Is Testament: The Story Of Moses Based On A True Story? Addressing The Truths!

Netflix is a superhero for all the fans in the world. It has been a boon to all the lovers of series and movies. And the reason is the different genres of series and films it brings to its loyal fans. Ranging from crime docu-series to ethical and religious docu-dramas. Netflix has its hand in all kinds of stuff. Due to this, it has been the most visited OTT platform, with a large number of followers. Unlike others, Netflix has never forced itself into just one country or one genre. Rather, it has covered films and series from around the globe and spread to the corners of the world.

We think this is the reason, Netflix has hype everywhere. And this time, it is going to break all the records of itself only. Why so? Because a new series is going to premiere soon here on Netflix. Testament: The Story of Moses, is its new project. And if you are a follower of Christianity or Islam, must know who is Moses. And for those who don’t know him, we will present everything not just about the series, but even about Moses here in this article. But other than that, something else is waiting for you. And that’s the film basis, which is again the most hyped question on the web. So let’s not waste time further, and know everything in a snap. 

Is Testament: The Story Of Moses Based On A True Story?

With the commencement of the series, there has been a huge demand in social media, for the film’s basis. Well, then the series makers made it clear during the release, and now as they promote the film. that the film is a narrative of the life of Moses. They didn’t go in deep with the Biblical phrases and explanations but made it simple for the audience to understand. The film is a complete representation of Moses’ life from his birth, to the attaining of the Testament and then, the death. Alongside, some scholars of the Bible say, this is not suitable to say the film is based on some Biblical thoughts. Because it would purely hurt the sentiments. on the other side, the series makers clarified the explorer’s statements saying, the film is based on truth and reality, just in a short way. Thus not making it much more complicated for audiences to know about his teachings and reality.

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Who Is Moses?

People following Christianity or Islam are well aware of who is Moses, and what are his teachings and work for human welfare. Other than them, who don’t know about him, let us take you on a journey to his extravagant life. Moss was born in the era when people of his tribe were increasing in number. And as the Hebrews population increased, the Pharaoh of Egypt felt, these might ally with the enemies of the country, and so eventually Egypt would be destroyed. However, this was not the case, Hebrews too considered their country as their motherland. At this time, all the newborn Hebrew babies were killed by the Pharaohs.

Mother of Moses, Jochebed, somehow saved her son from the clutch of these devils and sent him near the Nile. Moses grew up there and was with the Egyptian royal family. One day Moses killed a slave in the house when he saw him beating a Hebrew man. He fled from there and was suddenly encountered by the Angel of the Lord from the flames. He considered the mountain as their god and soon started to help his tribe’s men. Moses was sent back to Egypt by God, and soon he made his men come near the Red Sea. Here Moses achieved his Ten Commandments. and so he is worshipped as a god by Christians and Islamics.

Narrative Of The Series

Testament: The Story of Moses, is a three-episode series, which is scheduled to be released on 27th March 2024. The series will be a complete narrative of the life of Moses. He is a great Hebrew leader and teacher. Moses has gone through a lot of struggles in his life, to attain such a great position. He has walked for miles in the scorching sun and deserts. This was all to help his tribe’s men. He is now worshipped as an important prophet in Islam, Christianity, and other Abrahamic religions too. Thus, the series is going to show you all the good works Moses did during his life. And finally ending the series with his unfortunate demise at the age of 120 in Mountain Nebo.

Where Will The Series Stream?

The series will stream on Netflix

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