Is My Name Is Loh Kiwan A True Story?

Unusual meetups probably create the best kind of relationships, don’t they? My Name Is Loh Kiwan sets an example through its story. In this article, we will try to find out – if My Name Is Loh Kiwan is a true story.

The movie tells us the story of a man who has escaped from North Korea. He is having a hard time getting himself registered as a refugee. But then, he meets someone who changes his life forever. Apart from talking about whether My Name Is Loh Kiwan is a true story or not, we will tell you everything about this movie.

Is My Name Is Loh Kiwan, A True Story? Addressing The Truth

You don’t have to watch this to get an idea about how difficult life is for North Korean people. North Korea is an entirely secluded country. A different rule is that people are not allowed to come out of the country. Due to the unavailability of the internet in North Korea, we can never know the reality of everything that goes on there. However, there have been a few instances when people have escaped successfully. We have real-life characters who escaped from North Korea and are now, living a healthy life. My Name Is Loh Kiwan starts with a story that is about a man who has left North Korea to live his life.

He is desperately trying to stay away from Korea – in his struggle for citizenship, he comes across someone with whom he develops a sweet bond. This drama movie is enjoyable; The teaser and trailer of My Name Is Loh Kiwan have gained a huge number of views. People have already loved this due to the emotional seriousness of the plot. Immigration has been a serious issue on the face of the Earth for countless years now. As a result, My Name Is Loh Kiwan gained the attention of a lot of movie maniacs after it came out.

Now, you might want to know more about the storyline. People also want to know – is My Name Is Loh Kiwan a true story? Does the plot showcase true incidents that have happened before? If you think My Name Is Loh Kiwan is a true story, it isn’t. It seems true because of the serious angles about immigration and the struggles of a defector. But in reality, My Name Is Loh Kiwan is not a true story. It is an adaptation of a novel called I Met Loh Kiwan by Cho Hae-jin. That book came out in 2019 – the movie deals with the levels of complexity in the life of a refugee.

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My Name Is Loh Kiwan: A Tale Of Two Lives In Despair

If you have not seen this Korean drama film yet, please do not worry. In this portion of today’s article, we have included a short synopsis of the main storyline. Now that you know the real answer to Is My Name Is Loh Kiwan a true story, Let us proceed to the next part. My Name Is Loh Kiwan tells us the story of Loh Kiwan, who is our main character. Loh Kiwan is a defector who hails from North Korea; he has escaped the country fortunately with a lot of effort. You already know how difficult life is for people there in North Korea – Lo Kiwan’s life is nothing different at all.

But here lies the real problem. Lo Kiwan did become a successful North Korean defector; but will it solve all of his problems? After getting out, Lo Kiwan was busy searching for a refuge in China. However, due to a lot of governmental policy and complications, Lo Kiwan could not find his place in China. It is hard for immigrants to find any place in this world. As more days passed, Lo Kiwan’s life became extremely difficult to live. He started to search for a shelter in Belgium desperately. But all of his attempts were gradually failing – Lo Kiwan was losing all hopes of getting any refuge at all.

After he arrived in Belgium, Lo Kiwan met a girl named Ma Ri. Before she was here, Ma Ri used to live in Korea – she was a wonderful athlete in her past days. But right now, Ma Ri has lost herself; Ma Ri does not even want to live anymore. She left her shooting career long ago, and she has little in her life to live for. After meeting Ma Ri, Lo Kiwan gained some hope for getting approval to live in Belgium. The first meetings, and first few exchanges were unpleasant for both of them. Lo Kiwan and Ma Ri started to help each other out with their different shortcomings. Despite their paths, will they fall for each other?

The Team Of Actors Behind My Name Is Loh Kiwan And the Official Watching Platform Of This Drama

Song Joong-ki is the man behind the role of Lo Kiwan, the defector desperately searching for shelter. On the other hand, we have Choi Sung-eun as Ma Ri, the hopeless woman in Belgium. Other notable cast members include Kim Sung-ryung, Márk Halécius, Kembe Sorel, Balázs Veres, Harry Szovik, Matt Silverman, Frédéric Clou, Kaan Abdullah, Seo Hyun-woo, Lee Sang-hoo, Jo Han-chul, Selmeci Lili, Lee Il-hwa and Zoltán Palotai. Director Kim Hee Ji has put forward a great effort with this movie. On 1st March 2024, we got the film – if you want to watch My Name Is Loh Kiwan, please head on to Netflix.

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