Is A Man Of Action A True Story? Searching For The Deep Dark Truths!

Robberies are always underrated, be it in the world of crime or the common world. But still, there are a few criminals in this world, who make their crimes look unique. Why do we say this? Because there are facts and proven evidence of their crimes. Be it murders, robberies, or scams. There can be a huge list of scammers who have already looted some banks. And to everyone’s surprise, they aren’t arrested. Every evidence and proof though points towards them specifically. Still, some political powers, and corrupt cops, don’t put them behind bars.

But why from movies, and web series are we sliding to robberies and crime? Well, well we’re not sliding into any kind of criminal cases. It is just the background of our latest in-news film. Yes, A Man of Action, if you know was released back in the year 2022. And since then, in recent days, fans have been demanding one question. Is the story based on a real one? To find out truths, and secrets, it was important to let you know about crimes. Baffled, why? Don’t worry then. Everything will be crystal clear, as we move on. 

So without wasting a moment, and prolonging time further, let us know. Everything from top to bottom, beginning to end. Not just about the film’s basis, but even the truths, graved secrets, and focused plot. But to know these thoroughly you must stay connected with us, as we move from here to there in the article. right, then? Let’s go!

Is A Man Of Action A True Story?

A Man Of Action which made its way to the audience’s screen on November 30, 2022, was a hit. Everyone from different parts of the world loved watching it. But why after years of its release there’s a question about its basis. Well, the fans are excited to know, if this is a real story. To everyone’s knowledge, the filmmakers made it very clear earlier that the film will be a biography. Yes, the film is based on the real-life incidents of the biggest scammer Lucio Urtubia. He was involved in the biggest bank robbery. And even after every piece of evidence pointing towards them, he was never arrested. The reasons are still unclear. But may be revealed in the film. So let’s see. 

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Who Is Lucio Urtubia?

Lucio Urtubia was born in Paris France to his parents on February 18, 1931. He was Spanish and was well-known worldwide for his scam with the world’s first-ever City Bank. He was compared to Robin Hood, for his mischievous activities. For a decade, from the 1960s to the 70s, Urtubia was found to be robbing and the reason behind many forgeries. The reason he said, behind his robberies, forgeries, and scams were only one. To un his anarchist political party. Yes, to raise funds for his unique political party, he decided not to work hard. Or go home for contribution and raise funds.

Instead, he chose a unique way. He forged the world’s first city bank by printing plates and cheques for travellers. And to your shock, Uutubia was the author of these printing plates. A huge amount of printing plates were distributed not just in Europe but in Latin America as well. But at last, his fault and scam was in front of the cops. And surprisingly, there was never an arrest warrant against him. As a result, Urtubia lived happily in his hometown. And on July 18, 2022, he died at the age of 89. 

Narrative Of The Film

A Man of Action directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera, was a film loosely deducted to a robber of the 1980s era. He was a military soldier, who allegedly was involved in a group of smugglers. After being renowned as guilty of smuggling he was deported of his duty. But the crime didn’t flee from his brain and blood. He came back to his hometown and started bank forgeries. Urtubia formed a group of anarchists, a political group. This was different from others and had its own rules and regulations. The political party was founded uniquely.

In the beginning, where the film is regarded to be inspired by Uturbia’s life. At the same time, it displayed some explicit changes in the plots and scenes. However, the film has very clearly lined up every event that took place in the life of Uturbia. From his detention due to smuggling from the army post to this bank robbery. 

Where Is The Film Available?

A Man of Action is available on Netflix.

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