Is Renegade Nell Based On A True Story? History Re-Written By Sally Wainwright! 

Accused of a serious murder charge, this mystery thriller centres around the riveting life of Nell Jackson. Produced by none other than The Lookout Point, a brand new television series has recently appeared on the giant platform of Disney+. Having a touch of both magic and reality, Renegade Nell Season 1 is finally here. Flipping through the pages of history, yet again, we are travelling back to the 18th century. 

Be ready to witness one of the most entertaining and fascinating historical drama series. As Jackson tries to hide her true identity and navigates through a war-torn Europe, she discovers the real motive of her existence! Since the show is mostly based on historical facts and data, many of you want to know whether it’s inspired by a true story or not. Thus on popular demand, here is all we know so far about the creation of Renegade Nell. 

Is Renegade Nell Based On A True Story? History Re-Written By Sally Wainwright! 

Is Renegade Nell Based On A True Story? History Re-Written By Sally Wainwright! 

It wouldn’t be fair to say that the character of Nell Jackson was exactly based on a real person. After all, the renowned writer Sally has herself confirmed that it is mostly a work of fiction. But even then, we cannot ignore the historical accuracy followed in this drama series. The engrossing plot of Renegade Nell forced many to think whether this eye-catching drama centres around the real life of a highway robber or not. Well, speaking of notorious criminals, you must have heard the name of Dick Turpin. But since our focus for today rests on highway women, you can say that the writer might have been inspired by the real-life story of a few female criminals! 

Well, back in the 17th and 18th centuries, it was quite common for women as well to prey on wealthy travellers! One such sound criminal was Susan Higges who robbed people for almost 20 years. But guess what, her whole life was turned upside down when she murdered a woman who knew her true identity! Interestingly enough, the woman she killed spat blood right on her face which later also became a permanent mark of her crime. All in all, we can say that the compelling drama, Renegade Nell, is partially based on a true story.

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How Much Of Historical Data Has Been Used In Renegade Nell Season 1? 

When we say that Renegade Nell is not based on a true story, we truly mean it. Whether it’s the character of Nell Jackson, Earl of Poynton or even, Sofia Wilmot, all these three were developed by the writer herself. But again, let’s not forget that the show also revolves around a few historical facts. Speaking of Queen Anne, she was indeed a real-life monarch of the UK. Her reign started from 1665 and lasted till 1714. 

Again, if we notice the story of Rasselas, you will see how the writer has penned it from the viewpoint of Britain’s history of slavery in West Africa! That’s not all, but surprisingly, the character of Billy Blind is also based on real-life folklore. From the wording of Nick Mohammed, this character happens to be a representation of an imp that a little girl used to keep underneath her pillow. It was believed that this sprite would protect her from all the evils out there.

Here Is A Short Synopsis Of Renegade Nell Season 1! 

Is Renegade Nell Based On A True Story? History Re-Written By Sally Wainwright! 

From being accused of killing Lord Blancheford to becoming the most feared highwaywoman of the 18th century, Nell Jackson surely had a journey worth viewing once. As Thomas forces Nell and her family to move out of the village, we will see how Nell’s team heads to England to find a magistrate who could ultimately prove her innocent. But here in Europe, the situation was even more complex than one could have ever thought. 

The Earl of Poynton, Robert Hennessey is trying his best to change the person sitting on the throne. Thus, with the help of her little sprite, Nell digs deep into the conspiracy going against the current monarch. With Queen Anne’s position at risk, you will see how James Francis Edward Stuart is all ready to be the next ruler of the land. Well, to know further about this blockbuster drama series, head straight to Disney+. 

Is Renegade Nell Based On A True Story? History Re-Written By Sally Wainwright! – FAQs 

1. Is Renegade Nell finally available to binge on Disney+? 

Yes, Renegade Nell is finally available to binge on Disney+. 

2. Did Nell Jackson exist for real?

As per the information gathered by us, Nell Jackson did not exist in reality. 

3. How many total episodes are present in the popular drama series, Renegade Nell?

The popular drama series, Renegade Nell, holds a total of 8 episodes.

4. Is the story of Renegade Nell based on facts? 

The whole story of Renegade Nell is not exactly based on facts. 

5. Did Queen Anne exist for real?

Yes, Queen Anne did exist in reality. 

6. Is the riveting character of Billy Blind based on real-life folklore? 

Yes, the riveting character of Billy Blind is based on real-life folklore. 

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