Broker Jhumroo Web Series Release Date And All Other Updates!

Nowadays many divas are growing in the market who are not currently acting in the mainstream industry and one of those big names is Gurmeet Kaur, who made a huge headline, with some of her sensual acting skills and feature appearances in certain films and web series which are quiet adult rated and has caught the attention of many fans all over the country. Among those few web series Broker (Jhumroo) is one of the big names, where some eye-catching performances have been delivered by our superstar Gurmeet. Many of you or our fans have been continuously searching about this particular web series because of its quite catchy storyline and mainly because of how well the makers have adventured in The drama Romance as well as the fantasy genre, which is quite tough to do after considering the amount of censorship ban, we have in this country. For all those who have got no idea about this particular web series, it is the story of two female friends who were looking for a house on rent and end up choosing the house where our other Main character the broker enters the scene but soon enough after we get to see a very sensual relationship going on between them, they decide to take over the house as well as take the control over the broker as well.

This particular series has both adult-rated sexual content with intense drama which has been excellently delivered but at the same time, it has also given a plot twist with the introduction of a lot of suspense and that has been one of the main reasons that it has been rated quite well and fans are also quite curious about this series. Now many of you may be wondering why these web series don’t end up being in LimeLight and that is because they are produced by many small production houses with the content also not very regulated along with the fact that the celebrities starring in these productions are struggling actors and are just looking for a huge break. To know more about this particular web series read this article till the end. 

Broker Jhumroo Release Date 

Broker Jhumroo Web Series Release Date And All Other Updates!

Now the main question that we have received regarding this particular web series is about the release date of broker Jhumroo. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait at all to watch this particular series and that is because we have already received the first season of Broker Jhumroo starring Gurmeet Kaur and Pooja Poddar in the year 2023 only. Now there have been a lot of queries about the release date and that is because it is not easily available on the official platform of Woow and that is because it is a Jhumroo platform original series but because of the recent merger with the Woow platform many of the series have been missing from the official website.

Following that for all those who don’t have any idea about this particular web series, it made it to us on the 5th of December 2023 and has a total of 2 episodes with a runtime of 30 minutes each, that many people have also been inquisitive about whether we are going to receive a second season for this particular web series. Unfortunately as of now, there has been no particular update of that sort, and the chances for this kind of web series to return with a second season are also very low.

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Broker Jhumroo Story

As we have already mentioned this particular series mainly belongs to the fantasy as well as Romance genre which is at the same time quite adult-rated. So the story starts with two friends who end up being in contact with a broker named Suresh and after they have made some their sexual advances over this guy, they end up kidnapping him and at the same time taking over his house so that they can easily live in that for long enough. That is what the main story revolves around but there are many ups and downs in the plot.

Broker Jhumroo Cast

The main cast line that we get to see in this particular web series, comprises mainly two big names: Gurmeet Kaur and the other one is Pooja Poddar who is a renowned artist in this industry, along with that we have also got many other side characters who have played huge roles in making this web series a fan favorite.

Broker Jhumroo Trailer

The first season trailer is currently available for streaming only on the YouTube platform and along with that, there have been no particular updates about the season 2 trailer as of now.

Where Can We Watch Broker Jhumroo?

This particular web series is currently available for streaming only on the Woow platform and that is because of its recent merger with the Jhumroo platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be a second season for Broker Jhumroo?

There have been no updates regarding the second season as of now.

2. How many seasons of Broker Jhumroo are there?

As of now, there is only a single season of the show.

3. Has Broker Jhumroo released?

Yes, it already made it to us in the year 2023.

4. Where can we watch Broker Jhumroo?

The show is available for streaming on the Woow platform.

5. Is Broker Jhumroo adult-rated?

Yes, it is an adult show and not recommended for kids.

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