Best Ad Networks For Indian Traffic | Must Check The 5th One

Earning huge money from your blog is not a big thing if your blogs are popular and you are getting good traffic from India or other Asian countries. But what if this large traffic on your blog or website lets you earn more with the help of CPM advertising? Sounds wealthy? With the right ads and advertising network, you can earn a big amount every month.

But before moving to the list of best ad networks for Indian traffic let us first understand what does CPM advertising means?

What are the CPM ads?

CPM or Cost Per Thousand Impression is a way to generate revenue through ads. These CPM ads are an awesome way to earn some extra money with your blogs or websites. With these, you will get paid for every impression received on an advertisement on your blog.

Mathematically it can be calculated as:

CPM= Cost/Total Impressions *1000

Here, from the impression, it means that one instance of an ad appearing on the blog or website. In simple language, if visitors on your blog do not click on the advertisement and still get paid for it. You will get paid for just putting ads on your blogs. But you have to be careful while using CPM ads, you would have to place the ads in a suitable position so that it does not annoy your visitor plus always visible to your visitors.

If you have a huge amount of traffic on your blogs every day, then CPM ads are great for those bloggers as you can earn a significant amount of money from CPM ads.

Generally, CPM pays $1to $10 for one thousand impressions.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense

When Google gets attached to any platform it becomes the candidate to be number one in that segment. Google Adsense is the best ad network for Indian traffic as per the reviews. No matter whether you are new in blogging or already have a few old blogs, Adsense does it work perfectly when it comes to monetizing a blog. It was founded in 2003, and now with millions of publishers and users, Google Adsense is the world’s best and largest online advertising network. It offers both Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Mille (CPM) ads to its users.


  • Offers multiple ad types: Display Ads, Text Ads Rich Media Ads, Link Units, Responsive Ads, and Matched Content
  • High payouts as compared to others –
  • It is said that no other ad network can beat Google Adsense CPM rates as it shares 68% of the revenue with the publishers.
  • No criteria for minimum traffic requirement – It is not necessary that you must have great traffic on your blog or website to get started with Google Adsense.
  • High Quality and relevant Ads –Google Adsense targets the audience with their interest and delivers relevant ads with contextual ads so that visitors click on ads.


  • There are a bunch of guidelines and policies that your blog or website obey to get approved with Google Adsense and therefore it becomes difficult sometimes to get approved for some.
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Easy to Get Banned – Any time whenever your blog or website is found violating any of the Adsense policies, your account can get banned. So it is very important to maintain the quality of content that you are posting.
  • Minimum payout is so high – It might take months to reach minimum withdrawal threshold i.e. $100


Ad Networks For Indian Traffic

Moving to next we have, this is another leading technology ad network and one of the best ad networks for Indian traffic with premium partnership and has recognition at the global level. It is a famous platform for earning money for both advertisers and publishers and the platform is spread across the world in countries like UAE, the US, India, Switzerland, and more.

Comprehensively they are known for offering the track record that facilitates the publishers to boost their CPM’s.

The only condition to get started with the platform is to have original content on your blog or websites. Also, the contents must be updated at certain intervals. You just have to ensure that the intellectual property laws are not violated by any means.

Yahoo, MSN, Forbes, The Street, NY Daily News, Ziff Davia, Kiplinger, and many others are the reliable publisher clients of contextual ad programs of and the platform also holds the second-ranking in contextual ads program and runs worldwide.

Payouts get cleared within 30 days and you can get money through PayPal, Wire Transfer Option, and Western Union.


  • Offers multiple ad types: Display Ads, Text Ads Rich Media Ads, Link Units, Responsive Ads, Contextual Ads, Mobile Docked Ads, and Matched In-Content Ads.
  • No criteria for minimum traffic requirement – It is not necessary that you must have great traffic on your blog or website to get started.
  • Real-Time Reporting –In real time you can check how ads are performing and can get real-time reports in the account dashboard.
  • Good Customer Support
  • gives high payouts for ROM contextual ads
  • Payment is made through Paypal and Wire Transfer.


  • Some ads are open on double clicks only.
  • The minimum payout is quite high and takes time to reach the threshold limit.

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3. PopAds


Have you ever come to those ads that pop up suddenly on your screen? Then they are from PopAds. PopAds is super popular and offers pop-ups and pop-under ads. For small publishers, this platform is perfect. It is very easy to get approval on PopAds. Within 24 hours your published blog or content is checked by PopAds teams. It is a Cost Per View (CPV) service and you will get paid even when your visitors don’t click on the ads. The minimum threshold limit is $5 and thus you can withdraw money in short intervals and you’ll get money after a few hours. All these things make PopAds one of the best ad networks for Indian traffic.

So if you want to see some money in your account then use PopAds.


  • As compared to other ad networks, PopAds have high CPV and CPM rates and pay much more for every 1000 ad views.
  • Lower Minimum Payout of $ 5.
  • PopAds automatically transfer money to your account as soon as your PopAds balance reaches the minimum threshold limit i.e. $5.
  • Support all types of websites.
  • On the PopAds dashboard, you can monitor the performance of ads in real-time.
  • Fast payments and payments are made on the very same day.
  • No criteria for minimum traffic requirement – It is not necessary that you must have great traffic on your blog or website to get started
  • Can withdraw money on Paypal and Payoneer.


