Where is Chris Gardner’s wife? More About Sherry

People who have seen The Pursuit Of Happyness, did you ever wonder what happened to the real-life Linda? We are talking about Sherry Dyson here and in this article, we will tell you the answer to where is Chris Gardner’s wife.

When the film first came out, everyone had a lot of questions in their minds. The story of how Chris Gardner, the man who never gave up and survived from zero state inspired a lot of people. Of course, we will let you know where Chris Gardner’s wife is, but apart from that, we will let you know everything about her.

Where is Chris Gardner’s wife? Is She Back With Chris?

Most of the people here have watched the movie In Pursuit Of Happyness. The film is based on a real man called Chris Gardner who literally lifted himself up from poverty. He is the one who has taught all of us to believe in our dreams no matter how knee-deep we are in trouble. In this article today, we will be talking about Sherry Dyson, who happens to be the wife of Chris Gardner. Chris is more prominent as a writer, but apart from that, he is known for business, the stock market, and schooling. Although Dyson was older than Gardner, the two started to be together after they met for the first time. In 1971, the duo went on a movie date – Chris and Sherry watched The Summer Of ’42. The film was about a sweet romance story where a teenage boy fell for an elder woman. It was undeniably one of the most perfect romantic stories that you can see in a movie theatre.

Both Sherry and Chris took their meetings as a casual fling, but ultimately they married one another. During the course of their relationship, they even had to spend countless days in long distance. Sadly after three years, Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner had to seek divorce due to some serious reasons. People are now curious – where is Chris Gardner’s wife? If you want to know where is Chris Gardner’s wife, be prepared. She left this world on 7th April 2000. Sherry Dyson was facing trouble while dealing with the divorce she and Chris had. Even if she could cope up with it ultimately, Sherry lost her battle with cancer. The sad death of Sherry happened six years after The Pursuit Of Happyness was released. At the age of only 51, Chris Gardner’s ex-wife lost her life. Although Chris married again after their divorce, he was extremely sad to hear this news.

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Who was Sherry Dyson? The Life Of Chris Gardner’s Wife

Apart from being the supportive partner and motivating wife of Chris Gardner, Sherry Dyson had a separate life too. We mainly know her due to her marriage with the man in The Pursuit Of Happyness, but in real life, Sherry was much more than you can think. In her early life, Sherry Dyson started her career as a mathematician – she completed her initial studies at a local school. Sherry was successful in earning her mathematical degree and graduation from Morgan State University. All she wanted then was to be an aspiring mathematics teacher and this passion fuelled her a lot. Her mother was a school teacher, so we know where the inspiration comes from. Her father used to direct the funerals that used to take place. Sherry Dyson had a nice family – she had nice parents and a decent household. However, due to a traumatic event, Sherry lost both of her parents to an accident. 

In the later part of her life, Sherry Dyson came across a man named Chris Gardner. The two at first were not serious with their relationship – later on, they started to take things further and ended up getting married. Sherry and Chris had to go through a lot including a serious challenge like homelessness. There was a time when they could not even see each other daily. In Chris’s biography, we know how Gardner spent 9000 USD just paying phone bills. Apart from being a mom, Dyson was an excellent supporter of Chris. But this wholesome marriage had to meet its unfortunate end after three years. According to Sherry, she caught Gardner cheating and hence, the two ended their marriage.

The Pursuit Of Happyness: Movie Inspired By Chris Gardner’s Life

This title is actually directly taken from the autobiography of Chris Gardner, which has the same title. The Pursuit Of Happyness revolves around the struggle of Chris Gardner to earn his living. He started his career as an investor and soon, he started putting his money. Chris invested most of his savings in a product called the Bone Density Scanner. He is confident about this machine since it is supposedly better than any X-Ray device. But little did he know, that this product soon faced a huge downfall. As a result, he lost all his money, his wife, and even, his house. While battling with homelessness and struggling to provide for his son, Chris did not give up. He worked hard and earned a spot as a stockbroker in a good firm. Will Smith outshines everyone in the film as Chris Gardner. If you want to watch The Pursuit Of Happyness, please head on to Netflix.

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