Is Netflix’s Shirley Based On A True Story?

You might hate movies or shows about historical impacts, but sometimes, we need them. Shirley is a new historical film on Netflix. Today, we will tell you – is Netflix’s Shirley based on a true story?

The film tells us the story of a successful black woman who went on to become a significant political figure. She serves as a figure of motivation and inspiration for many people even today. Besides telling you if Netflix’s Shirley is based on a true story or not, we will also tell you everything about this 2024 film.

Is Netflix’s Shirley Based On A True Story? How Impactful Is It?

If you have ever seen how candidates campaign for President in the United States of America, you know how tough it is. By this time now, you might have heard about the political personalities who ran the campaign. We know the names who successfully became the President of the United States. In these year-long battles and campaigns, you might have also heard the name of Hillary Clinton. She ran for President and she will probably do another run, soon, in the next election. But there was a prominent woman candidate for a presidential campaign, too.

Shirley, the new film on Netflix aims to tell the story of this promising face through their movie. The film will tell us about the life of a political figure as well as a revolutionary back in the day. Shirley is about a black woman who broke free from all the social barriers that were holding women back. Trust me, after we saw the trailer, we can confirm that this idea is groundbreaking. In this plethora of action flicks or terabytes of science fiction movies, we need films like these. The audience has received Shirley (2024) well, as of now; a lot of them have also expressed their likeness.

You can easily spot good reviews in X or other platforms. Many of them are also curious – is Netflix’s Shirley based on a true story? Does the film draw inspiration from any existing incident in history? Yes, Netflix’s Shirley is based on a true story. The film tells us about Shirley Chisholm, a black congresswoman; she was the first one from her community who got elected. The movie tells us about her life, her journey and most importantly, her purpose. If you read somewhere that Netflix’s Shirley is based on a true story, it is true. It captures the spectacular presidential campaign of Shirley Chisholm in 1972.

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Shirley: An Impact That Changed The World Forever

Now that you know Netflix’s Shirley is based on a true story, let us move to the next part of our article. Many of you might have already seen this film, or know about the story that the movie follows. For those of you who are yet to know, let us tell you about it in brief. Shirley (2024) takes us back to the 1900s United States of America. The basic purpose of the makers of this movie is to let us know about something that the books would not tell us. Shirley Chisholm is still one of the most heavyweight names in African American politics. 

This movie might not tell you about everything related to her, or her childhood days. But they have perfected their way of telling us something that the history books did not show us. When Shirley was still an aspiring soul, the social structure of the United States was far worse. People used to draw racial slurs and accuse the African American community of stealing or practising black magic. Society was full of racists and misogynists who only looked at women for purposes. In that era, Shirley Chisholm managed to curve her name in the history of American politics.

Throughout this film, you will spot some personal details about Shirley’s life, too. The movie explores her tension-filled relationship with Muriel St. Hill, her sister. Shirley and George Wallace also had their own story, and their complications in their relationship. This movie also takes us through the political tensions of Shirley and the Black Panther Political Party. As days passed, she launched a historical run for the President of the United States in 1972. She became the first black woman from the Congress to get elected into the House Of Representatives.

The Team Behind Shirley And the Official Streaming Platform Of This Movie

The Oscar-winning actress Regina King leads the entire team as Shirley Chisholm, the woman who changed the history of African American politics. Other notable cast members of this gutsy movie include Lance Reddick, Christina Jackson, Terrence Howard, Amirah Vann, Lucas Hedges, Michael Cherrie, Brian Stokes, W. Earl Brown, Martin de Leon, Robert Craighead, Brad James, Carly Tamborski, Ethan Jones, Angelique Bates, and many more. If you want to watch Shirley (2024), please head on to Netflix.

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