Is The Women And The Murderer Based On A True Story? Addressing The Truth

Those of you who genuinely love to watch criminal cases and journals about them, this one’s for you. The Women And The Murderer is a chronicle of horrible murders. In today’s article, we will see – is The Women And The Murderer based on a true story?

The movie tells us an interesting story that features around murder cases and mysteries. It shows how two women are trying to catch a killer and put him to trial under the law. Apart from telling you if The Women And The Murderer is based on a true story, we will tell you everything you need to know about the film.

Is The Women And The Murderer Based On A True Story? Everything We Know

The world is not at all heavenly or dreamy even if it seems to be for a single second. This world is full of miseries which often gets spotted by us, the viewers. A proper example of what I am trying to say is the how crime has kept ravaging through society. Even after so many decades of improvement in society as well as law and order, criminals are still budding up. The Women And The Murderer showcases one of the most popular, or should I say, the most notorious cases of a murderer. 

It revolves around a serial killer in France during the 90’s. Not only that man was a menace to every living life, he was a serious problem. The Women And The Murderer starts it’s story by showing us a recap of how the police is searching for him. However, you might feel heavily disgusted as you will start finding out more information. We have heard in the film about the ways of his torture. I must confess that, due to how scattered the clips are, it somehow loses it’s lustre and gravity. But it does not fail to shock it’s audience.

People who have watched this have some questions in their minds. So, is The Women And The Murderer based on a true story? Did the murders really happen or this is some adaptation? If you think The Women And The Murderer is based on a true story, it is. This is a documentary about serial murdered Guy Georges. The Women And The Murderer shows us a short brief on how Guy Georges did his dark deeds. Through a series of interviews, this crime documentary reveals everything. It shows how two brave hearts did everything to catch Guy Georges.

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Where Is Guy Georges Right Now? More About The Serial Killer

The years 1980 to 1997 was horrible for Parisian women due to Guy George’s serial killings. During further investigation, the police could finally arrest Guy Georges on 27th March 1998. At first when he confessed about raping and murdering seven women, even psychiatrists could not believe him. He was a ‘narcissistic psychopath’ who raped and stabbed innocent women. Due to a lot of issues, the police caught but let him away.

His DNA did not match, records did not show up, and evidence was scarce at times. Guy Georges was often known as the East Paris Killer – upon further investigation, he was accused of serial rape, too. Finally with the help of an RTL journalist, the law captured Guy George. On 5th April 2001, the court sentenced him for life in prison without getting the chance of parole for two decades. Right now, the 61 year old French serial killer is behind the bars of Maison Centrale Ensisheim.

The Women And The Murderer: A Horrific Documentary

Now that you know if The Women And The Murderer is based on a true story, let me give you a short recap. This is a criminal documentary which helps us to shed some light on The Beast Of Bastille. The story is mainly about a psychological manipulator and a man crazy for power. Guy Georges used to trick even the most intelligent women of Paris. During his time, he sexually assaulted, raped and murdered a total of seven women. 

During the interview, you will see how multiple reports might suggest that he was mentally disturbed. But mental illness cannot be the sole reason behind such brutal stabbings and physical violation. Due to a lot of shortcomings of the French police and law, Guy Georges remained free for years. Since his DNA reports and circumstantial evidence did not match, he roamed freely. The film shows how a victim’s mother and a police head toiled hard to catch him. They helped the crime department to finally catch Guy Georges and put him to trial.

The Team Behind The Women And The Murderer And Official Streaming Platform

Everything you see are real especially the glimpses of all these interviews. We have clippings of Guy Georges, Chantel Sirotti, Martine Monteil, Francis Brechet, Gilbert Thief, Agnes Nijkamp, Patricia Tourancheau, Helene Frinking, Elsa Benady, Ghislaine Benady, and many more. If you want to watch The Women And The Murderer, please head on to Netflix.

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