World Dai Star Season 2 Release Date: Will Ootori Be Back?

When you want to make it bigger in life, you will have to fail until you are fit to succeed. World Dai Star brings a similar storyline to us through their anime. In this article, we will discuss World Dai Star Season 2 release date.

The anime revolves mainly around a girl who is chasing her dreams to succeed. She wants to be the greatest Dai star in the world and hence, she is struggling. Apart from talking about the World Dai Star Season 2 release date, we will also tell you about this visually aesthetic anime.

World Dai Star Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know

We have seen animes regarding a lot of topics before. Be it cool action sequences, intriguing adventure plots, or fantasy romance, we have seen them all. That’s why I think the otakus need something to freshen up their minds once again. World Dai Star Season 1 brings a unique storyline into the world of anime with their story. The anime revolves mainly around the explosion of theatre, a popular art form that you have heard about. World Dai Star tells us about a girl who wants to create her place in the world of theatre.

That’s why she is keen to make efforts and dedicate her time to sharpen her skills. People who have seen World Dai Star have marked it at least 7 stars out of 10. I think this high rating is mainly due to the uncommon story World Dai Star brings to the table. The audience is genuinely impressed with such a vibrant array of characters. Although they published this anime to promote the game, people have loved this. Fans love the visuals, character development arcs, and the pace of the story itself. Every episode has a proper contribution to the whole story.

Now, as a result, fans are curious about the future of this project. Many of them want to know, what is World Dai Star Season 2 release date is. Is there going to be any upcoming second part from the makers? Unfortunately, there’s still no official update on the World Dai Star Season 2 release date. Every one of us is hoping that we will receive a sequel very soon. But as long as there’s no proper announcement on the World Dai Star Season 2 release date, we will have to wait. Till now, there’s no such news that World Dai Star got canceled by the studio.

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World Dai Star: The Quest Of Climbing Up To The Top

Unless you have not watched a single episode of this anime, you already know the story of World Dai Star. For those of you who have not seen it yet, in this part, we will go through a short recap. World Dai Star Season 1 tells us the story of Kokona Ootori, who is the main character of our plot. Kokona is an amateur in the field of theatre and musicals. The anime takes us to the background of the 20th century when the world is changing. It shows us how musical theatre is slowly booming across the whole world. 

People who star in musical theatres and perform well are known as Dai stars. They sing, they act and they keep the audience entertained at any cost. Although there are a lot of them in the world, only the ones who ace their performance are given a crown. The world starts to know them as World Dai Star. Our female lead, Kokona Ootori wants to earn this world-famous title at any cost. That’s why she is trying her best to get into a troupe that will let her perform in front of a live audience. However, due to her inexperience, Kokona failed in her attempts multiple times.

After a series of failures and frustrating endings, Ootori finally managed to make her way to the theatre troupe. Sirius is a world-renowned theatre group and Kokona must make wholehearted efforts to rise to the top. In her journey, Kokona’s best friend Shizuka inspires and motivates her every day. She keeps improving her acting skills to win over the audience’s hearts. But this terrific field is very competitive – there are fierce performers ahead of Ootori. One of them is Kathrina Griebel – will Ootori be able to achieve her goal in the end?

Voice Artists Behind World Dai Star And Official Streaming Platform Of The Anime

Manaka Iwami is the voice behind the aspiring musical theatre star, Kokona Ootori. Ikumi Hasegawa stars as Shizuka, Ootori’s best friend. Sally Amaki is behind Kathrina Griebel, the talented performer. Other notable voice actors include Rico Sasaki, Mariko Toribe, Hatsumo Renjakuno, Nanako Mori, Maria Naganawa, Reina Kondoo, Minami Tanaka, Romi Park, Yoshino Aoyama, Hina Kino, Yuki Kuwahara, Miho Okasaki, and Shuka Saito. As long as there’s no announcement on the World Dai Star Season 2 release date, we will have to wait. If you want to watch World Dai Star, please head on to Crunchyroll.

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