Furies Season 2 Release Date. When Will It Re-Hit The Screens? Exploring!

Criminal mafias and dons who become so intelligent in front of society do even need a mentor to guide them in their crimes. The boss of the mafias. And the movies and series, copying these mafias and their plans in their series and films, gives them a lot of success. Because the audiences these days, love watching fights, actions and dramatic thrill. This becomes the major reason for them to become successful and the fans to hope for something new and exciting to be followed up after this, and the ones that couldn’t match up to the fans’ expectations, go flop in the cinemas.

Anyways, today we have brought up to you one of the most awaited French drama and crime series, “Furies”. Some of you may have watched it, while some are still thinking of whether or not to go buy the subscription to watch the series. Will that be worth it? Or just a waste of money? Well, to clear your thoughts and make you transparent about the series and the thrill in it, we are here. We won’t just tell you about the cast and plot, but also the reasons to watch the series. 

Furies Season 2 Release Date 

Furies released its trailer for the first time and with that broke all the records of demands from the fans to release the series soon. On their demand, the makers say the scheduled release date was pre-poned and announced to be March 1, 2024. With just a week of the series’ release, the fans have become excited and eager to get back the series with something new and extra added spices. Well, with the amazing success of the first season of the series, the makers do feel to work for the series more. But as of now, there’s no official announcement for the series renewal so the fans will have to wait a little more. 

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Unearthing The Series’ Plot

The series revolves around a daughter finding out for the murderer of her father, and trying to take revenge for the losses her family has to go through. On her way of seeking criminals for her father’s murder, she is recruited unknowingly by a deceit company which she feels is safe to work in. Not only this but the girl she is in search of has to work with the same criminal disguise, she is searching for. Not making you feel confused and messing up the story, read out to the series’ actual plot.

Season one of the series “Furies” begins, with Lyna played by Lina El Arabi, trying to seek the murderers of her father, and take revenge on them. On her journey, she finds that he original biological father was Driss the head of the criminal and mafia world. He was killed by Selma played by Marina Fois, when she discovers his plans. Driss planned to find the mines that were secretly made out of every small social information, and after they both found out, he asked Selma to kill him because he didn’t want his daughter to bear the pain of killing her father. 

Later, the story takes a turn, when Lyna finds out that the criminal she is searching for is her companion. Yes! Lyna soon finds out the truth about Selma. She was searching for the Fury, and Selma knew about her plans and was following Lyna for so long because Selma herself is the mafia queen and even the reason behind Lyna’s biological and adopted father. 

Expected Plot Of Season 2

The last season of Furies ends with unfolding many secrets and truths about Selma and the personal life of Lyna. On one side, where Lyna was griefing for one another loss of losing her adopted and biological father, then unveiling the truth of the fury of Selma, deciding her plans, by making Lyna tell her the wrong story of being the daughter of Kahina and Driss. 

On the other side, Selema’s numerous truths were out to the audience and Lyna as well. First was her being disguised as the daughter of the couple, but actually, she was the Fury herself. Secondly, the audience discovered, that she was the reason behind Kahina’s family destruction. As the Fury, she wasn’t able to bring her brother back from the cop world. Later she murdered him and also killed Driss no more evidence is left. However, the next season is sure to bring some amazing thrill in the story, and let the audiences go amazed. 

Where Is The Series Streaming?

Furies is streaming on Netflix from March 1, 2024.

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