The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2 Release Date: Will There Be Another Season?

If you find out that you can go back in time to save someone from death, won’t you do it? The 7 Lives Of Lea shows us such a story. Here, we will tell you about The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2 release date.

The story revolves around a girl who somehow can go back in time and alter events in the past. She wants to save someone from dying and to do so, she is taking different forms. Besides talking about The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2 release date, we will also tell you everything about this French drama show.

The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know 

If you are someone who likes to try out new manhwa or anime series, then you have an idea about how creative they can be. Mostly, in animes, we can see reincarnation or regression – it is the moment when a character can travel back to the past or, into the future. This kind of stunt mainly became popular after Back To The Future came onto the silver screens. Since the advent of science and technology, people have always been curious about time travel. Even today, everyone is fascinated by reading about theories related to time travel.

The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 1 presents a good look at how someone can travel backwards into the past to change something. In this series, the girl wants to prevent a death of a man; that’s why, she must alter the past timeline. This new web series has taken two risky concepts and mixed them for the sake of a harrowing plot. They have managed to take in body swapping as well as living at the same point in time over and over again. Although 89% of users have highly rated this series, this is a chaotic plot that’s full of twists and surprises.

As a result, the audience is now curious to know about the fate of this French thriller. So, what is the 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2 release date? Will this series have another run? Right now, there is no official update on the 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2 release date. The first season came out back in 2022; after two years, some people are still hoping for a new season. The way season 1 ended, they did not leave any loose end behind; that’s why, there is a very low chance of getting another run. We may not receive The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2 release date from the makers.

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The 7 Lives Of Lea: A Twisted Tale Of Love, Sex And Chaos

Is time travel possible in the real life? Or this will forever remain a fantasy for all of us? The 7 Lives Of Lea have taken their audience on a wild ride with their story. The whole plot encompasses two heavily arguable theories. If you have already seen this French show, then you know about how the story rolls forward. The 7 Lives Of Lea tells us about Léa, who happens to be a 17-year-old girl. She is the main character, the protagonist, who will be the key to this entire drama.

Léa was a normal teenager living a chaotic yet decent lifestyle. Everything was going well in her life until the day she came across the remains of a body. It was unexpected to find such a thing, that’s why, Léa was taken aback at this sudden discovery. She was just casually exploring the less travelled parts of a canyon, but Léa did not expect that her life was going to change forever after that day. While going across a region, Léa found a pretty old skeleton out of nowhere. Before she could even react, Léa found herself in the past.

Somehow, she has travelled back to the 1990s – and most importantly, Léa found that her whole identity has changed. She is now living inside the body of a different person, who is none other than Ismaël. Somehow, Léa could find secrets about her parents since this young man was once close to them. Ismaël has an unfortunate death ahead of him – he is going to die in future and Léa must save him. To do that, she must swap a total of seven bodies and take care of a chain of events. Will Léa be able to save Ismaël after she gets into Pye’s body?

The Team Behind The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 1 And Official Streaming Platform Of This Series 

Raïka Hazanavicius is here as Léa, the girl who swapped bodies and time seven times to save a life. Khalil Ben Gharbia is Ismaël, the young man whose life is shrouded by mystery. Other notable cast members include Anne Azoulav, Marguerite Thiam, Maïra Schmitt, Alexander Ferrario, Kelly Bellacci, Anouar H. Smaine, Samuel Benchetritt, Mélanie Doutev, Ahmet Zirek, and many more. Since there is no news about The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2 release date, we will have to wait. In the meantime, if you want to watch The 7 Lives Of Lea, please head on to Netflix.

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