  • Pop-up ads are generally non-relevant and quite annoying. Most of them contain the Play or Download button and does not make any sense

4. Revenuehits


Just like PopAds, Revenuehits is also a pop-up and pop-under advertisement service. But it also offers different ad formats too. There is no procedure to get approved, just sign in to Revenuehits publisher account and automatically your blogs get approved.

It takes a few days to offer optimized relevant ads so don’t judge it in just 1-2 days.


  • A lot of ad formats: Interstitial ads, Pop-ups, and pop-unders, Widgets, apps, shadow box, slider, XML feeds, rich media.
  • Good Customer Support
  • If pop-under is used with interstitial ads, then you can make good money.
  • Instant Approval Without Any Traffic
  • No Minimum Traffic Requirement


  • Poor eCPM rates for Banner ads
  • Pop-up ads are generally non-relevant and quite annoying. Most of them contain a Play or Download button and do not make any sense.

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5. Infolinks


Infolinks is one of the best and profitable CPM ad networks for Indian traffic and considered perfect for small publishers. It offers many free ad formats such as tag ( tag cloud ads), In-screen (smart interstitial ads), Infold (overlay ads), Inframe (banner ads in margins and frames), and Intext (text link ads).

With the help of these unique ad formats or units, you can earn brownie points from your visitors as it is compatible with SEO and you will get a seamless SEO experience and will not face any intrusion from the platform. Infolinks give a chance to use your website’s space in a much more optimized way like never before.

Infolinks do what, it finds a relatable text in content and converts them into the textual ad. Alone, Infolinks does not give you desired results thus it is suggested to use it with other ad trafficking networks like Adsense, Revenuehits, or any other as if offers ads in an entirely different form. Blogs or posts get approved within 2 days from the Infolinks team.

It takes almost 45 days to get your payout released and pay through Wire, Payoneer, eCheck, ACH, Western Union, PayPal, and others.


  • No criteria for minimum traffic requirement – It is not necessary that you must have great traffic on your blog or website to get started.
  • Publishers get 70% shares of the revenue and that is quite good.
  • Offers different and unique ads for different purposes.
  • Seamless compatibility with SEO platforms and offers SEO-friendly ads.
  • Tie-ups with big platforms in the ad network segment such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, eBay, and more.
  • With over 2,00,000 publishers, it has a very large network in more than 130 countries.


  • As per some reviews, it offers a non-user-friendly experience.
  • Provides nonsensical ads sometimes

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6. BuySellAds


BuySellAds is the fastest platform in this segment. As soon as you run the ads on your blog you will start generating revenue. From the BuySellAds side, there are no conditions and minimum requirements to partner with the ad network. They use your website to sell the ads.

The ad network is much tangible and helps publishers to make direct deals with advertisers. For example, a gadget or technology-based publisher can select any gadget or electronic-based advertiser and choose to sell based on ad impressions. Moreover, the platform also allows the publishers to monetize the traffic that is using any type of ad blockers.


  • Targeted, relevant, and quality ads.
  • In the case of PayPal, the minimum payment limit is just $20.
  • Payments get cleared within 2-3 days of making the request.
  • No delay.
  • 100,000 Pageviews per month.
  • Sponsors available for niche publishers.


  • Prices are non-negotiable.
  • They deduct 25% of publishers revenue, and this is little more than the standard percentage of 20%

7. Conversant Media

Conversant Media

Conversant Media is an old and well-known ad network offering its services for the last 20 years. They have a diversified portfolio, get successful to catch many premium publishers, and accept only big domains. To get started with the platform you just have to go to their official website and have to select the “Add Code” to integrate that ad format with your blog and at last apply to the network.


  • Different types of advertisements are available per your needs. For example, display ads, rich-media ads, video ads, native ads.
  • The minimum payment limit is $25.
  • You can get your payments through PayPal or a cheque.


  • It is proved good for only those websites that have high traffic.
  • Only supported by websites or blogs that have content in English.

8. Tyroo


Tyroo is an India-based ad trafficking platform with its headquarters in New Delhi and is one of the best ad networks for Indian traffic, a leading mobile user monetization, and acquisition platform.

With the use of technology, Tyroo helps its users to understand the behavior and interest of audiences in the market according to trends, for offering better monetization on commerce-based actions.

They are offering their business with a physical presence in India, Jakarta, Dubai, Singapore and planning to expand it across the globe. Every month, they deliver 20 billion+ ads to different consumers.

The Bottom Line

Here one thing to understand is that the ad network working and giving the best results to one might not work for another. Also, you will not be sure about what CPM rates you can get for your blogs until you give them a try on any ad network. So, to get a complete idea we suggest you use every network for at least 10 before concluding. From above Google Adsense and are the best in the segment, and if you somehow get approved for it then good to go, otherwise you can go for other options. Also, this is our list of best ad networks for Indian traffic, tell us in the comment section which ad network we forget to add and what network suited you best.

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