Is The Lady Of Silence Based On A True Story? Let’s Find Out 

Whenever we talk about serial killing, every incident we get rattles our very core. The Lady Of Silence presents such a storyline. Today, we will see – is The Lady Of Silence based on a true story?

The story revolves around a series of murders that kept happening in Mexico City. After a considerable amount of time, police could finally identify the murderer. Apart from discussing if The Lady Of Silence is based on a true story or not, we will tell you everything you need to know. If you are interested about this, please take some time to read this article below.

Is The Lady Of Silence Based On A True Story? Is The Plot Frictional?

Crimes always leave a horrible impact on an entire society. It scars a lot of lives and it’s effect stays even years after it happens. Everytime the authority looks for the suspect of a crime, most of the times, they succeed. They succeed in finding out the culprit, starts to lnow their motive and puts a stop there. But serial killers are the worst kind of murderers. 

According to criminology reports, maximum times, serial killers have no such motives. Since they are left unchecked, they keep on extending their chain of murders. The Lady Of Silence presents such a storyline which shows us a killer. A murderer who does not stop and keeps taking lives of their victims. But the most unusual part was the age of the murdered poeple. All of them were old aged senior citizens and they lost their lives in a gruesome way. 

People have questions and they want to know – is The Lady Of Silence based on a true story? Are the events connected to any real incident that happened? If you think The Lady Of Silence is based on a true story, it is. This documentary features the Mataviejitas Murders. It is a true crime journal which shows us the 2000’s serial killings in Mexico City. The Lady Of Silence features the killings of this serial killer who targeted old women only. Media called her Mataviejitas, which translates to ‘little old lady killer’. It was Juana Barraza, who was once a pro-wrestler.

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The Lady Of Silence: A Shocking Serial Crime Documentary 

Now that you know The Lady Of Silence is based on a true story, let me tell you about some gruesome details. This crime documentary revolves around the cruel activities of Juana Barraza. When she was a pro wrestler, she had this stage name, La Mata Del Silencio (The Lady Of Silence). As she grew older in her middle ages, Juana started to eliminate senior women in Mexico City. Usually, this whole population used to live alone – this helped Juana gain an easier access. 

She used fake identities of nurses or government officials and tricked them into trusting her. Juana killed atleast 42 older women – she strangled them with household items like bath robes, phone chords or ropes. Since she often used to steal, it confused the police. But her merciless activities were fueled by rage and childhood trauma. Finally, in 2006, police could arrest Juana while she was fleeing after her last murder at Reyes’ residency. 

Where Is Juana Barraza Now? Is She Still Alive?

Although the official records read around 17-20, Juana Barraza admitted killing atleast 42 to 50 women. Before catching her, the police convicted two poeple wrongfully. But finally police caught this ex-pro wrestler and mother. According to Juana, her mother kept mustreating her for her entire childhood. That’s why she developed a bad feeling and could not stand old women. The 51-year-old woman went around strangling and killing old women who lived alone. 

No killer ever targeted the senior population in such a cruel manner ever. Right now, Barraza is serving her time behind the bars of Santa Martha De Acatitla prison. The court sentenced her to serve 759 years due to consecutive long sentences for different murders. In 2015, she married Miguel Angel, a male inmate through a rehabilitation program. Nowadays, reports say that Barraza makes tacos and works as a fitness trainer in the courtyard. We are totally safe from this serial killer now – she will spend the rest of her life in prison.

The Team Behind The Lady Of Silence And Official Streaming Platform

People behind this crime documentary are all real people. They are either the murderers, detectives, judges, journalists. The victims or people who are related to them. We have Anselmo Apodac, Claudia Bolanos, Juana Barraza, Alejandra Alday, La Chola, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Alma Delia, Joel Lopez, Richard Ramirez, Veronica Rizo, Judith Vazquez, Renato Sales, Guillermo Zayas, Celina Fobgalia, and many more. If you want to watch The Lady Of Silence, please head on to Netflix.

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