What Is The Signal Based On? A Thought Provoking 2024 Series

If an astronaut ever gets lost while coming back from Space, it will be a very haunting end for them. The Signal bases its story entirely on this. But, what is The Signal based on?

The story revolves around an astronaut who is out on a mission on the International Space Station. She discovered a strange signal and calculated the arrival of the shuttle from which it was coming. But on her way back, she was no longer seen. Besides telling you about what is The Signal based on, we will also tell you everything you need to know about this series.

What Is The Signal Based On? Let’s Find Out 

Space remains a strange part of our existence; the value of endless emptiness is scary once you start thinking about it. To explore the whole space, it would probably take us millions and billions of years; the forever expanding bubble of emptiness and mysteries never fails to attract anyone. That’s why we have space research organisations like ISRO or NASA; they send out astronauts in Space, but a lot of times, these missions stay under the cover. The presence of extraterrestrial beings and objects are still a mystery to all of us.

The Signal tells us a story that starts with the disappearance of an astronaut while coming back from her mission. According to reports, she probably discovered something that she was not meant to. Now, her family is out to search for her; if you remember the Cloverfield series, the mystery and horror of unexpected events must have haunted you. The Signal also places its bet on the elements of intrigue and horror. The best part of this series is, however, the story of a family desperate to find their loved ones. This has impressed a huge part of the audience out there.

Many of you want to know about the authenticity of this plot. So, what is The Signal based on? Is it based on any novel? Well, let me tell you what is The Signal based on. The Signal is a unique idea from Sebastian Hilger and Nadine Gottman. You might identify Gottman since he is the author of Wir Sind die Flut. Along with the director Hilger, the duo developed this project from scratch. So, in case you were wondering what is The Signal based on, now you know. It is neither not based on a book, nor it is based on a real-life incident.

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The Signal: Lost In Space Or Betrayed?

If you have already watched this series, I hope you have enjoyed the intriguing atmosphere right from the first episode. Although the series is limited, it has not failed to amaze us and keep us glued to our seats. If you were wondering what is The Signal based on, it is entirely a fictional piece. The Signal tells us about two astronauts Paula and Hadi, as they are making their way towards Earth after a mission on the International Space Station. As Paula’s husband Sven and their daughter Charlie wait in awe, there appears to be some problem.

According to the team, Paula’s plane had disappeared somehow – just before landing, they lost all connections with Paula. But Paula managed to give Sven a call before the 178 people along with her on board got killed mysteriously. Sven and Charlie are now desperately seeking for answers – they cannot get anything other than the strange phone call and a short message ‘Hello’. As the series rolls forward, we get to see what happened up there. Paula somehow got hold of a signal and according to her, it was from extraterrestrial beings. 

Hadi kept convincing her, manipulating her into believing that she was hallucinating, and even kept her captive. Paula could understand that the probable UFO is in imminent danger – that’s why, she shared wrong information about the arrival date with Hadi. She perfected her calculations, but did not trust Hadi at all; the real mastermind behind everything including Paula’s disappearance is Benisha Mudhi. On the other hand, the government is ready to shoot down any unidentified vehicle. As Sven and Charlie desperately seek justice for Paula, will they get to see the real mystery behind it?

The Team Behind The Signal And Official Streaming Platform Of This 2024 Series

Peri Baumeister has done a great job as the astronaut Paula. Other notable cast members include Florian David Fitz, Yuna Bennett, Sheeba Chaddha, Meret Becker, Nilam Farooq, Katharina Thalbach, Katharina Schütler, Seumas F. Sargent, Hadi Khanjanpour, Janina Elkin, Uwe Pruess, Wowo Habdank, Claudia Graf, Patrick Christophe and many more. If you want to watch The Signal, please head on to Netflix.

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