Is Netflix’s No Pressure Based On A True Story?

If you are in for looking at scenic beauty of Poland along with a heartwarming romance, we have got you. No Pressure, the 2024 film has got it all. But is Netflix’s No Pressure based on a true story?

The film revolves around a woman who somehow gets a false alarm regarding her grandmother’s health. But little did she know, that her visit is holding a big surprise for her. Besides telling you if Netflix’s No Pressure is based on a true story or not, we will tell you everything else about this Polish romantic comedy. 

Is Netflix’s No Pressure Based On A True Story? Everything We Know

Life often holds surprises for us; it holds events in front of us that are completely unexpected most of the time. Whether we live them or not, a lot of them tend to change the entire course of our lives. A similar thing happens when you meet someone unexpectedly, and that person decides to change your future completely. Maximum times, these happen only in romantic movies or popular rom-com. Especially in those films that aim to create a golden-sunset version of romance. Netflix’s new movie, No Pressure, also delves into a similar scene.

The movie revolves around the odd romantic angle between two people who meet each other completely by chance. But as the movie rolls it’s plot more, we can see that the duo are getting extremely close and closer together. Just when everything seems to fall in place accordingly, there comes a big twist; but relax, this is only a romantic comedy, nothing like a crime thriller to be honest. You might not have a taste for Polish films, but this rom-com deserves a shot. As we have seen, people all around the globe are liking this new film already.

They are curious about how the romance starts to bloom between two people. Hence, many viewers want to know if the story between the two lovers is somehow real or not. So, is Netflix’s No Pressure based on a true story? Does the film portray a real romance that happened? If you think Netflix’s No Pressure is based on a true story, it’s not. This is a fiction by Karolina Frankowska and Katarzyna Golenia. With the modern setting and genre, many people might think that this small-town boy and city girl angle is real. But in reality, Netflix’s No Pressure is not based on a true story at all.

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Nic Na Sile: Heartwarming Love Or Disastrous Decision?

If you have already watched this Polish drama, then you know how the story works its way forward. But if you have not watched it yet, you do not need to worry at all. In this part of our article, we have included a short synopsis of the entire story. Now that you know if Netflix’s No Pressure is based on a true story or not, let us proceed further. Originally known as Nic Na Sile, this movie bases its story around a girl in the city. Oliwia works as a chef in a restaurant in a big city – she is away from her hometown. 

Oliwia is out there trying her best to make a living, no matter how humble it is. In her hometown, Oliwia does not have many options to make her profession. Her family is the owner of extensive farmlands – they own a pretty big farmhouse that is a bit profitable. But naturally, Oliwia has other dreams for herself – that’s why, despite all the pressure on herself, she chose to be a chef. Everything was going well for her, Oliwia was succeeding in her daily job but one day, everything went haywire. While she was still at her job, Oliwia received a heartbreaking message in her workplace.

Her grandmother, Halina, has somehow passed away; this sad news could not help Oliwia maintain the same mood. She was extremely worried and sad; the chefwas completely dumbstruck when she found that her grandmother is still alive. It was all Halina’s plan to hand her over the ownership of their farm. Soon, Oliwia met Wojtek, a young farmer at her farmhouse – as time passed, the two naturally started to get closer to one another. Due to the warm feeling, Oliwia could not shake off Wojtek. But this young farmer had one big secret – will this change their relationship forever? Or is it for the better?

The Team Behind No Pressure And Official Streaming Platform Of This Rom-com

Anna Szymanczyk leads this Polish drama as Oliwia, the big-city chef. Other notable cast members of this drama include Cezary Zak, Paulina Holtz, Filip Gurlacz, Anna Seniuk, Mateusz Janicki, and Magdalena Smalara. Now that you know Netflix’s No Pressure is not based on a true story, you might want to see it. If you want to watch No Pressure, please head on to Netflix.

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