Lookism Chapter 493: Release Date, Storyline And More!

Lookism is an important topic these days. We are extremely cautious about how we look and appear in the public. We cannot be too fat or too thin, or else people will throw mean words at us. Park Hyung Seok suffers from the same insecurities about his body. People throw mean words towards him because of his body. He has several body issues. The manhwa is based on these issues that Park Hyung Seok has about his body. If you are someone who faces the same kind of treatment from outside people, you will be able to relate to the protagonist of this manhwa.

Lookism is a famous manhwa. The manhwa even has a Netflix series of the same name. Otakus are in love with this manhwa because of the extremely relatable storyline. This is an ongoing manhwa. If you are one of the Otakus who wants to know about the release date of the upcoming chapter, you have come to the right place in search of your answer. Here, we will discuss the release date of the upcoming chapter of Lookism, the storyline and some other information about the manhwa. Therefore, without any further delay, let us dive into the topic of Lookism.

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Lookism Chapter 493: Release Date And More!

Lookism has 492 chapters as of now. The number of chapters suggests that it is a pretty lengthy manhwa. The creators have indulged themselves completely in the manhwa. They have confirmed the release date of the next chapter of the manhwa, which is Chapter 493. Chapter 493 will be released soon. The creators have stated that Lookism Chapter 493 will be released on 22nd March at midnight Korean Standard Time (KST). This means that the chapter will be released on 21st March in countries other than Korea, Japan, Australia and Indonesia.

Will Lookism come to an end soon? The manhwa has a long way to go. The creators of Lookism are currently extending the storyline of the manhwa. The manhwa Lookism is not going to end soon enough. The storyline of Lookism is yet to receive its climax and the final ending. The story of Lookism is still ongoing as mentioned earlier. Chapter 493 will see new twists and turns in the life of the protagonist. Therefore, we can say that Lookism will not come to an end any time soon. Lookism has a long way to go still now.

Will Lookism receive a Korean drama adaptation? Well, Lookism did not receive a Korean drama adaptation, but it has received an anime of the same name. This is not a Japanese anime but a Korean one. Lookism has eight episodes on Netflix. We think that Lookism will receive its second season soon. Although the creators have not stated anything about the second season of the series, we are sure that the show will receive a Season 2. This is because the audience loved the anime Lookism. Moreover, the Otakus love the manhwa Lookism. Therefore, Lookism is bound to receive another season.

Lookism Storyline Of The Manhwa

Park Hyung Seok is an overweight kid. Now, in this brutal world, nobody likes people who are overweight. People will not stop body-shaming others if they are overweight or underweight. You have to be perfect from every angle to attract others in a good way. However, Park Hyung Seok attracted all the bullies at school. He gets severely bullied because of his body and his looks. Nobody likes him because he is overweight. Although Hyung Seok has no fault, he has to face all the bullies every day.

One day, Park Hyung Seok pleaded with his mother to change his school. His mother understood his problems and changed his school. Something new happens in this new school in Seoul. Hyung Seok suddenly gains a new body. He becomes tall, muscular and completely toned with good looks. He starts to attract all the girls at school. He is muscular during the day, but at night, he becomes his overweight self once again. This is pretty strange. He can shift bodies. This is the story of Park Hyung Seok. Will people at his new school ever get to know about his real identity? To get your answers, you will have to read Lookism.

Lookism Reading And Streaming Platform

Lookism is available for reading online. If you want to read to Manhwa, you can read it on Naver.

If you want to watch the anime Lookism, you can watch it on Netflix.

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