My Lovely Boxer Season 2 Release Date Updates – Is The Show Renewed Or Cancelled? 

Directed by Choi Sang-yeol and Hong Eun-mi, another bewitching K-drama has captured our interest. All the captivating episodes of My Lovely Boxer Season 1 are now available to watch online! Starring some talented actors like Lee Sang-yeob, Kim So-hye, Park Ji-hwan, Kim Hyung-mook, Chae Won-bin and others, this fascinating South Korean drama series truly impressed us a lot. But after such an interesting season, now fans are looking ahead to learn more about the series. 

My Lovely Boxer Season 2 is in high talk! But if you have followed the show thoroughly, then you must have noticed that there are not many major loopholes present in this heart-warming drama series. This made us wonder whether My Lovely Boxer will ever make a comeback with Season 2 or not. Thus, on high demand, here is all we know about the second instalment of the show. 

My Lovely Boxer Season 2 Release Date Updates – Is The Show Renewed Or Cancelled? 

My Lovely Boxer Season 2 Release Date Updates - Is The Show Renewed Or Cancelled? 

From wanting to quit boxing to yet again finding herself in the boxing arena, Lee Kwon-sook surely couldn’t have completed her journey without the constant support and help of Kim Tae-young. My Lovely Boxer Season 1 surely ended on a heartfelt note. The moment we all had been waiting for finally happened, the two kissed one another and thus this fascinating drama wraps up. Now, speaking of the ratings and reviews, both the numbers and comments look quite impressive. 

But since the show didn’t end with a cliffhanger, the renewal of Season 2 looks quite bleak. Yes, Tae-young and Kwon-sook can now spend their lives together, but what about Ah-reum? Well, if Season 2 takes place then the creators might focus more on Ah-reum’s story! But again, as of now, My Lovely Boxer hasn’t been renewed for another instalment. Considering everything, as per our estimates, My Lovely Boxer Season 2 might roll out somewhere in 2025 or 2026. 

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My Lovely Boxer Season 1 Ending Explained – Was Kwon-sook Able To Win The Match? 

The climax of this enthralling drama series surely happens to be the ultimate match between Kwon-sook and Ah-reum. We both know how strong they are and the audience was surely wanting Kwon-sook to win the grand championship. Before the match commenced, we also saw how Tae-young was kidnapped by Oh-bok. As a result, Tae-young was nowhere to be seen among the audience and this surely affected Kwon-sook! Initially, she felt completely numb and Ah-reum’s one strong punch was enough to knock her out! But finally comes the time when she pulls herself together and yet again, stands up to continue the match. 

Thanks to her father for making her realise that Tae-young is in great danger. Since she had already planned to retire after taking this ultimate title home, winning the game was excessively important to her. On the other hand, Ah-reum was not ready to be titled as a loser. To everyone’s surprise, the tables did turn upside down and Ah-reum was declared the champion. And guess what, even Kwon-sook didn’t feel bad after losing the last match of her life. Since Oh-bok got what he had wanted from the beginning, Tae-young’s life was also spared. But little did Oh-bok know that Tae-young was now ready to confess everything to the cops! Yes, because of this confession, even Tae-young was sentenced to prison. But finally, for once and for all, he was out of the mess he had created! 

My Lovely Boxer Season 2 Plot Prediction! 

My Lovely Boxer Season 2 Release Date Updates - Is The Show Renewed Or Cancelled? 

After a year, Kwon-sook again saw Tae-young and at last, this couple got their happy ending. But if the show is ever renewed, then the second instalment of the show will most probably centre more on Ah-reum’s boxing journey and love life. There is also a chance that we will learn more about Kwon-sook and Tae-young’s love story! Maybe the two will finally decide to tie their wedding knot. 

Moreover, Kwon-sook’s father has also opened a centre to train other young boxers out there. The audience will definitely like to see what Tae-young plans to do next! Now that he has decided to quit his previous business, Tae-young must figure out what he really thinks of doing in his life. Hopefully, in the upcoming days, we will get more information on My Lovely Boxer Season 2. 

My Lovely Boxer Season 2 Release Date Updates – Is The Show Renewed Or Cancelled? – FAQs

1. Was Kwon-sook finally reunited with Tae-young?

Yes, Kwon-sook was ultimately reunited with Tae-young. 

2. Has Kwon-sook permanently retired from boxing?

Yes, Kwon-sook has permanently retired from boxing. 

3. Did Kwon-sook tell the truth to the media? 

Yes, Kwon-sook retired from the boxing ring by telling the truth to the media. 

4. Is My Lovely Boxer coming back with Season 2? 

As of now, My Lovely Boxer has not been renewed for Season 2. 

5. When will My Lovely Boxer Season 2 premiere? 

As per our estimates, My Lovely Boxer Season 2 might premiere around the end of 2025 or 2026. 

6. How many episodes will be there in My Lovely Boxer Season 2? 

My Lovely Boxer Season 2 might hold a total of 12 episodes. 

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