Best Extensions for Safari browser to Upgrade Your Browsing Skills

If you are an Apple Products user that too with MacOS then there is a high probability that Safari is your choice for browser. Like Mozilla and Chrome, Safari is also not a boring web browser it has much more to offer you. But you can take advantage of that in a much better way with the use of an extension. You can get additional functionality and specific capabilities by using Safari extension plug-ins. Whether you have to make your browsing more pleasant, want to increase your productivity on the web, and want some other awesome hacks there is something for you in Safari’s extensions.

However, from the beginning of the race, Google Chrome has an advantage over Safari when it comes to the collection of extensions. Also, when it comes to luxury and a variety of extensions for full-on customization, it is difficult to look far off Google’s offering. But wait, Safari has built its library of extensions slowly but steadily that can enhance your web browsing experience in a long run.

If you wanted to try some of these cool extensions then we are here with a list of the Best Extensions for Safari. But before moving to this list first we dive more into this topic.

What is an Extension?

From functionality aspects, extensions are nothing but just small application software also referred to as plug-ins. They extend browsers with extra features, integrate browsers with other services, and even modify web pages. Extensions are developed using technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Why Use Browser Extensions?

There are some pretty interesting advantages to using extensions on your web browser. Some of them are:

1. To combine with other services you use.

2. To add extra features to your browser.

3. To modify websites as they appear on your computer — adding, removing, or modifying content.

How to Add Extension on Safari

If you are already familiar with Google’s Chrome extension then using and adding the Safari extension would be a simple task. First, you have to find a suitable extension for you. The App Store and the Safari Extensions Gallery, are the two places where you can find Safari extensions approved by Apple.

You can also access all the available extensions from within the Safari web browser itself. Just click on the Safari Menu and select Safari extensions. In this section, you will find all the extensions available to integrate with your Safari.

After the successful Installation of a Safari browser you have to navigate to the Safari menu > Preferences > Extensions. Here you have to enable that extension which you have download by checking the box to the left of it. Also, you can even remove any extension you’re using and no longer want that from the extension’s settings.

The Best Free and Paid Safari Browser Extensions

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the top Safari extensions for various reasons. It is a highly efficient writing assistant. If you are much into writing content online then Grammarly is for you. This extension provides you with suggestions to improve your writing as per your setting. All the issues in your article are highlighted with a red underline under the portion which is incorrect.

Safari Extensions

The built-in spelling corrector quickly points out any typo or misspelled words and the grammar checker corrects all the grammatical mistakes. Whether you are a writer who wants to identify all the errors and blunders in your articles or you are a student who wants to prevent writing errors in assignments and school work then Grammarly can help you.

More than that, Grammarly also provides a Readability Score based on different parameters like number of words, how easy is your article to read, number of sentences, length of sentences, paragraph distribution, headings and subheadings, and many other, so that you will get an idea that how good is your article content.

Download Grammarly From Here:

2. PiPer

Multitasking is a valuable skill. It is always a good option to play some fun videos or music along with browsing on the web to prevent boredom. Switching between the different windows and tabs in your browser is not a tough task but it is not possible to run Netflix, YouTube, or any other video streaming platform alongside what you’re working on in Safari.

Safari Extensions

Luckily we got PiPer. PiPer is an extension with which every HTML5 video you watch and interact with can be viewed in Picture in Picture mode. With this, you can easily place a video anywhere on your screen in small size allowing you to continue your work while the video plays.

On the supported sites, PiPer adds a PiP button so that you can ON/OFF PiP mode. Apart from all these it also provides subtitles from its side to improve your streaming experience.

Download PiPer From Here:

3. 1Password

In a world where you need an account for every second platform to get access, it’s really difficult to remember and manage all your passwords. And randomly generated passwords are strong and secure, and also difficult to memorize. But password management is not a headache when you have a good password manager to get your work done.

Safari Extensions

The Safari extension, 1Password is a version of the 1Password application. You can store all your passwords in 1Password and when you need to log in anywhere, this extension automatically identifies that you’re on which website and retrieves the login information that you need. With it, you can even create strong and secure passwords on the spot. You can organize your password with tags and create different vaults for different passwords. Also, you can store personal and private documents on it.

1Password offers you a 30-day free trial. After 30-day to continue with it you have to purchase the monthly subscription of $4 or you can also purchase a family subscription for $7/month in which  5 members can use the same account.

Download 1Password From Here:

4. Ghostery Lite

If those irritable ads also brothers you or you want to prevent your online activities from tracking then Ghostery Lite is for you. Ghostery Lite is an extension that works with Safari’s Content Blocker API to block advertisements and trackers who track your online activities.

Safari Extensions

You can either opt for Default Protection or Custom Protection. In Default you will get protection from all advertisements and trackers you’ll face online while browsing. While in Custom Protection you can choose what category of ads and tracker you want to block or unblock. 

But the most important thing is that while using this extension your browser doesn’t lag or feel sluggish and the browser’s performance remains undamaged.

Download Ghostery Lite From Here:

5. StopTheMadness

As the name suggests, StopTheMadness is an extension of some websites making your browser harder to use. Out there, some websites disable certain user-interface features that are by default supposed to be enabled. With this extension on your side, you can forcefully enable the user-interface feature on such websites.

