Lookism Chapter 490 Release Date: Will Park Survive?

Just like changing your clothes, have you ever imagined if you could change your body, too? Well, Lookism shows us that it can be done. In this article, we will talk about Lookism Chapter 490 release date.

The manhwa revolves around a boy who is overweight. For this one reason, everyone keeps on bullying him and makes him change his school. But surprises await him; that is why besides talking about the Lookism Chapter 490 release date, we will also tell you everything you need to know about this manhwa.

Lookism Chapter 490 Release Date: A Vital Chapter In Daniel’s Story

Society is a double-faced sphere that aims to keep everyone glued to it. Due to contemporary beliefs and trends, it never allows people to get out of them. Be it bullying or body standards, society itself sets different norms at different times. Lookism tells us such a story that exposes the existing double standards of in Korean society. The manhwa revolves around the story of a boy who gets bullied almost every day in his school. For some reason, he is a little bit overweight and that is why people always tease him for his appearance.

But this hurts him and one day, he goes away from his school. A lot of surprising events take place, he gets a new appearance, but does it solve anything? The answer lies in the manhwa itself; this is a good reason why Otakus and the audience love Lookism. The creators have started with a fresh storyline and the plot speaks more than just volumes. People have fallen in love with the characters involved and the vibrant artwork. Most of us love Lookism for exposing the world and its standards regarding the definition of beauty. 

The manhwa focuses on improving the society through this. As a result, a lot of readers want to know if a new chapter is coming up. So, what is the Lookism Chapter 490 release date? Is it sooner than we know? Lookism Chapter 490 release date is 29th February 2024, Thursday. The upcoming chapter will be coming out in the next week. As far as we know, this schedule will remain unchanged for regions like India, Japan, Australia, Korea, and Canada. Everywhere, Lookism Chapter 490 release date is 29th February.

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Lookism: The Double Standards Of Beauty And Society 

Since you have scrolled this far, I think you have got your answers regarding Lookism Chapter 490 release date. If you have not read Lookism yet, let us tell you about the storyline in this part. Lookism revolves around the life of a young boy named Park Hyung Seok. Park is overweight and that’s why, he attracts a lot of bullies. No, it’s not Park’s fault at all; but society is not ready to understand it yet. His seniors, friends, and colleagues used to treat him badly. A frustrated Park used to come home and behave badly with his mother out of embarrassment and pure frustration.

One day, he could not take it anymore – Park pleaded for his transfer and his mother agreed to it. Once he got into the new school in Seoul, his life changed forever. Miraculously, Seok gained a new body – it was tall, handsome, muscular, and flattering. Now, Seok started leading two different lives. During the daytime, he used to live in the elegant and tall Daniel Park. But as night time arrived he used to switch back to his overweight self. His toned body gained nice comments and flirty whistles. But the overweight body attracted the same curses.

Everything That Happened Till Chapter 489: A Short Recap 

Lookism Chapter 489 was one hell of an addition to the whole manhwa. In this chapter, we see a heated confrontation between Daniel Park and a team of fighters. We are talking about the 1st Affiliate Gang; Daniel Park is fighting against all of them. A heavy battle continues where Daniel laid out almost every single one of his opponents. In the end, Park defeated the leader of the 1st Affiliate Gang, too. But his body was inflicting enough damage – at the end of the fight, he fell into a coma. When Daniel’s brother Jay arrived, he could not believe what the muscular toned body of Daniel he was seeing.

What Can We Get From Chapter 490 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manhwa

Till now, we have no potential spoilers for the next chapter of Lookism. As long as Lookism Chapter 490 release date is not arriving, you will have to wait. If you want to read the Lookism manhwa, please head on to Naver Webtoons.

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