Oshi No Ko Chapter 145 Release Date Revealed Along With Previous Recap And Upcoming Plot Estimates! 

Written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari, the all-time popular Japanese manga series from 2020 has again slipped under our interest list. We are back with the latest details on the release date of Oshi no Ko Chapter 145. Get ready to learn more about Ruby and Aqua. With more twists and turns about to appear in this story, we can’t wait to read all about Tsukuyomi’s acting debut! As a surprise to everyone, Ruby has finally resolved all her differences with Melt. A lot has already happened in Chapter 144 and we surely can’t wait to discuss further about it. Thus, on popular demand, here is everything we know so far about the recap and upcoming plot of the famous manga tale, Oshi no Ko. 

Oshi No Ko Chapter 145 Release Date Revealed Along With Previous Recap And Upcoming Plot Estimates! 

Oshi No Ko Chapter 145 Release Date Revealed Along With Previous Recap And Upcoming Plot Estimates! 

At last, Melt Narushima has finally proved in front of Ruby that no one can understand the character of Gorou better than him. The previous chapter of this intriguing manga focused majorly on Melt’s excellent acting skills and character interpretation. But before we head to the recap of Chapter 144, let us quickly brush through the recent updates on Oshi no Ko Chapter 145. The release date you have been looking for is finally here, get ready to dig deep into the official details. 

As we step into April, another exciting chapter of Oshi no Ko is waiting to greet us all. As per the official schedule available, Oshi No Ko Chapter 145 is set to premiere in the first week of April. For most of the fans all around the globe, Chapter 145 will be available to read online on the 3rd of April 2024. But for all the readers in and around Japan, Oshi No Ko Chapter 145 will be released the next day, which is the 4th of April 2024. 

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What Happened Previously In Oshi No Ko Chapter 144? 

Before we head to the plot prediction of Chapter 145, let us quickly give you a short recap of what happened in the previous chapter of Oshi no Ko. As the eye-catching title of Chapter 144 suggests, Fan of the Originals took us back to the film set and yet again, Melt Narushima was under our radar. As estimated by many earlier, Ruby is still not satisfied with Melt Narushima’s refined acting skills. It seems like she wants someone else to be in the shoes of the Doctor. In fact, according to her, an actor like Taiki Himekawa would have been the best fit for portraying the role of Gorou Amamiya. 

That’s not all, she also did not hesitate much and openly criticised Melt’s performance in Sweet Today. But guess what, all her double thoughts regarding Melt Narushima’s acting skills will soon be resolved. As Ruby continues to criticise Melt, her eyes stop to see what is attached to Melt’s outfit! She is highly surprised to notice that Melt has pinned a small-looking Ai batch on his attire. When asked to explain, Melt informs Ruby that the batch is a sign of tribute to a deceased patient who was once a die-hard fan of idol Ai. 

According to him, since the Doctor is also among the true fans, this batch adds another layer of depth to his whole character. Ruby was impressed by Melt’s interpretation and eventually, she even expressed her desire to become his student one day! Meanwhile, as we head to the conclusion of Chapter 144, we will see how Ruby comes across Tsukuyomi and straightaway questions him about his acting qualities. Well, to know further about Oshi No Ko Chapter 144, you can always read it online.

What Will Happen Next In Oshi No Ko Chapter 145? 

Get ready to witness Tsukuyomi’s epic return to the entertainment industry. She is all set and ready to present her acting debut in a blockbuster project called 15 Year Lie. But we also cannot ignore the fact that she is hiding something very crucial from Ruby. Meanwhile, the dynamics between the brother and sister have also changed a lot. After that controversial kiss, we still need to see what ultimately lies in the future of both Aqua and Ruby. With the raw scans coming out next week, more interesting details about Oshi No Ko Chapter 145 will soon catch our attention.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 145 Release Date Revealed Along With Previous Recap And Upcoming Plot Prediction! – FAQs

1. Did Ruby approve of Melt’s acting skills?

Yes, Ruby did approve of Melt’s acting skills.

2. Was Melt able to change Ruby’s viewpoint?

Yes, Melt was able to change Ruby’s viewpoint. 

3. Can you read Oshi No Ko Chapter 144 online?

Yes, Oshi No Ko Chapter 144 is available to read online. 

4. Is Oshi No Ko Chapter 145 premiering next week?

As per the information gathered by us, Oshi No Ko Chapter 145 will surely be premiering next week. 

5. When can Oshi No Ko Chapter 145 released in Japan? 

Oshi No Ko Chapter 145 is all set to roll out in  Japan on the 4th of April 2024. 

6. Is Ruby and Aqua in love with one another?

The creators still haven’t confirmed this, but Ruby and Aqua’s chemistry surely can’t be ignored by anyone out there. 

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