Is Homicide: New York Based On A True Story?

Homicides might sound simple but they often become the greatest mysteries to ever exist. That’s why Homicide: New York is here. In this article, we will see Homicide: New York based on a true story.

This is a new television series that talks about the gritty murder tales that happen in New York City. They are horrific and the series takes us on a wild and creepy ride through the dark side. Apart from telling you if Homicide: New York is based on a true story or not, we will tell you everything else that you need to know.

Is Homicide: New York Based On A True Story? Everything We Know

Although different web series are already there to entertain us, sometimes, we need to look at the darkness around us. The United States of America remain safe under the protection of police forces and the law. But sometimes, there are a lot of exceptions that keep happening – murders, rapes, and violent incidents take place around. It is not always the fault of the common people or unmindful citizens, sometimes it’s the loopholes of the law around us. As the title suggests, Homicide: New York revolves around these stories of crime. 

It aims to teach us about different incidents that have rattled through the city streets of New York. The series goes through various crime-related viral media stories too. Here’s about a killer running free around us that makes us panic. It’s quite natural to be afraid when you learn about criminal incidents happening in an area where you live. That’s why, just after the first season came out, everyone was generally interested in this series. But usually, these types of shows earn less waiting in comparison to that of entertainment shows and reality series.

As a result, a huge part of the audience wants to know about the authenticity of this show. Is Homicide: New York based on a true story? Does the television series base its plot on any true event? Yes, Homicide New York is based on a true story. Rather, it is based on a series of real incidents – all those cases of crime that kept on rocking New York City. Although the prosecutors and investigating officers have established justice, a lot of them are traumatizing. Since Homicide: New York is based on a true story, a lot of you might find it disturbing enough.

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Homicide: New York, A Dark Side Of The Urban World

If you have already started watching this service then you know what is going on in the story. Now that you know the answer to Homicide: New York based on a true story, let us proceed to the next part of our article. Hindi section you will find a detailed brief synopsis about what the show aims to present to us. No matter how old you are crime will always terrify you. Homicide: New York is a docu-series that focuses on infamous incidents happening in the heart of New York. This is not your average criminal drama that will take you into recreated action scenes.

Homicide: New York let us know everything that goes on when the police come to know about a homicide. All the episodes start on a dark note by showing us bits about the incident that has just happened. It can be a crime inside a lousy apartment or it can be a violent serial killing in North Manhattan. The makers of the show have made sure that we know how detectives are handling the cases. It gives us an inject experience of how someone solves the first steps of an investigation. The series rolls forward by probing into the most notorious crimes that happened in real life.

We get to learn about the infamous rapist in Eastern Harlem who kept on torturing the whole upper part of Manhattan. In another episode, we see a killer violently shooting Jennifer Stahl and her friends in an apartment in Carnegie Deli. Homicide:  New York tells us more about the murder of Michael McMorrow – it is horrifying how 15-year-old school students can turn this bad. On the other hand, the way Eridania Rodriguez disappeared inside a high rise is also scary. This documentary series takes us on a wild ride through the minds of the detectives on all of these cases.

The Team Behind Homicide: New York And the Official Streaming Platform Of This Show 

The directors and producers of this series made sure to include real events as a part of their project. Hence, everyone you will see on-screen is a part of the true incidents. If you want to watch Homicide: New York, please head on to Netflix.

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