One Piece Chapter 1108 Release Date: The Blackbeard Problem

You don’t need to be an otaku to know about Monkey D. Luffy at all. Every one of us has seen or read One Piece by now. In this article, we will talk about the One Piece Chapter 1108 release date.

The manga revolves around a boy called Luffy and his gang of pirates. This group of friends roams around the world and takes part in really adventurous missions. Apart from talking about the One Piece Chapter 1108 release date, we will tell you everything you need to know about the One Piece manga.

One Piece Chapter 1108 Release Date: Sooner Than You Know 

When Eichiro Oda came up with One Piece in 1997, the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine featured it. Within a very few amount of time, One Piece gained the attention of a huge amount of people. The young chaotic protagonist made Otakus fall in love with this manga faster than anything else. One Piece tells us the story of a young boy named Luffy. He is out in the seas to explore the world on a broken sinking boat. Luffy and his friends are the main attraction of One Piece for almost all of the readers. 

The whole manga is about Luffy and his friends trying their best to discover a grand treasure. Whether they become able to find it is indeed a good reason to watch out for this manga. But trust me, One Piece is much more than all of these factors combined. We know it for the marvelous artwork, enjoyable plots as well as subplots, and insane depth of characters. By now, One Piece has got an anime adaptation, a live-action adaptation as well as a subplot animated film. Almost all otakus love Netflix’s One Piece and One Piece Film Red a lot.

Manga readers are also excited about the new chapters as well. That’s why, they want to know if there’s any chapter up for release. So, what is the One Piece Chapter 1108 release date? Will it come out sooner than you think? One Piece Chapter 1108 release date is 26th February 2024, Monday. This schedule is for people living in Japan, Australia, and Korea. For Central Europe, the United States, the Philippines, India, and London, the date varies slightly. For these regions, One Piece Chapter 1108 release date is 25th February 2024; the new chapter will come out on Sunday.

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One Piece: The Quest For Being The Pirate King

If you have not read even a single chapter of One Piece, I think you should start somewhere. In this part of the article, we will try to make you understand everything that One Piece is all about. The manga starts with the story of Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy is a pirate and the MC of this whole universe of ours. When Luffy was a little child, he was curious to hear the stories from Red Haired Shanks. They inspired him to become the pirate he is today. Everything would have gone differently if Luffy had not eaten the Gum-Gum Devil fruit accidentally. 

But well, Luffy gained the power to stretch from this Devil Fruit. Still, everything comes with a cost and now, Luffy cannot swim anymore. As he started to grow up a bit, Luffy came to know about an enigmatic treasure that exists out there somehow. The Pirate boy decided to search for the legendary ‘One Piece’ – if he manages to get his hands on it, he will become the King Of The Pirates. In his mission, he started to gain iconic friends on his side like Roronoa Zoro. With his Straw Hat crew, he improved his boat to help all of them in their quest.

Everything That Has Happened in One Piece Chapter 1107: A Short Recap 

In One Piece Chapter 1107, we get to see the intensity of chaos in the Egghead Island. Zoro is fighting with Lucci and the whole situation is heated up. In the middle of all this chaos, the Giant Pirates have also arrived in the Egghead Island. They have completely defeated the Marine Battle Crew on their way. Nami and Usupp are busy sorting out their emotional space. Luffy has managed to silence an elder Pirate who did not want to respect anyone else. In this fierce action sequence, Luffy managed to execute a special Gear 5 move out of nowhere. 

What Can We Get From Chapter 1108 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manga

The last chapter ended with the scene of the Blackbeard Pirate’s arrival. But we have some news for you all out there. Chapter 1108 will feature the sad demise of one of the key characters of One Piece. Before the One Piece Chapter 1108 release date, please be prepared for it. If you want to read One Piece, please head on to Viz Media.

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