Is Ultimate Beastmaster Season 4 Already Announced?

Sports are a fundamental part of our lives. Whether we like it or not but we can’t deny the fact that doing single sports activity makes our day and whole lifestyle healthy. Some people devote their whole life to sports. We are briefing about sports as this post is all about one such tv show Ultimate Beastmaster which is related to all sports and athletics. its first three seasons were released a pretty long ago and it’s been a while and we haven’t heard even the possibility of season 4 happening. The measure of time now without hearing news about season 4 is a lot greater than the delay between the arrival of seasons 2 and 3. But that’s it, the reason we are here is to tell the fans all the latest updates and facts about Ultimate Beastmaster season 4 including whether there is still room for it or should we all drop our hopes? Everything from a to z about the show is incorporated here. Read further to get aware.

Created by Dave Broome, Ultimate Beastmaster is an American sports entertainment Tv reality contest which is totally unscripted. The show separates itself from other deterrent course rivalry shows by exhibiting worldwide ability, yet by delivering six localized versions, highlighting select TV hosts, entertainers, joke artists, and competitors as observers from the six nations contending in the show.

Ultimate Beastmaster Season 4 Release Date

Ultimate Beastmaster Season 4 Renewal Status

The primary season debuted on February 24, 2017, while the subsequent season circulated on Netflix on December 15, 2017. Both the season came with consisting ten episodes of 40-83 minutes runtime. In February 2018 the show was recharged for a third season, comprising of nine episodes, which premiered on August 31, 2018.

All the seasons so far received some mixed reviews from the audiences. The show is rated 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb which shows a favorable rating.

Many people at the moment wondering what’s the fate of the fourth season as there are no results whether it’s renewed or canceled? We also dig deep to find something and unfortunately, some sources are suggesting that the show got canceled and season 4 is not going to happen anytime soon.

The reason for cancellation might be related to something how the show performed till now. judging from the number of viewership which dropped significantly every season could serve as the cause of cancellation.

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Will There Ever Be Ultimate Beastmaster Season 4?

While some are reporting the cancellation of the show but at the same time, some are still in hope and hanging tightly for the fourth season to happen. Since it’s canceled in the US so it may receive the green light in some other country other than the US.

Additionally, Netflix dropped the show for all-purpose, however, the potential of season 4 is still there if some other company or streaming service adopts the show and buys their whole rights.

Ultimate Beastmaster Season 4 Cast

Ultimate Beastmaster Season 4 Casts

Aside from Sylvester Stallone hosting season 1, every nation has its own arrangement of two hosts/analysts for the opposition. They are as per the following:

For season 1, there is Terry Crews and Charissa Thompson from the US, Rafinha Bastos and Anderson Silva from Brazil, Luis Ernesto Franco and Ines Sainz from Mexico, Luke Mockridge and Hans Sarpei from Germany, Seo Kyung Suk, and Park Kyeong Rim from South Korea, Yuji Kondo and Sayaka Akimoto from Japan.

For season 2, the host includes Tiki Barber and Chris Distefano from the US, Gilles Marini and Sandy Heribert from France, Paula Vázquez and Saúl Craviotto from Spain, Francesco Facchinetti and Bianca Balti from Italy, Vidyut Jammwal and Sarah Jane Dias from India, Bin Gu and Qinyi Du from China.

For season 3, the commentators include some same ones from the seasons as well as some new ones also. Tiki Barber and CM Punk from the US, Micky Beisenherz and Jeannine Michaelsen from Germany, Rafinha Bastos and Anderson Silva from Brazil, Luis Ernesto Franco and Ines Sainz from Mexico, Francesco Facchinetti and Bianca Balti from Italy, Gilles Marini and Sandy Heribert from France, Seo Kyung Suk and Park Kyeong Rim from South Korea, Dannii Minogue and Nick Cummins from Australia, lastly Stu Bennett and Kate Abdo from the UK.

Since we never know who will which host appear from their respective countries, it seems quite unforeseeable and hard to predict the cast of the fourth season right now.

Ultimate Beastmaster Format

Ultimate Beastmaster Season 4 Format

In every scene, there are twelve competitors, two from every country who runs new hindrance course recognized as “The Beast”. The champion is delegated as the “Beastmaster”. Each of the “Beastmasters” from the nine Beastmaster scenes then go ahead to the last course, to fit as the Ultimate Beastmaster.

Starting in Season 3, the format got a little change. Each show included nine contenders (one from every country in the opposition). The two contenders with the most noteworthy score in the last stage moved onto one of two semi-finals. The best three from every semi-last moved to the last scene to be crowned Ultimate Beastmaster.

Some acclaims Ultimate Beastmaster’s “dazzling superstructure” of a course, the global competition perspective, and brief challenger profile cuts, however, some criticized the show’s commentators and the repetitiveness of the course. Despite all that, the show met the expectations of many and stood out among others due to various reasons.

Ultimate Beastmaster Trailer

Check out the trailer of the previous season of the show which came out 3 years ago and head out to Netflix if you have missed any of the seasons. 

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