Urusei Yatsura Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date. Finding The Schedule For The Release!

Anime series are the best part of entertainment these days, everyone feels. Before it was just Japan who used to enjoy these amazing series in the form of manga and manhwa, but now with the extent of technologies, the mangas written 40 years back are being adapted into anime and are released worldwide, through the network, and surprisingly every age humans are loving these anime. They love to watch it and enjoy it, as some of them have no sexuality and nudity to rest and see it with their children and have family time.

The one we are going to discuss today is a unique one from the list of animes you would have watched, read, or heard about. This captures the battle and an unknown and unwanted but one-sided love story of the protagonists of the story. The anime has the title “Urusei Yatsura” and we are going to discuss the same today in our article. We have come up with everything to let you know about this anime series, including its plot, characters, and also the scheduled dates of its upcoming episodes and seasons. Not prolonging the time further, let us move ahead and learn everything about the series, by delving deep into the article.  

Urusei Yatsura Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

The anime series of the famous manga Urusei Yatsura came up on their official network in the year 2022, and after the end of the release of 10 episodes of the first season, the series was renewed for its second season, which has already released a total of 7 episodes. while its 8th episode is scheduled to be released on 1st March 2024 which is on Friday on their official networks.

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Unearthing The Anime’s Plot

The anime, “Urusei Yatsura”, opens up with an alien team landing on Earth with a group of aliens, challenging the humans to fight with them, and win over the land of the Earth. The one from the alien’s group playing will be Lum, who is also the daughter of the alien leader. And the one from the human race against Lum was Ataru Moroboshi, he was a fragile and uninterested high-school boy. Though at first, he was gradually uninterested in everything in playing and winning the battle as well, but later everything changed, and Ataru was busy playing and winning over it. He was supported by his friends, society, and even his girlfriend who presented him with a proposal. What’s that? Look next.

As Ataru was told by the Oni aliens to touch the horn of the alien Lum, and if he does that he will win the challenge, and the land will be theirs. Lum, however, being an alien was fast like wind and was impossible to be caught. Ataru’s girlfriend came up to him and proposed to his marriage, saying if he won the game, Shinbu Miyake aka Ataru’s girlfriend would marry him. Ataru out of excitement decided to win it anyhow. and he took a step and stole the bikini top of Lum, to save her respect she was busy saving her respect and in mean meantime, Ataru touched her horn and they won. 

But what happened next was funny. Ataru out of excitement shouts aloud that, he will now get married to his girlfriend Shinobu, but Lum misunderstands it as a proposal to her and clings back to Ataru. Lack of interest in Ataru, but one side’s love for Lum, makes them follow each other for one or the other reason, and there his gf is quite jealous. Lum then joins, the same school as Ataru and becomes famous for her beauty at the same time acquires the attention of the handsome boy Shutaro Mendo, but Lum is still on the way to praising and luring Ataru. Watch the next part of the anime, to know if he marries his girlfriend or leaves her for Lum’s love. 

Enlisting Characters Of Anime

The anime enlisted a huge number of characters, but the main ones among them and their character traits are to be discussed below. First comes up with our protagonist, Ataru Moroboshi. He is a lazy teen studying in high school in the town of Nerima in Japan the fictional world. He has had bad luck since his birth, but it changes after he wins the fight between humans and the Oni alien group, and gets the proposal to marry his girlfriend, Shinobu. Shinobu Miyake is a sweet young girl who wants the hearts of everyone she speaks to and offers proposals to her long-time friend and loves Ataru if he wins over the line. But everything seems to be ruined when Lum falls in love with her boyfriend.

The others joining the love birds are, Lum who is a member of the Oni alien group and also the daughter of their leader. She was chosen to fight against humans to take away land from them, but she loses and even falls in love with Ataru her opponent. Shutaro Mendo is the famous and charming boy of Ataru’s class, who makes every girl in the school fall in love with him if he sees in their eyes, but this time he falls in love with Lum. 

Where Is The Anime Available?

Fans can watch Urrusei Yatsura on Disney+ with all its episodes available there. 

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