Is Anthracite Based On A True Story?

Even with the advent of such a modern age, cults, sects and rituals keep us haunted by their secrets. Anthracite, the 2024 drama, revolves around such stories. But, is Anthracite based on a true story?

The story actively revolves mainly around the case of a mass suicide that took place in the mountains due to a sect. Even after thirty years, the rituals have come back to haunt two people who somehow get into grave danger. Besides telling you if Anthracite is based on a true story or not, we will also tell you everything about this intriguing series.

Is Anthracite Based On A True Story? Uncovering The Truth

If you remember properly, mass suicides are extremely horrifying for anyone out there. Even during the infamous Burari death incident, the mysterious suicides kept all of us scared for a lot of years. Usually, these events get carried out by mysterious cults or ritualistic sects. They promise people of a grand deliverance of peace; and according to their leaders, only a mass suicide is the way to attain peace and harmony. Even after so many years of scientific advancements, these types of incidents are unfortunate. 

Anthracite, a new show, tells us a tale of a mass suicide that took the lives of a lot of people. The trauma was passed through generations; after three decades, it has managed to affect the lives of two teenagers. They have somehow found themselves intertwined in the web of mysteries quite unintentionally. Now, the title is making headlines on social media platforms due to its intriguing and horrific storyline. Anthracite brings back the feeling of living on the edge; the nail-biting finishes to every episode are what make the audience glued to their seats.

A lot of you might be wondering right now – is Anthracite based on a true story? Or it is fictional? If you think Anthracite is based on a true story, you are not fully correct. It’s fictional but inspired by the Alps mass suicide in 1995. According to Fanny Robert, who happens to be the co-writer and creator of Anthracite, she tried to keep it fictional. But the strange event of the mass suicide in the French Alps heavily disturbed her. That’s why she took it as an inspiration while crafting; so, if you think is Anthracite based on a true story, to some extent, it is.

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Anthracite: A Thrilling And Horrifying Mystery Saga

If you have already watched this show, then you know everything about the story by now. For those of you who were wondering if Anthracite is based on a true story or not, now you know that it’s not entirely a hoax. Anthracite takes us back to the Levionna village, and the time lies in 1994. The makers have filmed the series in Auvergne Rhone Alpes. In the year 1994, after a collective suicide event, many people lost their lives. This event was so horrifying, that it made it into the headlines of national news channels, too.

According to the reports, a strange sect had arranged for rituals where groups of people committed mass suicide. After some time, the case got its place among the dusty files of local authorities. Three decades have passed now; everything appears to be okay and nobody cares or knows about the sect any more. But suddenly, news of a murder case started to throw away people. A woman has lost her life exclusively in the ritualistic ways of the 1994 sect. After this incident happened, it started a fire among society, people and inhabitants of the Alps.

The whole blaze somehow got redirected to a young Jaro Gatsi, who was just out on a hike. Jaro was visiting the mountains to get some zen in his life. He accidentally became the scapegoat of all these; the desperate young man had to prove his innocence. That’s when Jaro Gatsi comes in contact with Ida, the smart geek who is searching for her missing father. He has left no clue and his sudden act of disappearing has left Ida in literal pieces. After they meet, Ida and Jaro understand that these events are somehow linked together. Will they be able to solve the mystery together?

The Team Behind Anthracite And Official Streaming Platform Of This Show

The stellar cast of this new Netflix starter has rising names like Noemie Schmidt, Nicholas Godart, Hatik, Jean-Marc Barr, Marianne Basler, Vincent Rottiers, Camille Lou, Kad Merad, Stefano Cassetti, Léo Legrand, and Raphael Ferret. If you want to watch Anthracite, please head on to Netflix.

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