Where Is Wesley Myers Now? The Wrongfully Convicted Man

Heated moments can make you take a lot of troublesome decisions. Wrongful confessions are one of them. Wesley Myers was probably a victim of this. In this article, we will try to find out – where is Wesley Myers now?

Police arrested the man after they found his girlfriend dead in her workplace. Since all the fingers and so called evidences pointed towards him, police arrested Wesley. After that, a long legal saga kept going on. Besides telling you where Wesley Myers is now, we will also let you know everything else about him.

Where is Wesley Myers now? Is He Still Alive?

The biggest downside of being a fan of crime thrillers or documentary series is definitely there. Firstly, it is the amount of darkness they bring with them. Since I love watching through them, to me, they are definitely entertaining to some extent. We have received a variety of movies and series under this specific genre. Be it a bit creative series like Dahmer, or true documentary series like The Lady Of Silence. Usually, in these series, we see someone who is committing crimes and police is searching for them.

As the series comes to an end, most of the times, the murderer gets caught. They confess their sins in front of the authority after some time. But there has been serious allegations from lawyers regarding the method. Often, police officers go to serious extents while interrogation sessions. They mentally and physically harass the arrested individual. Wesley Max Myers is probably a part of this horrible misconduct. After Teresa Haught got murdered, police immediately caught and convicted Wesley Myers.

As a result, he had to face trial and serious charges of murder in court. Many of you might be wondering about his whereabouts now. So, where is Wesley Myers now? Is he still serving his time in prison? If you are wondering where is Wesley Myers now, let me tell you. He lost his life back in 2021 – after all the legal tussle Wesley had to go through, he spent a humble life. The corrupt police force of Charleston literally damaged Wesley Myers’s life. When he faced the court, Myers spent the rest of his life trying to convince everyone that he was innocent.

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Wesley Max Myers: Did He Really Kill Teresa?

The number one rule for any investigation is proper evaluation of evidence. After that, investigators must set the facts correctly to reach to the root of the mystery. But none of this will be possible if corruption comes in the way. Wesley Max Myers and Teresa Haught were a normal couple in Charleston. Teresa was a single mother who was out there as the manager of Mill Inn. According to sources, one day, Wesley Max found a sexually provocative message on her car outside. When he went inside the bar, the mother of four was already on her shift. As they kept quarrelling, after the incident, Wesley left the scene. Days after this happened, the police found Teresa’s burnt and beaten dead body.

But the most disturbing fact was how Police convicted Wesley Myers. Since they were dating, the police filed a case against the man. According to them, Wesley had beaten Teresa with a wine drought he found. After killing her, he burned the bar and fled from the scene. Due to repeatedly long and tiresome interrogation session, at one time, Wesley Myers accepted it. On three different documents, he stated that he is the one to kill Teresa Haught. But after he was convicted in trial, Wesley claimed that he told it in due to the nature of interrogation. He did not kill his girlfriend Teresa Haught at any cost. The corrupt police officers wrongfully convicted the man of Teresa Haught’s murder.

The Confession Tapes: Is It Based On A True Story?

Since you have read where Wesley Myers is and everything about the man, let us proceed. Yes, The Confession Tapes is definitely based on a true story. Apart from two other cases, this series documents the false confession case of Wesley Max Myers. The series documents the entire murder case of Teresa Haught and investigation procedure. If you remember correctly, in 2004, the State versus Wesley Myers was the case that gets highlight here. The man was wrongfully convicted of killing his girlfriend Teresa Haught in 1997. 

During Wesley’s second courtroom trial, he finally attempted to admit about the forced interrogation. In the end, he saw the light of freedom from the years-long legal tussle. The Confession Tapes is a true crime documentary which takes us on a topsy turvy ride. It shows how a false conviction can ruin someone’s life. If you want to watch The Confession Tapes, please head on to Netflix.

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