Is Shot Caller Based on Real Events? Addressing The Rumours 

Ever wondered what goes around inside the prison cells and law enforcers? Shot Caller exposes everything we need to know. In this article, we will try to find out – is Shot Caller based on real events?

The story revolves around someone who gets trapped behind the bars. His journey makes him just like any other criminal present there. Apart from talking about if Shot Caller is based on real events or not, we will also update you regarding the plot of this film.

Is Shot Caller Based on Real Events? Is It A True Story?

Movies that are dark and gritty always manage to delve into the hearts of audience . That’s why moviemaniacs love them a lot. For the last couple of years, we have got a handful of movies that have connections with the real world. Either these are movies that are adapted from books of history. Shot Caller is one of the most popular harrowing tales out there. The story tells us about the life of a man who somehow loses his freedom in the hands of the Law.

But the real story begins the moment he steps inside the prison cell. The film shows us how cruel the world is despite of getting built up on Law and order. How he ends up being like all those criminals is the reason why you should watch Shot Caller. Apart from big names being involved, Shot Caller is famous for showing the truth. The movie is not your average action adventure revolving around prison break. Shot Caller intricately shows us the loopholes around prisons and their officers. The loopholes will make anyone question the real motive of prison cells and basic laws.

As a result, audience have always thought about it and they now want to know more. So, is Shot Caller based on real events? Is the movie a journal that shows true incidents that has happened? If you think Shot Caller is based on real events, you are wrong. The film is entirely a fictional piece – it carries inspiration from Ric Roman Waugh’s work. For a couple of years, Waugh worked as an undercover parole officer. Through this film, he has shown how hollow the entire prison system is.

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Shot Caller: The Blind Side Of Justice 


Although this one’s a critically acclaimed film, you might have not watched it yet. Don’t worry at all because in this article, you will find a short brief of the storyline. Also, since you have scrolled this far, you have definitely understood the premises. Shot Caller tells us the story of Jacob Harlon who happens to be a businessman. But instead of being in his office, Jacob is spending his time behind the bars. Isn’t this absolutely odd? Let me reveal everything Jacob Harlon had to go through after his life changed forever.

One night, Jacob was returning with his wife Katherine and his son, Joshua. While driving back, Jacob’s intoxicated self manages to crash, collide and take out a life. Harlon’s actions killed one of his friends and soon, he was ready to face jail time. For 16 months, Jacob was supposed to spend his time behind the bars. His one bad night destroyed Jacob from being a successful stock broker and family man. On Harlon’s first night, he audibly witnessed a gangrape incident.

That made him become more offensive – when a black inmate attacked him, Harlon did not stay shut. His attack attracted PENI, the Shot Caller who recruited him as a gang member. As time passed, police caught Harlon and the court sentenced him to nine years now. Through all this time, Harlon became a gangster who gained a lot of money through illegal operations inside the prison. Shot Caller elaborately shows brutality, prison politics and the nature of law. We get to see how a normal man had to turn himself into a hardcore criminal.

The Crew Behind Shot Caller And Official Streaming Platform Of The Movie

Nikolaj Coaster Waldau plays the role of Jacob Harlon in this film. Other notable cast members include Jon Bernthal, Omari Hardwick, Evan Jones, Lake Bell, Benjamin Bratt, Matt Gerald, Holt McCallany, Jessy Schram, Lake Bell, Jeffrey Donovan, Chris Browning, John Christian Love, Brendan Kelly, Keith Jardine, and Monique Candelaria. Since you know if Shot Killer is based on real events or not, let us proceed. If you want to watch Shot Killer, please head on to Amazon Prime Video.

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