Are Sourav Joshi And Priya Dhapa Married? Addressing The Bold Truth!

YouTube from the time of lockdown has gained another level of support and identity. It was known for a few before this. As the lockdown was announced, almost everything started getting to be done online. People studied and knew about first aid, and entertainment was all dependent on the internet. With these, YouTube gained heights. And so YouTubers and influencers from every corner of the world came into the limelight. Later, came Tiktok, and from there emerged several rising stars. While, we say Youtubers, it’s not just entertainers, but even some influencers.

Influencers involve a group of people, whose lifestyle, habits, or work influence and motivate people. While entertainers are simply meant for entertaining nothing else. But with them, evolved several names. Among them, one is Sourav Joshi. He is India’s well-known YouTuber and a disciplined person. He has been loved by his vlogs, and by audiences from different parts of the world, and almost every corner of India. It is known clearly, that with fandom comes, a lot of problems. Nothing in your life can be a personal thing. Everything from your morning wakeup to till you sleep at night is public. However, the same is shown in Sourav Joshi’s vlogs.

But why are we here to talk about him today? Well, we are not just to discuss his works. Other than that something more is flying in the air, about him. His love life is in the news so much these days. And people expect him to be married or engaged. But you know who is she? It’s none other than his friend, Priya Dhapa. But what do you feel are they married or it’s just a prank? Well, let us find out then. 

Are Sourav Joshi And Priya Dhapa Married?

Sourav Joshi is a daily vlogger and also Indias one of the well-known and popular vloggers. Apart from vlogging, he makes mesmerizing artworks, like sketches, paintings, and drawings too. While Priya Dhapa is in the same profession of sketching and vlogging. They both are at times, seen in each other’s vlog. Giggling, and hanging around together at times. But this time, something shocking has happened. Sourav Joshi has posted a picture of him and Priya together. And the background has a flower stand with Will you marry me? poster.

From the post, every other YouTuber congratulates him, and in return, Sourav replies to the comment happily. This only makes his fans wonder if he is married or engaged to Priya. What do you think? Well, it is difficult to say, because, he or his family have not even said a word about this in their vlogs. Along with it, people feel there’s a possibility too. Because many a time they both are spotted together. And there’s a rumour about them dating each other. However, it’s still a confusion. And we feel only Sourav Joshi or Priya Dhapa and cover it. 

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Who Is Sourav Joshi?

A very popular YouTuber and a daily vlogger. Sourav Joshi is a simple boy born in Uttarakhand on September 8, 1999. He was born to a very middle-class family, where everyone lived happily together. In the year 2015, Sourav was introduced to YouTube. And since then being good at art, he started posting his art videos. His first channel was Sourav Joshi Arts. Here, he used to post his transition and other long videos of sketches, drawings, and portraits. The wheels, run slowly until the year 2020. 

Suddenly, in 2020 lockdown was announced. Being free at home, he added another channel, Sourav Joshi vlogs. And during that time he took “365 vlogs in 365 days” challenges. Since then the heights he reached. And the love and support he gained from his fans, was unexpected. Every Indian could relate to him. They felt him as he was a quite down-to-earth person. He started to bring his cousins into the video, and slowly the entire Joshi family was introduced to the world. And so this young boy became so popular. 

About Priya Dhapa

Nothing mic revealed on the web about her. Priya keeps her personal life private. She was born in Uttarakhand, India. And are friends with Sourav Joshi. She is two years younger than him. As of now, Sourav is 24 and Priya is 22 years old. She has the same fried as Sourav. A painter, vlogger and YouTuber. She has been seen in many vlogs with Sourav and his family. Not only that, but they are even seen featuring some romantic songs. Their bond is deeply loved by the fans out there. And the way they care and treat each other becomes the reason why we all feel they are couples. And even engaged too. 

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