Is A Nearly Normal Family Based On A True Story?

To what extent will your family go to save you from any difficulty that you have faced? The answer seems very unknown to most of you because come on, none of have been faced with murder acquisitions randomly. But the story we are currently talking about brings forward the tale of Stella who is a normal 18-year-old teenager, with a normal life, and a happy family at least according to her perspective.  However, everything changes, when the person she has been dating, ends up getting murdered and soon she is accused of the murder, with a lot of evidence in the hands of the government, getting out of the charges seems unreal. However, that is where we get to see how far our parents can go for us, or how we can go for our children.

For those who don’t know, this particular movie is written by the very well-known Hans Jornlind and Anna Platt and is created under the direction of the very able Per Hanefjord. When it comes to the reviews of this 2023 mini thriller series, it has received a lot of fans from all over the world, and following that the critics have commented quite positively about this particular series as of now.

However, moving forward toward the main topic of the article, which is regarding whether a nearly normal family is based on a true story. But firstly, we need to understand that this particular series is adapted from a very Swedish novel which has been written by M.T. Edvardsson and goes by the same name as the series. This novel was an instant hit when it came out back in the year 2018 and no the storyline that we get to see is adapted from here and not from any other true events of any sort.

A Nearly Normal Family True Story

Is A Nearly Normal Family Based On A True Story?

Now as we have already mentioned, it has been clearly stated by the makers that the story that we get to see in this particular series is actually in no way based on a true story. It is a direct adaption of the very well-known and renowned Swedish novel which goes by the name A Nearly Normal Family.

Now along with that for all those who don’t know anything about the series, it is the tale of  Stella, a young teenager who has a stale relationship with her parents, who stopped her from reporting a sexual assault she faced, nearly four years before the incident took place. Now she is dating a rich entrepreneur and when everything seems a bit sorted, the entire family crashes down when they one day come to know that Stella is charged with murdering her partner, who is nearly twice her age and now they are willing to go to any extent to save her from those charges, starting with tampering with evidence, to lying, the only moto is to save her.

The writer of the novel also cleared out in an interview that he wrote this entire story while thinking about what he would do himself if his daughter had faced such circumstances, where they one night come back late and try to wash the blood off their clothes, and following another important factor which has helped the writer to make it so realistic and relatable, is that he focused on recreating the world of young teenager girls very accurately, as he is a teacher himself and knows, how girls of that age think and act.

Overall, it is still known whether any of the characters have been inspired by real-life people, but one thing that we can assure you all is that the main target of the makers was to reach out to the audiences and make them understand, how much family means at the end of the day.

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A Nearly Normal Family Season 2

As of now, the first season was brought to us as a limited series, which makes, it quite clear that the makers have got no plans regarding the second season. Along with that the first season was able to cover the entire storyline which has been adapted from the novel and the story has received a well-deserved ending which will mess up if extended forward anymore.

Therefore, we can assure you, that there will be no second season for this particular series in the future.

Where Can We Watch A Nearly Normal Family?

This particular show is available for streaming only on the Netflix platform and that is because it is a Netflix original series. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is A Nearly Normal Family based on a true story?

No, the story is not based on a true story.

2. What is the story of A Nearly Normal Family?

The basic premise of the story is what a normal family would end up doing when they get involved in a murder case, and to what extent they can go to save each other.

3. Who was the killer in A Nearly Normal Family?

It was shown in the series that Stella was the actual one who stabbed Chris.

4. Is Stella from A Nearly Normal Family guilty?

Yes, she is guilty of the crimes she is accused of.

5. Where can we watch A Nearly Normal Family?

This particular series is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

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