Best Superhero movies 2021 Ranked


Nowadays, Superheroes, Superpowers, Powerful weapons, Great stunts are the most popular things people want to see on the big screen. It takes a lot of money to make a film. No studio will ever pour their money on a script that has even a slight flaw. Writers spend years writing a script that they present to the world. But that script makes no sense unless everything else except it is also good. In the end, the whole thing is up to the artist who presents the hand in front of us. A better artist can put life to the worst script, the same way a bad artist can spoil even the best one. And the actor who wins the hearts of people with his best performance is called a Superhero. In this article, we willl list the Best Superhero Movies Of All Time.

How Superhero movies becomes hit?

Any Superhero movie becomes a hit if it includes all these things.

  • Good acting
  • A great script
  • Amazing and incredible stunts
  • Best direction
  • Last but not least, a lot of money.

So, we will rank the top 15 best superhero movies, not only based on ratings but also on many other facts, including storyline, actions, direction, acting, entertainment value, cinematography, everything.

Best Superhero Movies List

Top 15 Best Superhero movies

15. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an American Superhero film released in 2017. Patty Jenkins directed the film, and it starred Gelga Dott as Princess Dayna. Wonder woman is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The storyline is, many female Amazonians are living on a paradise island. One day the British spy arrives there, then the World War starts, and Princess Dayna sets out to save the world. The film has a familiar story that is not that strong, but it is represented entertainingly. The film also has a funny touch, and Helga Dott’s performance wins the heart. Many movies have male artists performing as superheroes. On the other hand, very few movies show female artists are given a chance to act like superheroes. This film can portray women as a role model. It is among the best superhero movies of all time and is on number 15.

14. The Crow (1994)

 The Crow is an American superhero movie directed by Alex Proyas and starring Brandon Lee. A famous guitarist Eric Draven who has died gets life after one year by a crow. When Eris and his Fiance are murdered, the crow brings him back to life and guides him in the land of the living. He leads him to his killers one by one. These thugs get a taste of their own medicine by Eric. Action, Horror, Poetry, Love, so many genres are shown in a movie. It is a revenge story that is beyond the grave. Action scenes in the film are fantastic. This film is on number 9 and one of the best superhero films. 

best superhero films

13. Black Panther (2018)

An American superhero film, Black Panther, is based on Marvel Comics. Marvel Studios produced the movie, and Ryan Coogler directed it. Chadwick Boseman played the lead role as T’Challa/Black Panther. Captain America: King of the American nation of Wakanda, whose source of strength is a heart-shaped heart. After the King of Wakanda and his father’s death, Tchala returns home. Schala lives in a remote area of Africa, and she will now regain his throne. For the first time, Marvel Symmetric Universe brought the story of a black superhero. This movie features the best car chase sequence. The action scenes are suspenseful, and the casting is also outstanding. Villains are also entertaining. Some of the moments are emotional. This movie is also one of the best superhero movies and on number 13.

Best Superhero Movies
Best Superhero Movies Ranked

12. Spider Man (2002):

Spider-Man is an American superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics character named “Spider-Man.” Directed by Sam Raimi, this film is the first installment of the Spider-Man trilogy. The movie stars Tobey Maguire as the title character. Spider Man(2002) is the original film and is considered one of the best superhero movies. The battle scene with the Green Goblin and the building fire scene are still remembered as some of the best locations. The first film remained a superhit and set a benchmark; the following films couldn’t compete. This movie was a great success and lands on number 12 in our ranked list of best superhero movies.

11. Iron Man(2008)

 Iron Man is a superhero movie made by Marvel Studio, based on a Marvel comic book. Jon Favreau is the director of the film and stars Robert Downey Jr. As Iron Man/Tony Stark. Like Spider-Man, Iron Man was also a super hit movie. This movie gained a lot of success. The film is a mixture of humor and action, and the ending of the film is incredible. This film doesn’t rely on drama as many other superhero movies. Gadgets used in the film and Iron Man’s dress is fantastic.

Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark is a wealthy American businessman and a scientist. He goes through a severe chest injury when someone tries to kidnap him and force him to make weapons for mass destruction. Tony Stark protects the world for some time by hiding his real identity behind the name “Iron Man.” The movie hit the box office repeatedly and is on number 11 in our best superhero movies all the time, ranked.

Best Superhero Movies
Best Superhero Movies of All Time

10. Blade(1998)

Blade is an American superhero horror movie that stars Wesley Snipes as the title role. Stephen Norrington directed the movie and is the first installment of the Blade series and It is a dark superhero film that is very innovative, and it creates a real fear inside the viewers. Wesley Snipes performed this role very well and provided a unique quality to this role. The blade is a part of a world where vampires move on Earth. The enemy of the vampires is Blade, whose goal is to make the world all vampire evil free. Horror, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, all genres are performed smoothly. This movie is among the best superhero movies list and is on number 10.

9. Deadpool

 Deadpool was released in 2016. This American superhero film stars Ryan Reynolds, is based on a Marvel comic. Tim Miller directed the film. In this movie, Wade Wilson is behind the man who deformed him physically instead of curing his illness. Wade Wilson got to know about his cancer after he proposes to his girlfriend, Vanessa. One day, a person offers him a remedy for his cancer. Wade accepts it and leaves his girlfriend Vanessa as he has no hope for life, and he doesn’t want Vanessa to see him die. The movie is wildly entertaining.