Safari Extensions

With command-click and middle-click you can open the link in the new tab with StopTheMadness and all those disabled features are now ready to access and use. StopTheMadness added to your browser does not make your browsing or site sluggish. You can smoothly navigate through your browser while this extension is plugged in.

Moreover, it also protects your privacy on the internet and prevents annoying pop-ups like “Are you sure you want to leave this page?”. It is paid and comes with an investment of $8.99.

Download StopTheMadness From Here:

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6. HoverSee for Safari

With a large screen also sometimes it is difficult to see few details on the browser because of its diminished size. HoverSee extension installed on your browser you can easily enlarge photos, links, and other details on the browser by just hovering your mouse cursor over links and images. HoverSee enlarges things for a better view. Along with the enlarged image it also gives a short description of that link or photo.

Safari Extensions

HoverSee also supports plenty of keyboard shortcuts such as Alt-Space to open the page preview showing all the images/links, and with Control-Alt you can enlarge things with HoverSee. You have to purchase it for $7.99.

Download HoverSee From Here:

7. Dark Mode

The dark mode is useful in many ways such as it saves battery, reduces strain on eyes or prevents dry eyes, and is good for those who have some kind of eye impairment. Many of the popular apps and web pages are now offering the selection between the light mode and dark mode, however not all web pages support dark mode.

Thus, with the Dark Mode extension added to your browser, you can easily force websites to embrace the dark theme. You get a uniform dark theme that makes webpage and their content soothing to your eyes in low light environments or at night.

It is a paid extension and you can get it for just $2.99.

Download Dark Mode From Here:

8. Turn Off the Lights

Imagine you are watching an interesting video on a streaming platform so you always want that all the distraction remains aside. “Turn Off the Lights” extension as the name suggests, dims the whole webpage too dark with cinema-style lighting effects except the video so that you can enjoy your videos without any distraction.

Safari Extensions

It supports almost all the top video websites including Dailymotion, Hulu, YouTube,, Vimeo, and more. With just one button you can switch to faded themes and normal themes. You can also choose between 1080p, 4K, 5K, and 8K resolutions. Luckily, this is a free extension.

Safari Extensions

Download Turn Off the Lights From Here:

9. Don’t Waste My Time! & WasteNoTime

Has it ever happened to you that you have opened your Safari browser, but you see something amusing in it and you waste your time looking at it and your work cannot be done? There are never-ending things available on the internet that can consume your precious time unnecessarily. So time management is really important and is good for your productivity on the web.

Safari Extensions

“Don’t Waste My Time!”, and “WasteNoTime” are two extensions for Safari that prevent you from getting distracted on the browser. With these two you can block those websites on which you usually spent most of your time for no reason. Besides, these two tracks your activity and gives a detailed report about how much time you’ve spent on different sites. By this, you can analyze your activities on the web and can change them as per your need.

Download Don’t Waste My Time! From Here:

Download WasteNoTime From Here:

10. DuckDuckGo

There are plenty of snoopy eyes out there looking for a chance to track your activities. DuckDuckGo is an extension that you can use to make your browsing private and secure. For those who don’t know much about DuckDuckGo, it is a popular platform known for its privacy services.

DuckDuckGo grades every website you visit between Grade A to F to show you how much you are protected on that website. Moreover, it also shows you the details of all who try to track you. Importantly, it works smoothly with Safari-like it is a natural built-in feature of Safari.

Download DuckDuckGo From Here:

11. Day One

Are you one of those who are much into putting their life into the words and love to do that, or those who like journalism and like to write your opinion on different topics? The. Day One extension is for you. Day One provides you an interface where you can note down anything which comes into your mind.

Moreover, you can also customize the layout of Day One, so that background can go with the theme of your writing. You can also insert audio recordings, photos, and videos.

Your stories written on papers may or may not remain forever but with the automatic backup and end-to-end encryption of Day One your stories remain forever and secure. Your device’s biometric security options can be integrated with this extension to provide further safeguards.

Download Day One From Here:

12. Adblock Plus

When you’re doing important work or something productive then those pop-up ads and those ads that block half of the screen is pretty annoying. Adblock Plus makes it easy for you to block those annoying ads for you.

Safari Extensions

With Adblock Plus you can either block all the ads or allow few acceptable ads to show because website owners also need to generate revenue. But at least with these, you’re browsing becomes hassle-free.

Download Adblock From Here:

13. TabsFolder

Many times you open a tab for some reason and remain that open and similarly open so many tabs. At the same time, you also don’t want to close them because you think they might come in useful in the future.

Safari Extensions

TabsFolder is an extension to organize your tabs. With this, you can arrange all those tabs that you want to remain open and save them to a folder for future reference. You are also able to open a new tab that does not comprise those previously open tabs. This ultimately gives you a fresh interface.

Download TabsFolders From Here:

Which One Do You Like?

There are so many extensions available out there in Apple’s repository. With these extensions, you can upgrade your browsing skills and productivity. Above we discussed some best Safari browser extensions as per our choice. Tell us in the comment section below which one is your favorite or which cool extension we forget to add to this list.

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