Brothers Sun Season 2 Cast: Knowing More About The Show

Secrets. This is an interesting word, right? What if your family starts to keep secrets from you? Will you tolerate that? Well, of course not. However, Bruce Sun has to deal with something completely different. He does not even know that his family has been keeping secrets from him. His life changes the moment he gets to know about his family. What will Bruce Sun do once he gets to know about his family? Well, Brothers Sun has the answers to all your questions.

After the release of the first season of Brothers Sun, the audience has been curious to know about the show’s updates. What is the cast of Brothers Sun? Will Brothers Sun return for a second season? What do we know about the show? You, as a viewer, may have all these questions in your mind. Worry not because we have got you. Here, we shared all the information regarding the cast of Brothers Sun, the storyline of the show, the authenticity of the storyline of the series, and some other information. If you are willing to know more about the series, you will have to continue reading this piece of information.

Brothers Sun Season 2 Cast: Behind The Scenes

Brothers Sun was released on 4th January 2024. The first season of Brothers Sun has eight episodes. After the release of the first season, the audience was eager to know about the cast of the show. They were eager about a second season as well. However, something went wrong. Currently, we have received the news that Brothers Sun is not going to return for Season 2. The show got canceled after the first season. Although the series received good ratings from the viewers, the series did not receive much viewership. As a result, the creators decided to cancel the show’s second installment. Brothers Sun Season 2 will not happen.

Since a second season will not happen, no cast members have been designated. Although the audience loved the show, viewership is crucial for any series or show. As the series did not gain much viewership from the audience, as the creators were expecting, the cancellation of the series seemed imminent. Therefore, we do not have any cast for Season 2 of Brothers Sun. However, we have an impeccable cast for Season 1 of the series. The cast members did a great job. They were extremely professional and gave their best on the screen. Therefore, let us take a look at the cast of Season 1 of Brothers Sun.

The main cast of Brothers Sun includes Michelle Yeol as Eileen “Mama” Sun, Justin Chien as Charles Sun, Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun, Highdee Kuan as Alexis Kong, and John Lee as TK Lee. The other members of the cast include Jenny Yang as Xing, Alice Hewkin as the twin sisters June and May, Johnny Kou as Big Sun, Jon Xue Zhang as Blood Boots, Madison Hu as Grace, Zhang Wang as Yuan, Ron Yuan as Frank Ma, and Rodney To as Detective Mark Rizal.

Brothers Sun Season 2 Storyline

Since we will not have Season 2 of Brothers Sun, the creators did not decide on any storyline for the series’ second run. However, the show’s basic storyline is pretty interesting. The audience loved the first season of the series because of its storyline. The show belongs to the genre of dark comedy, and the storyline of the series is apt for this genre. It shows how secrets can destroy your life and make everything turn upside-down. Such is the case with Bruce Sun.

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Bruce Sun was living a happy life. Everything was going alright in his life. However, his life turns topsy-turvy when he runs into his estranged brother Charles Sun. Charles Sun has come to Los Angeles to meet his brother Bruce. Charles Sun discloses the news that their father was a gangster and that their family is a famous gangster family in Taipei, Taiwan. This news changes the world of Bruce Sun. Charles Sun has come to Los Angeles to protect his family from his gangster rivals. What will Bruce Sun do now that the long-held secret of the family is revealed? To know more about the series, you have to watch Brothers Sun.

Brothers Sun Streaming Platform

Although the second season of the show is canceled, you can still watch the first season of the show. Brothers Sun is a good series. Brothers Sun received a rating of 7.7/10 on IMDb. You can watch the series on Netflix. You have to have a subscription to the OTT platform to watch Brothers Sun there.

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