Is Rest In Peace Based On A True Story?

Can you erase your life’s history and leave everything behind? Is it truly possible? Rest In Peace (2024) shows a similar attempt. But the question is, is Rest In Peace based on a true story?

The film revolves around a man who is trying his best to stay out of trouble, but he is deep in his problems. But the daring soul takes the help of one accident to make a last attempt. Besides telling you if Rest In Peace is based on a true story or not, we will tell you everything about this 2024 Netflix thriller movie.

Is Rest In Peace Based On A True Story? Let’s Find Out

Every day, almost daily, we get uncountable reports of people who are somehow missing. Be it children, women, men or older people, the amount of people missing creates a mystery. Everyone who somehow disappears from the eye of society leaves behind a trail of blazing question marks. Even the police and investigating officers find it very difficult to take on such cases since it is not easy to track. But the real problem starts when someone goes missing by their choice – this might be a rare scene, but sometimes, it happens in real life.

Netflix’s new film, Rest In Peace starts their story with a similar idea as well. The film is based on a man who is knee-deep in the mud of troubles. He is trying his best but he is failing to cope with all the demons he is facing in his life right now. In this moment, the man decides to falsify his identity and go missing by taking the help of a situation. Will he succeeds or not remains a completely different story; as far as I have seen, Netflix will get good views with this 2024 venture. The platform already features a ton of thriller films; the audience loves all of them, so Rest In Peace is destined to be a huge success once again.

A lot of the viewers want to know about this new Netflix movie in detail. They are curious – is Rest In Peace based on a true story? Is this film based on any real incident? Yes, Rest In Peace is based on a true story. It takes cues from the car bomb blast that killed at least 85 people in AMIA Headquarters – more than 200 people got seriously wounded in this terrorising attack. Rest In Peace features this attack which helps our protagonist to make a run for his new future. Their cast features people who are Argentinian and Jewish. If you think that Rest In Peace is based on a true story, you are correct. 

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Rest In Peace: Perfect Disguise To A New Life

If you have watched the trailer of this movie, then you must know that this is going to be a thrilling one. Since you have scrolled this far, I think that you already know about the backgrounds of this storyline. Rest In Peace revolves its plot around a man named Sergio Dayán; Sergio is the main character of this thriller. He is trying to work hard, desperately trying to gather as much money as he can. Sergio Dayán might have a job, but he is neck deep into economic burdens in his life for some reason.

Sergio is having a hard time paying off all of his debts. Be it the bank, be it a private corporation or someone else, Sergio has failed to repay all of them. He is a family man – unless he manages to repay financial burdens, he will put his family in danger. Sergio’s wife does not know anything about his struggles – she does not even know about the imminent doom that’s approaching Sergio. A point came when the poor man was suffering physically as well as mentally – he was in a great dilemma of what to do. The debt collectors were going to extract money from him sooner or later.

In the meantime, an incident rocked Sergio’s town. A car bomb went off at the Jewish Community Centre – that explosion shook the entire Buenos Aires soon after it happened. A lot of people died due to this terrorist attack, and the blast radius impacted wounds on hundreds. Sergio was a little bit hurt, but he decided to do something odd. Instead of going back to family, Sergio chose to disappear. He wanted to stay under the safe umbrella of ‘presumably dead’ – as his and his wife’s worlds slowly drifted apart, moral obligations and regrets started creeping up on him.

The Team Behind Rest In Peace (2024) And Official Streaming Platform Of This Movie

Rest In Peace is based on a true story – the bomb blast incident was real and happened at the AMIA HQ in 1994. Joaquín Furriel acts as Sergio Dayán, the debt-ridden man planning for escape. Griselda Sicilani acts as Estela Dayán, the wife of Sergio who had to go through immense separation trauma. Other notable cast members of this movie include Lali González, Luciano Borges and Gabriel Goity. If you want to watch this Sebastián Borensztein film Rest In Peace, please head on to Netflix.

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