The film is most appropriate for a mature audience only as it has non stop strong language and adult humor. This one of the best superhero movies is on number 9.

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 8. Logan(2017)

An American superhero film Logan was released in 2017. The film stars Hugh Jackman as the title character, and James Mangold directed it. It is the final installment in the Wolverine trilogy and the tenth film in the X-Men series. Inspired from Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s “Old Man Logan,” the film is the story of an aging Wolverine and the highly ill Professor X, a young mutant named Laura, from Donald Pearce’s Reverers and Xander Rice’s Alkali-Transian factions Defends. 

Hugh Jackman’s performance is appreciable. The story is about humanity, which is a positive point to consider. Overall, the movie is entirely mesmerizing and loved by most of the audiences. Logan is on number 8 in our best superhero movies ranking.

7. Doctor Strange(2016)

Doctor Strange is an American superhero film based on Marvel comics. The movie stars Benedict Cumberbatch as surgeon Stephen Strange and Scott Derrickson directed it. Doctor Strange, the world’s top neurosurgeon, whose career ends in a car accident, sets off on a journey to heal himself, where he meets the Ancient One, who would later become Strange’s mentor in mystic art. This movie is different from Marvel’s other movies. Characters, Story, Philosophy, even the Villians of the movie, everything is different. It has spiritual touch. The film is full of humor. The action sequences are also good, but more than that, this film visually catches our attention. Doctor Strange’s Love interest with Christine is very shown. Overall, it is Marvel’s different, funny and exciting movie. This movie is on number 7 in our best superhero movies ranked list.

6. X-Men-Days of Future Past(2014)

It is a 2014 American superhero film based on the fictional X-Men characters that appear in Marvel Comics. X-Men is directed and produced by Bryan singer and is the seventh installment of the X-Men film series. It’s a story of the mutants’ return and their rapport, conflict with the world. His old track Mutants are fighting for life and winning at the end. Magneto and Professor X come together knowing that mutants are going through difficult situations. If you are crazy about the X-Man series, then definitely watch this film. The film has become useful in the graphics and the singer with Hollywood’s very modern technology. The thrill of the fictional world of the other mutants will draw you to the theater. The film has two parallel universes, and the challenge of bringing the two worlds together in the film is presented with animations and graphics. The film is getting a good trend of Youngsters. This movie is on number 6 in our best superhero movies ranked list.

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5. Superman(1978)

 Superman is a 1978 superhero movie directed by Richard Donner. This pure delight movie is one of those old-fashioned things we never really get tired of. This movie has adventure, romance, heroes, villains many other amazing things. The special effects are as sound in their way as any you’ve seen. Christopher Reeve starred as superman. He played a fantastic role. This movie is on number 5 in our best superhero movies ranked list.

4. Batman Begins(2005)

Christopher Nolan directed the Batman Begins. Batman franchise fans loved the movie. The audience was so excited to see their favorite character on the screen again as the Batman franchise was dead virtually. Christian Bale plays the role of Bruce Wayne and tells about how he became Batman and the Gotham City protector. Bale’s character was loved and praised by the audience. The movie has adventure, elements of horror, practical effects, and the most important aspect that we see in any Batman movie- detective work. This film is on number 4 in our best superhero movies ranked list.

3. Watchmen(2009)

Watchman is an American superhero film based on DC comics. Zack Synder directed the movie, and it stars Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach. The philosophy, cast, script, visuals make the film one of the best superhero movies. This movie is shown in an alternate world where World War 3 can happen anytime between America and Asia and In this world, a group of superheroes exists, whose name is “Watchmen.” This movie is the most underrated movie among Zack Synder’s films, but it is one of the best superhero movies. This film is on number 3 in our best superhero movies ranked list.

2. Avengers: Infinity War(2018)

Based on Marvel comics, Anthony and Joe Russo directed this American superhero movie. The story of the film is based on protecting the entire Universe. The Marvel Cinematic Universe together decides to confront the mighty Thanos as he threatens to annihilate the Earth. He captures almost all the planets, after which all the superheroes join hands to stop Thanos.

This film featured 22 superheroes, so many superheroes have never been shown in any movie together. Also, a dangerous and powerful villain like Thanos makes the film even more exciting. ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is the result of a decade of hard work. The film has all the spices, which is enough to make the audience its fan and hence land on number 2 in our best superhero movies ranked list.

1. The Dark Knight(2008)

Last but not least: The Dark Knight, a superhero movie directed and written by Christopher Nolan. It is the second installment of The Dark Knight Trilogy and a sequel of Batman Begins and Gotham city’s crime rate is decreased due to Batman and Lieutenant James Gordon’s efforts as soon as the psychopathic character, the Joker starring Heath Ledger, enters the town. People loved the way Heath Ledger performed his role. Many criminals join the Joker clown as he promises them to solve all their problems by killing Batman. This movie was nominated for 8 Oscar awards and won 2 awards. This movie is on top of the list of best superhero movies of all time. 

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