Trolley Season 2 Release Date Unveiled – Is The K-drama Returning In 2024? 

Starring Kim Hyun-Joo and Park Hee-soon, another captivating South Korean drama series has appeared on our interest list. Overflowing with melodrama, romance, mystery and suspense, if you love intriguing K-dramas, then this one should definitely be on your binge list. Written by Ryu Bo-ri and directed by Kim Mun-kyo, this eye-catching thriller revolves around the haphazard lives of Nam Joong-do and Kim Jae-eun! 

Initially, she used to run a mediocre book repair shop and everything was going well in her life until her past returned to haunt her! With her secrets disclosed and her life turning upside down, she finds herself absolutely alone and miserable. Filled with numerous twists and turns, we surely enjoyed the thrilling plot of Season 1! But what about the continuation of this K-drama? Well, continue reading, to learn all about the return of Trolley! 

Trolley Season 2 Release Date Unveiled – Is The K-drama Returning In 2024? 

Trolley Season 2 Release Date Unveiled - Is The K-drama Returning In 2024? 

Looking at the impressive ratings and reviews of the first instalment, we do think there is enough scope left for the continuation of this K-drama. Speaking of the episode lineup, let us remind you all that Trolley Season 1 had a total of 16 episodes, thus one may easily think that the story has been wrapped up well! Despite being immensely popular,  as of now, we don’t have any concrete release date for Trolley Season 2! 

Almost a year has passed, but there haven’t been any official announcements made on the return of this K-drama. Moreover, if you have followed the whole story, then you will not find any big cliffhangers or numerous loopholes present in the story. Since we still don’t know much about the renewal announcement, we cannot guarantee that this compelling thriller will make a comeback with Season 2. We don’t think the show will return in 2024. If the K-drama is renewed anytime soon, then Trolley Season 2 will most probably roll out in 2025. 

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Get A Quick Synopsis Of Trolley Season 1!

This story starts with Nam Joong-Do. Initially, we will see him as a loving husband and hardworking politician, but after his son’s mysterious demise and his daughter being kidnapped, everything slowly starts falling apart. Meanwhile, his beloved wife Hye-Joo also finds herself in trouble. With her past secret being revealed, we are also introduced to one of her estranged friends, Seung-Ho. 

As the story gears up, we will see how Seung-Ho killed himself after Hye-Joo reported him for sexual abuse! This happens to be the most important plot twist of this thrilling K-drama. Moving ahead into this captivating drama, the intense fight between the Daehan Party, the Nation, and the People’s Party also comes under our radar. Moreover, the land Assemblyman Kang also plays a crucial role here! 

It seems like he is somehow connected with Yoo-Shin, who happens to be the mother of Seung-Hee and Seung-Ho! With the powerplay getting even more heated up, we will also notice some deep changes within Nam Joong-Do’s behaviour! The loving husband is now nothing but a cruel manipulator, who will do everything to change Hye-Joo’s mind and opinions. Well, to learn further about this intriguing drama, you need to binge all the episodes of Season 1. 

Trolley Season 2 Spoilers Alert & More! 

Trolley Season 2 Release Date Unveiled - Is The K-drama Returning In 2024? 

Well, there aren’t any major loopholes present here! Trolley Season 1 ends with Hye-Joo finding out about Joong-Do’s true motives! At last, the ultimate truth was revealed to everyone, the murder, the affair and all the wrong allegations and made-up stories, everything was disclosed. With Hye-Joo deciding to cut her ties with Joong-Do and thereby ending her marriage, you can say that there isn’t enough room left for continuation. 

But again, Woo-Jae was not convicted because of murdering Ji-Hoon, thus the creators might stress on this part and think of continuing this K-drama. Well, if Season 2 ever happens, then we will see a better version of Hye-Joo! Now that she has decided to walk the path alone, a lot is bound to change in her life. Hopefully, in the upcoming days, more spoilers related to Trolley Season 2 will come under our focus. That’s all for now, to get more interesting information about upcoming K-dramas, stay connected with us, just right here.

Trolley Season 2 Release Date Unveiled – Is The K-drama Returning In 2024? – FAQs

1. Is the popular K-drama, Trolley coming back with Season 2?

As of now, the popular K-drama, Trolley has not been renewed for Season 2. 

2. Do we have a concrete release date for Trolley Season 2?

As per our estimates, Trolley Season 2 might premiere around the end of 2025.

3. How many total episodes can be there in Trolley Season 2?

Trolley Season 2 can also hold a total of 10 to 8 episodes. 

4. Can you binge the popular K-drama, Trolley online?

Yes, all the episodes of the popular K-drama, Trolley can be viewed online, exclusively on Netflix. 

5. Was Joong-Do’s real personality revealed in Trolley Season 1?

Yes, Joong-Do’s real personality was revealed in Trolley Season 1. 

6. Did Hye-Joo end her marriage with Joong-Do?

Yes, Hye-Joo has decided to put an end to her marriage with Joong-Do.

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