Is Zero To Hero Based On A True Story? Unveiling Unknown Facs Of The Sprinter!

The film industry in the year 2021, was a big hit for its fans. More than being a hit, it was a mere motivational film. From covering all the melodramas, to the winnings the hero made to his name. “Zero to Hero”, as the title suggests has something amazing in it. It shows the life of a paralyzed boy, who from being a dependent person. To started earning, living his dream life, and soon became a record holder. Who is the man? And what records did he break?

The film shows up a half-paralysed boy, from birth. He was dependen on feeding and walking to his mother. But the day everything changed, was the turning point of his life. The boy, promised his mother, to never look back in the old days. He promised, to fight and achieve everything his mother had dreamt of. The training began, and many hurdles came up on the way. But, the consistency and perseverance, won over every hurdle. But why after 3 years of the film’s release we’re looking back into it? Is there something special?

Well, to all of your queries, the film’s hero is being celebrated through this film. And after watching, everyone on the net is hyping. Is the film based on some real story? And to answer all your questions. We decided to put back gear and rush to 2021. Finally, searching for everything, we’ve come up with this. So let us know it. 

Is Zero To Hero Based On A True Story?

The 2021 film dedicated to sports-athletics champion, is expected to be a true story. So is it true? Yes, the film is adapted from the life of the first para-athlete from Hong Kong, to win gold medals. And from there, his journey to create history went on and on. And now, he is the only athlete with the highest record of 100m and 200m in the paralyzed category. Well, the film is a whole dedication to So Wa Wai, from Hong Kong. He was born to a poor family. Looking from his starving family to following his passion. He was successful in his life. But the film has shown off everything proving to be a slap to society. 

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Who Is So Wa Wai?

Born on 6th October 1981 to a poor family. The boy was diagnosed with jaundice, that merely ate up his future, everyone thought. For the rest of his life, he couldn’t walk on his feet, and eat all by himself. So’s mother, decided to make his future bright, and give him a good life. But unfortunately, this wasn’t easy. Thinking of giving up their life, she left him in a conveyor that killed men and gave him only clothes. But to everyone’s shock, So stood up on his feeble feet. 

His mother got overwhelmed and started training him for para Olympics. And none knew that this little champion would be a champion soon. For the first time So Wa showed up in the Atlanta games in 1996 and won a gold medal. This wasn’t first for only So Wa but entirely for Hong Kong. Soon, he started progressing but was hit by a thunderstorm. His father got ill and now he has to earn for his family’s living. But he didn’t show up less and played for the next years in 2000, 2008, and 2012, and every time won a gold medal only. The champion is now working in his retired life. As a supporter of the Hong Kong Para Olympic Committee.

Narrative Of The Film

Zero to Hero is anticipated with a baby crying in the dark. It was So Wa Wai. The next morning his mother was devasted hearing the news from doctors. So can never walk, and eat by himself. He will need his mother for the rest of his life. Deciding to end their life on the borderline, is what many do. But this child was god’s child. And his destiny had plans to make him a real-life superhero. From his journey as a 10-year-old runner to a 2012 Beijing Olympic winner. His entire life journey is showcased in the film. 

Rather than this, the film even acts as a slap to the society. Because most of the talented sportsmen have to leave their passion. And the reason is the sports committee doesn’t supply them with amenities. As a result to earn and bring food to their family’s dining table. People quit their passion and become a family man. Hope, after seeing the film, the corrupt must be guilty. And if not, hope the god’s stick makes them stop doing this crime. 

Where Is The Film Available?

Fans can binge the film “Zero to Hero” on Netflix.

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