Is Freud’s Last Session Based On A True Story? Addressing The Truths!

It was the time when the huge destruction of the world, World War II was starting. And during that time, a meeting between the most intelligent people on Earth happened. And none thought the meeting would result in such powerful thoughts and decisions. The meeting though is a fictional one but feels like it’s true. and so when it’s portrayed as a film, with a group of amazing special star cast. Without any ignorance, the film has to look real from beginning to end And that is the reason, after a year of its release, fans are still curious.

Within a few weeks, there has been great chaos all around the web. And surprisingly it is for the film’s basis. Fans say they have been asking this question for so long. And there’s no answer yet. So to calm down your brain, and apologetically answer your question. We’re here. This article is very clearly going to state the pros and cons of this meeting. Who were the guests? What is the topic of the discussion? And of course if the film “Freud’s Last Session” is based on a true story? So let’s not waste much time, and move with the topic further. 

Is Freud’s Last Session Based On A True Story?

A big controversy is set in social media these days, about the film’s basis. Some say it is a fictional story, while some recommend it as a true one. Well, then what’s true here? Finding the same! With the film’s commencement, the writer and director made it clear, that the film was based on a fictional meeting. But then, how can the events relate really to the people in real life? Co-written and directed by Matthew Brown, has made this film.
The film is an adaptation of a two-artist stage play written by Mark St. Germain, who even co-writes the film with the creator. But the play is again based on the book of the same name written by Arman Nicholi. Thus, the reliance on the film’s basis is still confusing. Because it is not based directly on some books. Instead, it has been modified three consecutive times. Thus, the fans should focus on enjoying the film, rather than its basis.

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Summary Of The Film Explained

The film is set in the 20s era when there was the beginning of World War II. On one side, Hitler was budging from Poland. And here, two intelligent people are going to have their meeting. This meeting is regarded to be Sigmund Freud’s last meeting, while C.S. Lewis’ meeting before him became a successful author. But what was the meeting all about? C.S. Lewis, half of his life spent as an atheist, refusing the existence of God. Soon he accepted Christianity and became a believer in God. While in his opposition is Sigmund Feud who was the father of psychoanalysis, and also an atheist. 

The film showcases, the fictional meeting between the two great personalities. Freud happily invited Lewis as his guest to have a talk or debate on the presence of God. Thus, the film proved to be quite energetic throughout. It was even interesting to both kinds of people residing in the universe. Apart from that, the two bits of intelligence were even in a debate, about their relationship with other people. Lewis explains his relationship with his ex-military colleagues, and Freud with his daughter, Anna. As a whole the film proved to be the best therapy movie. 

Ending Of The Film Explained

While discussing their relations with other people. Freud’s daughter introduced her long-time, girlfriend, Dorothy Burlingham. She even said to him that they were planning to get married. After three to four weeks of the meeting. There was a great breaking news around the globe. The popular and most intelligent person, Sigmund Freud has suicide. The reason was his long-lasting pain due to Oral Cancer, which he suffered for 13 years. On one side, where Freud ended up his life Lewis was starting his new career as an author.

Yes, Lewis helped many kids, from escaping their country during the time of war. Those kids proved to be his inspiration for writing a book. soon, he became one of the best authors of residing Christianity and telling truths about it. Including, Anna and her lesbian partner Dorothy, have already surpassed the decades of their happy marriage life. And so Anna like her father, became the founder of Child psychology. The film ends here, showing the end of Freud’s life, and his mates achieving success in life. While the film ends with a note, Freud met with an Oxford Don in his last days. Can you tell who was he? Was that Lewis only?

Where Is The Film Available?

Freud’s Last Session is available on Prime Video, Zee5, YouTube, and Apple TV as well.

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