gained mixed reviews from critics and audiences. In such a case, will the makers take a risk of releasing another season of Spinning Out? Let’s know here.

Spinning Out Season 1 Recap

Spinning Out Season 1
Spinning Out Season 1

This dramatic story revolves around Kat Baker, a young ice skater. But life is all about unexpected events. Such a case happened with her, she gets affected with bipolar disorder and no one knows it. And her only dream is to present her country in Olympics on Ice skating. But her disorder becomes an obstacle in her way to the Olympics. Later in the show, to become a part of the Olympics, she was paired with a rich boy named Justin Davis and for the first time, she disclosed her secret in front of him. Yes, you are guessing well, there was a love angle between them.

Justin was like a bad boy or we can say that he has that talented bad-boy kind of impression. Now the struggles were not only for Kate, but they are also for Justin and they both fought them together. Justin and Kate were suffering from a lot of things like financial sacrifices, injuries to their bodies, and even mental breakdown or depressions. And these all things happened during their way to the Olympics. It is a kind of motivational story, that you may like if you love watching this type of story.

Spinning Out Season 2 Release Date

The very first season of the show was released on 1 January 2020 and all ten episodes were released on the same day. So, it’s been more than one and a half years since season 1 ended. But there is no date for the release of Spinning Out Season 2.

Let you know that season 2 is not coming, yes because of the less fan base or audience Netflix does not want to continue this series. Till then we have only this news that it will not happen in the future. Netflix always renewed the series if it would be going well, and was able to collect a great audience. But this series had not been standing up to the expectations of Netflix. So, most probably another season (season 2) of Spinning Out is not coming.

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Spinning Out Season 2 Cast

Spinning Out Season 2 Cast
Spinning Out Season 2 Cast

As there is almost the cancellation of the series is confirmed but maybe it is still unofficial. So, it is difficult to say anything about the cast of the future season. But most probably the previous season would return. The cast of Spinning Out season 1 includes:

Kaya Scodelario as Kat Baker, Evan Roderick as Justin Davis, Willow Shields as Serena Baker. David James Elliott as James Davis, Sarah Wright Olsen as Mandy Davis, Amanda Zhou as Jehn Yu, Svetlana Efremova as Dasha Fedorova. Kaitlyn Leeb as Leah Starnes, Mitchell Edwards as Marcus Holmes, January Jones as Carol Baker, Will Kemp as Mitch Saunders.

Along with them it also has Jamie Champagne as Drew Davis, Jon Champagne as Reid Davis, Zahra Bentham as Alana, Johnny Weir as Gabriel Richardson. Oscar Hsu as Peter Yu, Morgan Kelly as Reggie, Will Bowes as Brent Fisher, Charlie Hewson as Dr. Parker, and Eli Brown as Dave.

Spinning Out Season 2 Story

Most probably the show is not returning with the second season. But if it comes, then we can assume that it will continue the previous story that was left on cliffhangers. As we know if the story is left on the cliffhangers then it only started with the end part.

But for more, you have to wait a little longer if any official news comes regarding the cancellation of the show. But I do not think it will come because it is confirmed that the second part is not coming. If there would be any chances then Netflix definitely informs us.

Spinning Out Trailer

If you want to watch series, you can catch it up on Netflix. The whole series is available there. We are also dropping the trailer of the first season that will help you in deciding whether to watch the show or not.

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  1. Netflix really needs a season 2 Spinning Out. It depicts real things that can happen with people who have bipolar. I have been living with someone for 24 years diagnosed with bipolar as a teen and is now 63.This really gives insight when off medications. I have been through it. I will be wondering the rest of my life what happened to the characters! Sad if season 2 doesn’t happen. Mental health issues need movies like this to help people understand.

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