Taj Season 3 Release Date: Battle For Power

Unless you are not really a fan of Indian dramas, you might have watched this one. Taj brings us a historical drama that revolves around Mughal Empire. In this article, we will try to keep you updated on Taj Season 3 release date.

The story starts with the life of one of the most famous Mughal emperors. Unfortunately, his sons are all fighting for taking over the throne since their father is getting old. That’s why, apart from talking about Taj Season 3 release date, we will also tell you everything you need to know about the web show too.

Taj Season 3 Release Date: Was It Cancelled?

Over the past few years, we have got excellent web series from Indian makers besides the foreign creatives. These indian shows have a lot of categories in them, but all of them have one thing in common. All of the indian web show makers have tried their best to make a change in the OTT industry. That’s why they have worked harder than usual and the end products are really awesome. Taj is undoubtedly one of the best indian webshows out there. Not just because of involvement of veteran actors like Naseeruddin Shah – Taj has a really solid well built storyline.

The web series takes us back to the Mughal Era and shows us a unique family feud. Sons of Mughal Emperor Akbar are all fighting against one another to place their claims for the throne. This is a really unfortunate incident – the way makers have shown us the political and emotional aspect is truly amazing. There always remains a fine line in any case of power struggle. But in Taj, you will see how it feels when your loved ones twnd to cross it. We all know about Emperor Akbar and his Mughal Empire. Taj brings us to an unique point into that whole hot mess of politics.

As a result, critics have praised Taj for bringing up such a historical aspect without doing anything controversial. People have watched the two seasons and now, they want to know. What is Taj Season 3 release date? Will that be the final part of this saga? Right now, we have no official news about Taj Season 3 release date. Zee5 has not posted anything about it yet – but do not worry at all. Taj is one of the most Zee5 successful ventures, so there is a high chance of getting Taj Season 3 release date. We might get to see the Salim-Anarkali drama part in it.

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Taj: A Thrilling Mughal Drama Over Power

We all have heard or read about the Mughal Empire, haven’t we? They were the ones who ruled India before the British came to take the reigns away. Taj takes us back to the time when Emperor Akbar was up there on the throne. You might wonder about the phase of Akbar we saw in Jodha-Akbar movie, but this one’s different. Taj shows us a vulnerable, old and wrinkled stage of Emperor Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar. He is on the throne but Akbar is on the verge of giving it up to his successor. Now here lies the big question.

Who will be the one heir to the throne? Taj shows that Emperor Akbar actually had three sons – Murad, Salim and Daniyal. They are his most loved souls on his world and they must carry Emperor Akbar’s legacy forward. We all know Akbar as the one Mughal Ruler who established unity during his rule. He was the one to keep all religions under one umbrella jn peace. Whoever sits on his throne in future will have to keep that promise. He must be instrumental in keeping Akbar’s kingdom in perfect harmony. All three sons are pillars for Mughal Empire’s future.

But Taj keeps us intrigued by showing us the dark side of the Mughal Empire. Daniyal was Akbar’s favourite son, but soon, Badayuni managed to manipulate him. We saw Daniyal turn into a hungry monster from a man who hated bloodshed. Murad loves Akbar the most and never questioned his wisdom. But Akbar has always neglected his son Murad which has made him sad. Salim, on the other hand, wears his heart on his sleeve. We all know his affair with Anarkali and how it ended for him. Taj season 1 and 2 shows us who ultimately ends up to win in the race for the throne.

The Team Of Taj And Official Streaming Platform Of The Show 

We have veteran Bollywood actors like Naseeruddin Shah as Emperor Akbar and Dharmendra as Salim Chisti. Other notable cast members include Aditi Rao Hydari, Rahul Bose, Sandhya Mridul, Aashim Gulati, Sauraseni Maitra, Zarina Wahab, Mir Sarwar, Taaha Shah, Pankaj Saraswat, Suhani Juneja, Subodh Bhave, Rajat Kaul, and Aaryama Salim. If we get any information about Taj Season 3 release date, we will keep you updated. Till then, if you want to watch Taj Season 1 and 2, please head on to Zee5.

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