Shadow And Bone Season 2 Release Date And Plot Expectations!

The most awaited Fantasy thriller series, Shadow And Bone has just premiered on Netflix. Soon after its release, the show gained immense popularity. This was the much-awaited show everyone was waiting for. In 2021, Shadow and Bone are one of the biggest releases on Netflix. The show till now has created a very large fan base all around the world. The Crows are a very famous group now. The show has gained immense popularity around the world but some critics found it to be overrated, as the show wasn’t able to bring all the expectations that everyone expected.

No doubt the cinematography and characters in the show are perfect but the storyline might have deviated from its path, as said by some critics. But in spite of this, the show has become worldwide famous and now everyone is waiting for Shadow and bone season 2 release date. So, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are all the details we know about Shadow and bone season 2.

Shadow And Bone Season 2 Release Date

Shadow And Bone Season 2 Release Date
Kirigan And Alina

Shadow and bone season 1 has recently released in April 2021 but fans couldn’t wait for season 2. So, here’s good news for the fans, Netflix has definitely given a green flag to season 2 and we are just waiting for a release date. The sad news is there is no official information regarding season 2 of the show, but it has renewed for sure.

There are basically two important things that production keeps in mind while renewing the season, the first one is the fanbase or the popularity, so shadow and bone perfectly stand out here, it really has a great audience! The second one is if the writers have something to start with for next season, here, also the show has a green flag, as season 1 left us on a cliffhanger. So, to answer all the questions unanswered season 2 will definitely be there, as writers already knew they cannot end the story in season 1 only.

But unfortunately, the global pandemic could result in the delay of the show, as it might affect the shooting schedule for the show and delay things. As of now there is no Shadow and Bone release date, neither there is any official information, But if there’s guessing, we can expect the show to fall somewhere between late 2022 or early 2023.

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Shadow And Bone Season 2 Story

Shadow And Bone Season 2 story

Okay, so here are some spoilers from season 1 for you, so if you haven’t watched it, you can skip this part. The official storyline of the show has not been revealed yet, but I am sure season 2 will pick from exactly where they left in last season. The most shocking part at the end of season 1 was Kirigan Is Alive, Yes, Yiu heard it right! So, definitely, he will be taking revenge on Alina and Mal and their companions. So, what revenge he could take will be the most important and interesting part of season 2. At the end of the show, everyone parted their ways, so where will all of them go and what their next life journey would be?

As Alina and Mal are headed to Ketterdam we could see them starting their romantic relationship and Alina trying to find out how can she save her people and destroy the black shadow with her power. She will also face Kirigan at some point. And the most favourite part of people would be, what will Crows do now? As they turned out to be the most famous group to the audience they could have a major role in season 2. You can read the below-mentioned ending explained for season 1 to clear out things.

Shadow And Bone Season 1 Recap

Shadow and Bone is a Fantasy series that revolves around some main characters of the show. Alina and Mal are two best friends, they both are orphans and raised in the same place but they were separated after some time. The show starts with Alina meeting Mal again. Everyone living in the states wants to destroy that dark fold which is very dangerous. Whoever goes in there may never return. That dark fold is the main plot of the show. It is discovered in the show that Alina has some unique powers, she is a sun summoner.

She is the only one who can Destroy the fold as she has the power of light. This turns the events happening in the shows, The commander of Grisha, Kirigan takes her to the little palace. Grisha is a community that has Magical powers and they are much superior to everyone and are the enemies of Ravka. On the other hand, The Crows- Kaaz, Jesper, and Ijen also want to kidnap Alina so that they can cross the fold. If they bring something that a businessman wants they will be rewarded with 1 million Kuger. Further, in the show, Kirigan was able to access the powers of Alina.

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The Ending Episode

Shadow And Bone Season 1 Ending Explained

The ending of the show starts with Alina, Kirigan in a ship with all the higher authorities of different states where Alina will show everyone their power. The Crows also were able to land on the ship by tricking. Mal also escaped and he hid in the ship to save Alina. Kirigan ties Alina’s feet with a rope in the ship so that she couldn’t move. Kirigan told Alina that he will destroy the dark fold with the powers but he tricks her. The ship is stopped right in front of Novokribirsk and Kirigan uses those powers to destroy the whole city.

Here, The Crows and Mal enter to kill The Commander. But, his great powers made him very powerful and he destroyed Everything to show the higher authorities of different states that everyone should bow to Grisha if they don’t want to face the same consequences. And that’s when Alina removes the amplifier from Kirigan’s hand so that he couldn’t access her powers anymore. Kirigan now only has his power. Now there’s a big fight scene between Mal and The commander. The fold wasn’t destroyed but Ijen, Alina, Mal, Zoya, Jesper, and Kaaz were able to escape. Alina gives Jesper a diamond and says no one should know that she and Mal are alive. Then everyone parts their ways.

This raised many questions in my mind. The first was why did Alina make Kirigan her enemy? The answer to this is simple, They both had different goals, The commander wanted to take an act of revenge while Alina just wanted to use her powers to destroy the fold and save the country. The biggest reason was Kirigan was the one who created the fold, he was the protagonist of the show. Alexander and Kirigan are the same people. He is immortal and he created that fold many centuries ago. Alexander then changed his name to Kirigan. Alina knew everything and that’s the reason she made him her enemy.

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Shadow And Bone Season 1 Ending Explained

Is Kirigan still alive or dead?

At the end of the show, Kirigan and Mal were fighting when Mal started shooting him and a Volcra came and killed him. That’s what we were given to assume right? but obviously, the protagonist of the show will never die in the first season. Commander is alive as it was shown at the end and he now controls the whole fold, some shadow monsters followed him. So, he will definitely be coming back for Season 2.

Where will Alina and Mal were headed?

So, when Alina gave some diamonds to Kaaz, she said to destroy everything about her and then everyone parted their ways. Kaaz, Jesper, and Ijen were headed to Ketterdam as they told everyone. There was a scene where Mal and Alina were seen in a ship and behind them, The Crows were also there. So, They both are also heading to Ketterdam, and maybe from there, they will go somewhere where no one will recognize the sun summoner. Mal and Alina decided they will definitely come back to save the country as soon as Alina regains all her powers and ability to fight again.

Did Kaaz, Ijen, and Jesper complete the work they were given?

Shadow And Bone Season 2 Release Date
The Crows- Kaaz, Ijen And Jesper

The Crows’ goal was to kidnap Alina, but obviously, we saw that didn’t happen. Alina asked them if they were still going to kidnap her, but how can they do this to the person who saved their life? So, they didn’t do it. And now they are off to Ketterdam. Does the question remain what will happen when they reach Ketterdam?

As they didn’t finish what they were supposed to do they definitely have to face consequences. Pekka Rollins will definitely kill him and Dressen too.

How will they save themselves?

The Boss, Kaaz told both of them that he has a plan to escape from all of this, he even assured Ijen that she would not have to go to Menagerie again as he has a plan for that too, but the plan was not revealed. Maybe in the second season, we can see a Love angle between Kaaz and Ijen.

Where did Zoya go is also the question that struck everyone?

As we saw, at the end Zoya told that her family was in Novokribirsk, the city destroyed by Kirigan. She wanted to see if her family is still alive or dead by the dangerous attack by the commander. Everyone said not to go, but she anyway went. This was her last appearance and she will definitely be seen in the second season.

That’s all That happened in the first season of Shadow and Bone. So what are your thoughts on it, hit them in the comments section.

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