Fool Me Once Season 2 Release Date: Michelle Keegan Is Back?

When people die, it remains a loss for us because we will never see them again. But the problem arises when we spot them after sometime. We are talking about Fool Me Once and in this article, you will find information on Fool Me Once Season 2 release date.

The series revolves around a woman who is left heartbroken by her partner’s death. But soon after days go by, she could see him walking and moving around. That’s why after reading about Fool Me Once Season 2 release date, you will find a short recap of the plot and more details.

Fool Me Once Season 2 Release Date: Addressing The Rumours

As someone who loves drama, I can place my bet on action, adventure and thrillers any day. That’s why after watching Harlan Coben’s Shelter, I could not help but rewatch it. The drama felt good and the plot really had that feeling of watching a mystery themed story. But in this article, we will be discussing about another plot by Harlan Coben that has recently made headlines everywhere. After Fool Me Once Season 1 got released, people were happy to get anothet work. The story starts off with a heartbreaking tone of a death.

But soon, within some twists and turns, the whole theme changes to fear and mystery. The brooding dark and gritty atmosphere is the main reason why audience has loved Fool Me Once. The woman who lost her partner in an untimely death got afraid to see him roaming around again. What happens afterwards is a mixture of horror, thrill and adventure. It feels horrifying if you manage to sit throughout the whole series and watch all the episodes. Fool Me Once has not fooled any audience who sat down to watch a really intense Intriguing thriller.

Audience has loved Fool Me Once for being so dark and experimental with the story. A lot of the fans definitely want their favourite drama to be back for another season. So, what is Fool Me Once Season 2 release date? Will we get another run from this classic thriller? We do have disappointing news for the fans. You will probably not get a Fool Me Once Season 2 release date. According to the makers, this was a short tour from them and a second season does not have a strong probability. So there are less chances of getting a Fool Me Once Season 2 release date.

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Fool Me Once: Harlan Coben’s Intriguing Thriller 

If you have already watched some of Harlan Coben’s works or known about them, you will love this one. Those of you who have already watched Fool Me Once Season 1, you will be able to relate to what I am saying. Harlan Coben has been the undisputed King of mystery for a long time. Fool Me Once starts it’s journey with the life of Maya Stern who happens to be a veteran. She is an ex-soldier who has been on the line of duty for a really long time. Maya knows how to handle any situation with comfort and calmness.

But right now, she is in extreme distress. Maya Stern got to know that something bad has happened in her household. Someone or some people have brutally murdered her husband Joe Burkett. Everything instantly turned upside down for this ex-soldier who just wanted to have a good time with her partner. Maya did everything in her power to keep herself calm but naturally, she felt. We could see how heartbroken and sad Maya got after she discovered her husband’s murder case.

Just when Maya was slowly healing and trying her best to stay alright, she discovered something spine chilling. After her husband Joe Burkett died, Maya installed some nanny cams across different locations. These were just to keep the perimeter in check. In one of those nanny cams, Maya could see Joe – alive and fine. This shook and rattled Maya’s core because she could see Joe inside her home. As Maya started to investigate the matter, she found out about Joe’s shady background. But in the end, we could see (Spoiler ahead) that Maya was the one who killed Joe.

The Team Of Crew Behind Fool Me Once And Official Streaming Platform Of The Show 

Michelle Keegan shines in her role as Naya Stern in this exciting and dark Harlan Coben work. Richard Armitage comes along as a bright face for Joe Burkett. Other notable cast members include Joanna Lumley, Adeel Akhtar, Dino Fetscher, and Emmett J Scanlan. Why Maya killed Joe and how Maya ends up in the end – everything shapes the way of this story. Since there’s a slim chance of getting Fool Me Once Season 2 release date, you can stop speculating. If you want to watch Harlan Coben’s Fool Me Once, please head on to Netflix.

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